Before completing this application form, please read the accompanying Guidance Notes. If you have any difficulty
completing this form please call Young Scot on 0131 313 2488. Please type clearly in black ink and cross / check
boxes as required. If completing electronically, double-click on check boxes to add / remove checks.

Position applied for: Digital Development Coordinator

Reference No.:   DD01

Personal Details
Title                   Forename(s)                                             Surname

Permanent address


Home telephone number                                             Mobile telephone number

Work telephone number (if convenient)                             E-mail address

Correspondence/Temporary address (if different from above)

Previous or other names and surnames used

National Insurance number                                         Nationality

Do you require a work permit to work in the UK?             Yes        No

If yes and you already have a work permit what type of permit is it?

Date of issue:                          Place of issue:                                   Date of expiry:

Visa number:                                      Passport number:

                                                                                                     Application No. ______
                                                                                                  Reference No. DDO1

Please supply details of your current/most recent employer (or if no employer, your school/university).

Name                                                        Job Title



Telephone number                                            e-mail address

Relationship to you                                         How long have you known this person?

When may we request a reference?              At any time        After offer of employment

Please supply details of one personal referee (refer to the Guidance Notes for details of personal referees
recognised by Young Scot)

Name                                                        Relationship to you (e.g. mentor)



Telephone number                                            E-mail address

Occupation                                                  How long have you known this person?

                                                                                                Application No. ______
                                                                                                       Reference No. DDO1

Education & Membership of Professional Bodies
Please give details of educational and professional qualifications, beginning with the most recent
   Date                 Institution name & address                                  Qualification                  Grade

Membership of Professional Bodies
Date joined             Professional body                                         Category of membership

Training Courses
   Date                      Course Attended                                    Brief Description of Course

                                                                                                     Application No. ______
                                                                                                Reference No. DDO1

Employment Information
Please give details of your employment (paid or unpaid) starting with your present/most recent employer and
working backwards. Please explain any employment breaks.

Present or most recent employer:

Name, full address & telephone number of employer

Job title                                                     From (MM/YY)                To (MM/YY)

Current or final salary                                       Period of notice required

Reason for leaving (or seeking other employment)

Please give a brief outline of your main responsibilities and achievements

Previous employers: Continue on separate sheet if necessary

Name, full address & telephone number of employer

Job title                                                             From (MM/YY)            To (MM/YY)

Reason for leaving (or seeking other employment)                      Final salary

Please give a brief outline of your main responsibilities and achievements

Name, full address & telephone number of employer

Job title                                                             From (MM/YY)            To (MM/YY)

Reason for leaving (or seeking other employment)                      Final salary

Please give a brief outline of your main responsibilities and achievements

If you have had any breaks in your employment (for example family commitments, travel, unemployment) please
give the dates to and from and an explanation of the reason(s).

Date from:                              Reason for break:
Date to:
Date from:                              Reason for break:
Date to:

                                                                                             Application No. ______
                                                                                               Reference No. DDO1

Evidence in support of your application
In support of your application, please enter in the sections below your evidence of how you meet each
competency. (Please ensure your evidence demonstrates the skills and experience required to carry out this
role, as outlined in the job description)

You need to ensure your select brief, relevant examples of your skills, knowledge and experience to show how
they match the competency criteria. Please limit your answers to 150 words for each competency.

The examples you give can be work related or personal i.e. volunteer role, charity committee member or
organiser. Should the job description refer to specific procedures or computer packages that you haven’t used,
you should give examples of equivalent experience or skills. Please use the S.T.A.R structure outlined in the
application guidance notes.

The information you give, together with the data on the qualifications and course will be used to decide if we
short-list you for interview. Questions will be base on the competency criteria and to explore your skills,
knowledge and/or experience in depth at interview.

Before completing this form you should carefully read the application guidance notes. Please do not attach a CV
or equivalent unless it has been requested as part of the recruitment process; they will not be used to make
selection decisions. This is to ensure that all candidates are treated consistently.

Competency                                                 Evidence
Achievement – Level 3
Sets and meets challenging goals and seeks
long term improvement
Achieves significant progress in the long-term,
wider performance of Young Scot. Sets out to be
the best – has own measures of excellence and
works to these

Flexibility – Level 3
Adapts tactics/ approach
Identifies a pragmatic approach in order to get the
job done quickly and effectively. Uses an
awareness of the bigger picture along with
common sense to interpret and implement policy.
Is comfortable with ambiguity.

Leading and Developing Others – Level 3
Is a role model for effective leadership
Demands high performance or results from others
by setting example. Gives timely and specific
feedback on what has been done well and where
there is room for improvement. Helps individuals
think through issues for themselves. Encourages
and acts upon feedback to self. Challenges
individuals openly and constructively about
performance problems, adapting a firm but fair
stance. Allows others to take credit when
                                                                                             Application No. ______
                                                          Reference No. DDO1
Professional Confidence – Level 3
Presents Confidently
States confidence in his or her own ability and is
prepared to stand by complex or challenging
decisions. Looks for and gets new responsibilities.
Praises the work of others. Does not advance own
career by tarnishing the reputation of others.

Relationship Building for Influence – Level 3
Maintains networks & plans impact
Takes the lead role in managing partners,
associates and institutional relationships to deliver
operational impact. Actively develops networks of
internal and external contacts to extend influence,
support the achievement of business objectives
and manage reputational risk in business delivery.
Makes personal commitments in order to build
trust and credibility.

Team Working – Level 3
Creates Team Working
Creates new opportunities for individuals to work
together, breaking down barriers that may get in
the way of effective teamworking. Challenges
others to do the same. Uses coping mechanisms
to deal with difficult or emotional situations over
time. Sets up support structures to manage stress
levels on a proactive basis. Understands need to
be strong and positive in the face of adversity but
also recognises areas of one’s own weaknesses
and when to seek guidance and support.

Stakeholder Focus – Level 3
Serves Long Term Interests
Always works closely with stakeholders,
developing an independent view of their needs
and acting in their long-term interest. Moves
stakeholder thinking forward, helping them
understand issues beyond their day-to-day work.
Strategic decision making reflects a broad
understanding of stakeholder issues and

                                                        Application No. ______
                                                        Reference No. DDO1
Working Strategically – Level 3
Focuses on the longer term
Constantly reviews own objectives to ensure they
support Young Scot’s long-term strategic aims,
and makes changes or challenges if they do not.
Makes complex ideas, issues and situations clear
and understandable, and can relate these to the
wider context of the organisation. Builds diversity
issues into strategic planning.

Stakeholder Focus – Level 2
Adds value
Thinks about the stakeholder when undertaking
day-to-day work. Questions "how is this adding
value for the stakeholder?" Makes decisions with
the stakeholder in mind. Takes pride in delivering
a high quality product or service. Investigates
service delivery and provides solutions to
problems. Actively demonstrates an interest in
their different experiences and backgrounds of
Young Scot’s stakeholders.

                                                      Application No. ______
                                                                                                           Reference No. DDO1


As the National Youth Information Charity for Scotland all post holders will come into contact with young people at various
times in the year and as such we are seeking previous convictions, in accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975, and you are therefore not entitled to withhold information about convictions which for other
purpose are ‘spent’ under the provisions of the Act and, in the event of employment, any failure to disclose such convictions
could result in withdrawal of job offer, dismissal or disciplinary action by Young Scot.

You are asked to declare any spent or unspent convictions (including cautions)

Have you had any previous convictions / cautions?            Yes        No

Please complete the Self Disclosure Statement below and return with your application. All Applications will be subject to an
Enhanced Disclosure Scotland Check. Under the Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003 it is a criminal offence for
anyone fully listed on the disqualified list held by Scottish Ministers to apply for a post that may involve working with children
or young people under the age of 18.

Self Disclosure Statement – Strictly Confidential
Part A
Name                                              Post Applied For

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence or are you at present subject to criminal charges/

Yes         If YES, please complete Part B of this form       No        If NO, there is no need complete Part B

Part B        * Please continue on another sheet if required
Please provide details of police investigations, including non-conviction information. Please tick appropriate box(s)
Conviction(s)                         Warning(s)                           Reprimand(s)
Caution(s)                            Charge(s)                            Admonishment(s)
Procurator Fiscal Fine(s)             Dropped Charge(s)                    Other:

When did the
incident(s) occur?
What exactly

What was the

Have you offended

Anything else you
wish to add?

Signed:                                                                             Date:

                                                                                                        Application No. ______
                                                                                                      Reference No. DDO1

I authorise Young Scot to contact any previous employers or educational establishments mentioned in order to
obtain references to support this application once an offer has been made and accepted.

I herby consent to Young Scot processing the personal data on this form, personal data otherwise obtained hitherto
and personal data received by Young Scot in the future, for the purpose of considering my application for
employment and (if applicable) administering and supervising my employment (including the assessment of
performance and discipline) and any subsequent pension with Young Scot. I agree such data may be made
available to those who reasonably need to know the same within Young Scot, and if my employment entails my
travelling abroad temporarily, may be transferred as necessary for the purposes of the administration of that term
abroad. I also understand that under the terms of Young Scot’s records management policy my personal data may
be transferred to the Young Scot archives once they are no longer required for current administrative purpose.

I confirm that the information given on this form is, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete. I understand
that any deliberate attempt to provide false information to obtain employment is a serious misrepresentation and
will lead to rejection, or if employed, dismissal and is likely to constitute a criminal offence.

Signed:                                                                         Date:

Print name:

For persons submitting an application by e-mail please type your name and the date. This, together with your attached e-mail
will be deemed to form an electronic signature. Please be aware that you will subsequently be asked to sign a hardcopy of
your application.

                                                                                                   Application No. ______
                                                                                                       Reference No. DDO1

Young Scot is committed to equality of opportunity for all job applicants and employees. In order to ensure we are meeting
our aims, please answer the questions below and return this form with your application. This information is used solely for
monitoring purposes and will not inform the selection process in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Please  (double-click on box to place check inside it)                                  Male                Female

Date of Birth
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):

Ethnic Origin
Please tick  a box from the list below which best describes the ethnic group to which you belong:

White                                                     Scottish
                                                          Northern Irish
                                                          Any other white ethnic group please write in:

Mixed Race or multiple ethnic groups                      Any mixed or multiple ethnic groups please write in:

Asian ,Asian Scottish or Asian British                    Pakistani, Pakistani Scottish or Pakistani British
                                                          Indian, Indian Scottish or Indian British
                                                          Bangladeshi, Bangladeshi Scottish or Bangladeshi British
                                                          Chinese, Chinese Scottish or Chinese British
                                                          Other please write in:

African, Caribbean or Black                               African, African Scottish or African British
                                                          Caribbean, Caribbean Scottish or Caribbean British
                                                          Black, Black Scottish or Black British
                                                          Other, please write in:

Other ethnic group                                        Arab
                                                          Other please write in:

I do not wish to identify my ethnic group at this stage

                                                                                                     Application No. ______
                                                                                                  Reference No. DDO1

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?                            Yes   No

As defined by the Disability Discrimination Act, 1995, a disability is:

“A physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on a person’s ability to carry out
normal day-to-day activities”.

General Information
How did you hear of this vacancy?

Young Scot employee                       Young Scot Website

Local or National press              please specify:

Specialist publication               please specify:


Thank you for providing this information.

                                                                                                Application No. ______

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