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									                                                      Form 4: Template for Summarizing IPPD Goal/Objectives

                                 Summary of the Teachers'/School Heads IPPD Priorities based on objectives set
                                                                         IPPD Objectives Set Based on Competency Domains/Strands
Names/Teacher                       1.1      1.2


Directions: (1) List the names fo teachers/school heads who acomplished their IPPD. (2) Write the competency number identification corresponding to the
objectives set in the IPPD, on the top row of the succeeding columns. (3) Enter the 3 prioritized objectives of each teachers/SH in the proper column. Label the
entries with 01, 02, 03, indicating the IPPD objectives of an individual teacher/SH based on set objectives in the IPOD form. The number does not indicate
prioritization. (4) Count the number of entered objectives per column and write this in the totals. This information will be useful for the planners of the School Plan
or Professional Development (SPPD).

SPPD Package: Form B for School Heads

                                              TEACHER'S INDIVIDUAL PLAN FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (IPPD)
                                                                         School Year:
    Name of Teacher:                                                                                                                         Position:
    School:                                                                         District:                                                Division:                         Region:

    Professional Development Goal:

        Objectives                                  Methods/Strategies                            Resources             Time Frame                              Success Indicator

                                                                                                                      (When do I expect to      What NCBTS                          What learmers
    What competence will I                       What professional activities                    What will I do to
                                                                                                                     have accomplished the   competencies would I              performance would have
          enhance                          will undertake to achieve my obejctive               access resources?
                                                                                                                           activities?)        have enhanced?                      been improved?

Reviewed:                                                                           Committed to                                                                               Date:
Name and                                                                            Implement:
Designation                                                                              Name of Teacher

IPPD Package: Form A for Teachers


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