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                                     HIGH SCHOOL COURSE SYLLABUS

          COURSE TITLE……..Biology                                                   TERM.................... Fall 2012
          TEACHERS ....... …..…Sarah Voelkel                                        ROOM # ................. C7

 Email Address        
 Teacher Web Page     
 Blog Page            
 9th Grade Office               (770) 736-3148
                                *Office hours – Tuesdays & Wednesdays 2:30-3:00. Students are
                                encouraged to make appointments with the teacher for one-on-one help and
 Teacher Support                to ensure availability. *Dates & times subject to change.
                                -The Freshman Academy hosts extra help for Biology on Mondays and
                                Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30 pm starting 8/20 in F1.
Concepts for this two-semester course include the interdependence of organisms; the relationship of
matter, energy, and organization in living systems; the behavior of organisms; and biological evolution.
Students will investigate biological concepts through experience in laboratories and field work using the
processes of inquiry. Honors and Gifted Biology also require an experimental science project.
The entire list of Academic, Knowledge and Skills for each of the following curriculum strands in this
course can be accessed through the district web address at
                            AKS STRANDS                                                             UNITS/TOPICS
A - Characteristics of Science                                                              Topic         Chapters             Test
* design and conduct scientific investigations (GPS, HSGT, ACT)                      Intro to Biology     Chapter 1       Skills Test
*apply standard safety practices for all classroom laboratory and field              Ecology               Chapters       Ecology Test
   investigations (GPS, HSGT) (SCBI_A2005-2)                                                                13-16         Midterm
* use technology to collect, observe, measure, and manipulate data and findings      Biochemistry          Chapter 2      Biochem Test
   (GPS, HSGT, ACT) (SCBI_A2005-3)
* use valid critical assumptions to draw conclusions (GPS, HSGT, ACT)
   (SCBI_A2005-4)                                                                    Cells (Structure,     Chapters       Cells Test
* apply computation and skills necessary for analyzing data and developing           Transport,              3-5
   conclusions (GPS, HSGT) (SCBI_A2005-5)                                            Energy,
* communicate scientific investigations clearly (GPS, HSGT) (SCBI_A2005-6)           Reproduction)
* read scientific materials to establish context for subject matter, to develop
                                                                                     Review & Finals                      Performance
   vocabulary, and to be aware of current research
(GPS, HSGT) (SCBI_A2005-7)                                                                                                (Lab) Exam,
* discuss the importance of curiosity, honesty, openness, and skepticism in                                               County
   science and exhibit these traits in efforts to understand                                                              Benchmark
   how the world works (GPS) (SCBI_A2006-1)                                                                               Final, and
B - Academic Knowledge                                                                                                    Local
* analyze the relationship between structures and functions in living cells (GPS,
   HSGT) (SCBI_B2005-8)
* analyze how biological traits are passed on to successive generations (GPS,                                             Final
   HSGT) (SCBI_B2005-9)
* examine the relationship between unicellular and multicellular organisms and
   the increasing complexity of systems (GPS, HSGT)
* evaluate the dependence of all organisms on one another and the flow of
   energy and matter within their ecosystems (GPS, HSGT,
CE) (SCBI_B2005-11)
* evaluate the role of natural selection in the development of the theory of
   evolution (GPS, HSGT) (SCBI_B2005-12)
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    Published Materials                                            Instructional Supplies
McDougal Littell GA Biology                        1 in. 3- ring binder, to be used exclusively for Biology
Cost to replace: $76.98                            Notebook dividers
All introduction Biology courses will            Loose leaf notebook paper
use the McDougal Little 2008 Biology               Index cards
textbook, GA edition, by Stephen Nowiki,           Pencils, blue or black pens, & highlighter
ISBN -13:978-0-618-88831-3.
                                                   Colored pencils
  All students will have access to a book
during class.                                      Strongly recommended: USB flash drive
 All students will have online access to         The following classroom donations are greatly appreciated:
textbook through the My eClass student              Clorox wipes, roll of paper towels, & hand soap
portal     (accessible from Students will log
in to the portal using the same password that
they use to access any GCPS student
computer. Students may use the My eClass
portal to access their student textbook as
well as other interactive tools from any
computer or electronic devise with an
internet connection and updated web
 CD copies of the book are available for
check out from the Media Center

     Assignments                                    Grade Weights                        Grading Scale
        Classwork                         Class Assessments          35%       A:     90 and above
        Homework                          (Minor Quizzes, Classwork,           B:     80 – 89
                                           Homework, & Labs)                    C:     74 – 79
        Labs                                                                   D:     70 – 73
        Quizzes (Major & Minor)           Summative Assessments 45%            F:     69 or below
        Unit Projects                     (Major Quizzes, Unit Tests, &
                                                                                Students will be given a final
        Unit Tests                        Projects)
                                                                                academic grade in each semester
        Final Exam (Performance                                                course. A final report of grades
                                           Final Exam              20%
         Exam, County                                                           will be completed at the end of
                                           (Performance Exam -15% and
         Benchmark Final, and                                                   each eighteen weeks.
                                           Objective Exam- 5%)
         Local Objective Final)                                               For information on accessing student
                                                                              grades via the Gwinnett Parent Portal,
                                                                              please contact the Brookwood Counseling

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  Expectations for Academic Success                           Additional Requirements/Resources
Classroom Expectations:                                   Notebooks: Organization is one key to staying on top
 Follow the directions the first time they are           of required assignments and study materials. To this
    given.                                                end, students are required to maintain an organized
 Be polite and respectful toward your fellow             notebook that follows the same order as the table of
    classmates, your teacher, and your school. Do         contents established by the teacher. Notebooks will
    not talk while others are talking.                    be graded with an unannounced check or quiz
 Be a participant.                                       Make-up work: It is the responsibility of the student
    o All students are expected to participate            to schedule to make up work missed due to an
        appropriately in all assigned activities.         excused absence within 5 school days. Make-up
    o Sleeping is not allowed in class.                   work that is not completed in the allotted time will be
    o You are expected to do your own work-               assigned a zero. Make-up tests may not be the same
        not copy others. Cheating is not tolerated.       format as the original.
 Be prepared.                                            Journal: Students will keep a daily journal in which
    o Be on time to class. This means in your             they address questions at the beginning of the class
        seat and not needing to leave the room.           period. Students are expected to be working silently
    o Bring all materials to class each day.              on the journal when the bell rings. The journal will be
    o Complete homework and regularly review              graded by an unannounced check or quiz.
        the material in your notebook.                    Late Work: Students are expected to turn in work at
 Follow policies in the Brookwood Students’              the announced time unless the student had an excused
    Handbook                                              absence. In this case, the work is due the day the
Consequences:                                             student returns from the excused absence.
1. Warning                                                EXCEPTION- Individual students’ portions of
2. 30 minute detention                                    cooperative group work MUST be turned in on the
3. 60 minute detention + parent contact                   assigned due date even if the student is absent from
4. Referral to administrator                              school on that date. This is a necessity since all
*In the event of a severe misbehavior, the student        members of the group are depending on the others for
will be referred to an administrator.                     completion of the work.
Reward System                                             Laboratories: Labs will occur often in this class.
Each week if you come to class prepared, listen,          Students are expected to follow all lab safety
follow directs, and are polite and respectful to myself   instructions. Any student who violates lab safety
and your classmates you will receive one of the           rules may be removed from the lab, may receive a
following rewards: 1) Candy; 2) Hall Pass                 zero, may receive detention, or may lose lab
Cheating:                                                 privileges for the semester.
Any student found to be cheating on any                   No Names on Papers: will be docked points.
assignment will receive a zero and an                     Projects: Students will complete unit projects each
administrative referral.                                  semester. These will combine research, presentation,
   Definition of Cheating                                 extension of material, and/or creativity.
   Brookwood High School aligns our policies on           Final Exams: A county benchmark assessment will
   academic honesty with similar policies found           be given as the objective final during the Fall
   at colleges. Cheating at Brookwood High                Semester. The state-mandated End of Course Test
   School includes any attempt to defraud,                will assess students’ mastery of the biology content at
   deceive, or mislead a teacher in arriving at an        the end of the school year. This test, typically given
   honest evaluation of student achievement.              in early May, is comprehensive in nature and will
Cheating includes, but is not limited to the              count as the Spring Semester Final Exam (20% of the
following:                                                semester grade).
   1. Looking at a test, quiz, or exam of another
   student while taking an evaluation
   2. Attempting to communicate information in
                                                                              Fall Biology Course Syllabus – Page 3 of 4
   any way during an in-class evaluation
   3. Having cheat sheets, or information written
   on the body or other personal objects
   4. Using programmed calculators or other
   electronic devices unless expressly permitted
   by the teacher
   5. Looking at quiz, test, or exam materials
   prior to their administration
   6. Failing to give credit for the ideas, words, or
   works of others
   7. Giving information regarding an evaluation
   to another student who is scheduled to take the
   same evaluation
   8. Submitting work through the use of
   technology that is not created by the student,
   including but not limited to file sharing
   (submitting the same work with different
   header), copying files to and from disks and
   websites, or purchasing solutions or works
   from others.
Science Safety Contract for Brookwood High School Students:
Please sign the Student Information Sheet indicating that you understand this safety contract and agree
that as a science student, you will adhere to the following safety rules:
   1. Follow all general and specific instructions given by the teacher for a lab activity.
   2. Read your lab carefully. If you are in doubt about any procedure, ask your lab partner(s) and/or
       teacher for help.
   3. Do not perform activities that are unauthorized.
   4. Immediately report to the teacher any accident, injury, incorrect procedure, or damaged
   5. Safety glasses, gloves, and aprons must be worn for any activity indicated by the teacher.
   6. Do not engage in horseplay or any other such actions during a lab activity.
   7. Use the safety equipment provided for you. Know the location of the fire extinguisher, fire
       blanket, first aid kit, and closest administrator’s office.
   8. Any accident that might cause personal injury must be reported to the teacher. A copy of this
       accident report will be sent home and an incident report will be filed with county security.
   9. Place trash and used materials in their designated containers. Glassware and certain chemicals
       must be disposed of properly.
   10. Never taste any chemical substance in the laboratory and never inhale chemicals.
   11. When your activity is complete, be sure to turn off the water and disconnect electrical connections.
       Clean your work area thoroughly as indicated by your teacher. Return all materials to their proper
   12. Use common sense!
   13. I also understand that failure to adhere to the proceeding safety rules or the regulations outlined in
       the student handbook, or endangering myself or any other member of the class will result in a
       disciplinary action and removal from the lab area.

Please sign the Student Information Sheet to acknowledge that you have read and
understand the syllabus.
The syllabus may be updated as needed throughout the semester.
                                                                          Fall Biology Course Syllabus – Page 4 of 4

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