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					                           CTS Intermediate Project Template
This template can be used by a teacher/student to assist in planning for an introductory project course
from the CTS Program of Studies.

An intermediate CTS project course must connect with a minimum of two CTS courses, one of which
must be at the intermediate level and be in the same occupational area as the project course. The other
CTS course(s) can be at any level from any occupational area.

A project course cannot be connected to other project courses or practicum courses.
Student Name:                                         Student ID Number (optional):
Sports Performance                                           Click and type student ID number.

Teacher Name:                                                Start Date:                   End Date:
Teacher Name                                                 DD-MM-YYYY                    DD-MM-YYYY

Project Course Code:                                         Project Course Title:
REC2920 REC Project C                                        Plyometric Training

CTS course connections and the year the credits were or will be awarded. Expand table as needed.
 CTS Courses that the project       When the credits were or will            Occupational Area(s)
 course connects with (min 2).               be awarded?

REC1040 – Foundations for Training       January 20XX                             Recreation Leadership (REC)

REC2040 – Foundations for Training       Concurrently or during this              Recreation Leadership (REC)
2                                        semester (June 20XX)

What are the details of this project?
The student will, after a mini-lesson introducing plyometrics, research and apply this form of training to a fitness
plan for a sport of his/her choice. Specifically, the student will be expected to incorporate a minimum of five
Plyometric exercises into the fitness plan. Included will be a rationale for why each exercise was chosen and a
correct demonstration of each exercise. The student can choose how to demonstrate this learning & will be
involved in determining the assessment of this project.

What are the attitudes, skills, and knowledge that will be enhanced and extended by completing this project?
The student will extend and enhance their knowledge of a very distinct yet common form of training used to
enhance athletic performance. The student will gain a solid understanding of Plyometric training, its benefits,
and the practical application of this form of training as it relates to a sport of their choice.

What are the safety concerns for this project?
The student will need to have an understanding of safe, basic athletic movement principles. This understanding
has been built out in the courses that have preceded this project.

What will be needed to accomplish this project (e.g., tools, materials, money, people, time)?
The student will need access to some form of publishing (digital, paper & pen) to record & present their
information. The student will also need to be able to access a variety of resources (online, library, textbooks,

                                                                                                DRAFT June 7, 2010
relevant articles) to research Plyometrics and to consider the connection of Plyometrics with the sport they
choose to focus on.

Expand the table below as needed.
      Connected Courses                                      Outcomes being linked
(minimum of two CTS courses are             (minimum of one outcome from each CTS course is required)

REC 1040 – Foundations for Training    G.O. 1: apply training and movement principles to the development of
1                                      performance-related components of fitness

REC 2040 – Foundations for Training    G.O. 1: demonstrate effective training and movement skills for the
2                                      development of speed, agility and quickness

                                       Outcome (optional)

                                       Outcome (optional)

Course Name & Code (optional)          Outcome (required if this additional course is connected to the project

                                       Outcome (optional)

                                       Outcome (optional)

What will be accomplished by linking these outcomes in this project?
The student will research, learn about, apply and demonstrate Plyometric training exercises in a sport of his/her

Why were these courses and key outcomes chosen?
These outcomes match well with the aims of this project. Plyometric training can assist in developing enhanced
speed, agility, and quickness and can be of great benefit to many athletic pursuits. Plyometrics is a well-known
and widely practiced form of athletic performance training.

                                                                                   DRAFT September 11, 2012

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