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									Job Advertisement: Post-Graduate Teaching Positions in History, 2012-2013

Job title and academic level of module:
Post Graduate Students who Teach (PGWT) - Seminar Teaching for the Level 1
History modules, ‘Making Histories’ and ‘Survey Course: Rome to the Renaissance’
and ‘Survey Course: Citizens, Comrades and Consumers’

Department and module leaders:
Department of History
PGWT Co-ordinator: Dr Tom Pickles, Deputy Chair of the Board
Making Histories Convenor: Dr Robert Dale
Survey Course Convenors: Dr Katherine Wilson and Prof. Richard Bessel

Duration and end date of the job:
Making Histories: 8th October 2012-th 30th January 2013
Survey Courses: 7th January-15th March 2013, and 22rd April-28th June 2013

Main purpose of the role
To contribute to undergraduate student learning, to undertake teaching activities and
associated marking, this may include delivering some lectures or developing seminar
programmes, and providing appropriate guidance and feedback as required.

To provide career development opportunities for those planning to follow an
academic career. You will gain experience in teaching and giving feedback on student
work on undergraduate programmes under the supervision of experienced academics.

Brief description of the main duties
- Teach and facilitate student learning
- Monitor performance and give feedback and guidance on student work
- Help students to make sense of their learning within the context of the module and
- Attend meetings relating to student programmes on which they teach
- Attend associated teaching, where appropriate
- Act as a catalyst for further development or learning

Level 1
- Use existing teaching materials or modify teaching materials to enhance existing
session plans within a clear and established programme

Descriptions of the modules may be found at:
Making Histories

Survey Course: Rome to the Renaissance

Survey Course: Citizens, Comrades and Consumers
Qualifications, skills, experience required
Necessary Qualifications:
       Bachelor of Arts Degree and Master of Arts Degree in the Humanities
       Participation in post-graduate research involving the use of historical sources
       or focusing on interpretations of the past

Desirable Experience:
       Completion of the Researcher Development Unit ‘Introduction to Teaching
       and Learning’ course and session on ‘Teaching’. (If this has not been
       completed, the Department will require completion before the candidate
       begins teaching).
       Previous participation in teaching at school or undergraduate level

Necessary Skills:
      A good level of spoken and written English

Pay (Hourly teaching rates)
      Making Histories: £20.81/hr
      Survey Courses: £26.75/hr

Hours of work
Making Histories:
      Teaching nine 2-hour Workshops
      Marking and providing feedback in seminars on one assessed critical review,
      one annotated bibliography and one assessed essay per student

Survey Course:
       Teaching twelve 1-hour Discussion Groups
       Marking and providing feedback on one procedural essay, one assessed essay
       and one open or closed examination per student

Closing date
Friday 1st June (Week 6)

Details of how to apply
Candidates are requested to contact Dr Tom Pickles for an application form and return
it by post it to him with an accompanying curriculum vitae. They will thereby provide
a statement of how their experience meets with the requirements of the post, any
training in teaching and learning that they have received and any experience of
teaching that they have to date. They will also provide a statement of permission and
any supporting comments from their supervisor.

Contact details
Dr Tom Pickles, Deputy Chair of the Board of Studies, Department of History,

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