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					A Moment of Your Time


Data collection for Darlington Memorial Hospital, June 2012

Over a four week period, 4 patients completed the comments cards (3%)

Approximately 141 patients were discharged/transferred from Ward 14 during June.

75% of respondents were treated with dignity and respect.

100%% of respondents would recommend Ward 14 to family and friends.

 Date/W/C          Ward/Department       What did we do well           What could we          Would you        Were you      Additional comments
                                                                         improve             recommend       treated with
                                                                                             us to family     dignity and
                                                                                              and friends       respect
2nd July 2012   Ward 14              Treatment, care, attention,    In my experience         Yes            Yes             Could not have had
                                     food, cleanliness, very        nothing could be                                        better treatment at a
                                     friendly and pleasant. The     improved, except may                                    very stressful time.
                                     whole experience was           be the car parking
                                     excellent.                     facilities.

2nd July 2012   Ward 14              Prompt and friendly,           Nothing. Service above   Yes            Yes             N/A
                                     efficient attention given by   and beyond
                                     all doctors and staff, which   expectations.
                                     made a totally stress-free
                                     visit to Ward 14 and the X-
                                     ray Department in the
                                     Ambulatory Care Unit.
                                     Thank you.

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Patient feedback
2nd July 2012   Ward 14   Staff were great. Explained   Food was poor.          Yes   No – could have
                          well.                         Action- regular patient       been more
                                                        questionnaires are            private
                                                        issued and overall
                                                        positive feedback is
                                                        received around both
                                                        the choice and quality
                                                        it would be appreciated
                                                        if any catering issues
                                                        are bought to the
                                                        attention of the
                                                        catering department to

2nd July 2012   Ward 14   Very welcoming and caring.    N/A                    Yes    Yes               Staff on the ward were
                                                                                                        exceptionally good.

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Patient feedback

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