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									Commercial Director Job Description

Commercial Director Job Profile and Description

The commercial director has to fulfill a very responsible and comprehensive job. It is
needed in every organization to direct it in towards the correct path so it requires a
senior level business professional. Commercial directors have the aim to make sure that
the company derives increased revenue thereby making huge profits. They have the
responsibility to ensuring that the company is setting the desired goals and fulfilling

Duties and Responsibilities

      The prime responsibility to ensure that the desired strategies are successfully
       accomplished by managing and directing the sales team.

      It will be the duty to create a strong business relationship with the senior level
       sales executive of the firm to identify and pursue the scopes for business

      It will be the responsibility to maintain the effective coordination with the sales,
       marketing and executive team to make it function smoothly.

      He or she is responsible for the planning and executing of both short and long
       term revenue deriving strategies of the organization.

      He or she has to manage the different aspects of the commercial and other
       related field of the organization.

      He or she needs to successfully handle the both short and long-term commercial

      He or she needs to ensure that the company is following the guidelines of the
       state properly by maintaining a strong grasp of the guidelines.

Skills and Specifications

The required skills and specifications are as follows:

      The person should be highly responsible individual and greatly motivated
       towards the work.

      He or she needs to have excellent administrative skills to

      The person should have the quality of being a good leader so should have great
       leadership qualities.
      The person should have required knowledge of different sales and marketing
       aspects and the related field.

Education and Qualifications

      The person needs to have a Bachelor’s or masters degree in management or
       administration from an accredited institution.

      He or she should have Five years of past working experience in commercial
       management or some other related field.

      The person having the good track records will be an added advantage for him or

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