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					       Stages of Development Timeline
       Choose ONE of the four psychologists that we have talked about in class, Erikson,
Piaget, Kohlberg or Freud, and examine their theory on development. Then examine
your life as if through their eyes. Put your life into a timeline/scrapbook based on a
single theorist’s stages of development.

      Your timeline should include:
             o   One picture per stage of development. Pictures do not have to illustrate
                 the stage of development but do have to show the correct age at which
                 this stage occurs. Stages that have not yet occurred in your lifetime can
                 be illustrated using magazines or online photos.
             o A physical timeline listing your age and developmental milestones like
                 walking, talking, etc. that occur during the theorist’s developmental
      Set-up:
             o In 1 paragraph explain some of the developmental milestones children
                 pass as they develop though this stage. Things like walking, talking,
                 grades in school, sports, and other activities.
             o Explain the theorist’s stage using the vocabulary developed by the
                 theorist. If you are discussing developmental phenomenon please make
                 sure that you explain in thoroughly.
             o In a separate paragraph examine whether you have progresses through
                 this stage successfully or gotten “stuck” in this stage of development. This
                 should be expanded upon in paragraph form under the age or stage you
                 are describing. As for the stages that you may not have gone through yet
                 I would like you to make predictions about how you will face them and
                 whether you will successfully move through each of them ,or as many
                 theorists believe, get stuck in one of them.
       Overall the project will count for 50 points. The breakdown of points for the
grading of this project will depend on which psychologist’s stages of development you
chose and how well you demonstrate your understanding of the theorist’s stages. See
the attached rubrics for further explanation.
       There will also be a portion of your grade that will depend on the creativity and
effort you put into this project. You may choose to complete a virtual time lime using
the computer program of your choice, a visual timeline, a power point or a scrapbook
in order to display your project but please check with me first before beginning.

Example of a scrapbook page

                                                 Paragraph 1: Tell me how old you are in
                                                 this stage and what major developmental
                                                 milestones you reached during this age.
                                                 Be specific I walked at 9 months, I said
                                                 my first word at five months it was

                                                 Paragraph 2: Then summarize and
                                                 explain the theorist’s stage. Be sure to
                                                 use the same vocabulary discussed in the
                                                 theory but put the explanation in your
                                                 own words. Also please be sure to
                                                 mention all of the (cognitive,
psychosexual, moral or psychosocial) milestones reached during this stage.

       Paragraph 3: Lastly, demonstrate whether you have progressed through the
stage or not by using your own life stories or memories. If you have not yet completed
this stage please creatively discuss it as if you have. All stages should be explained in
past tense as if you are looking back on your life.

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