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									The educational program.
Toon Boom Animation offers students, teachers and
academic staff at K-12 schools, educational institutes,
universities, film and art schools the best pre-production
and production tools at discounted prices.

•   Proven, easy to use storyboard software
•   Discounts on educational licenses
•   Curriculum available
•   Educational support
        Proven, easy to use storyboarding software.
        Toon Boom Storyboard is the perfect tool to learn storyboarding. Toon Boom Storyboard enables students to easily imagine, sketch
        and share their storyboards.

        The academic advantage.                                                                           ImaGIne
        • Introduction to pre-production concepts.                                                        Conceptualize your story and bring it to life
        • Development of logical planning and skills.
        • Understanding of the critical pre-production phase,
                                                                                                          Visualize your ideas using vector drawing tools and ready-
          emphasizing the importance of pre-production accuracy and
          checks.                                                                                         made templates
        •	Toon	Boom	Storyboard	is	the	perfect	fit	for	Animation,	Art,	                                    Share
          Design,	Film	and	Advertising	classes	to	storyboard	all	types	of	                                Instantly distribute storyboards to
          animation and live-action projects.
                                                                                                          your team at any point during
        Discounts on educational licenses.
        Toon	 Boom	 Storyboard	 is	 affordable.	 All	 full-time	 and	 part-time	
        students, teachers and faculty members attending schools or
        educational institutions are eligible to purchase Toon Boom
        products	at	significant	discounts.	Home-schooled	children	are	also	
        eligible. Get the Storyboard curriculum free with a purchase of
        ten (10) educational licenses.

                                     Storyboard Win / Mac                       SBDR25EP-EN                                                           $ 149.99
                                     Storyboard Win / Mac 10 Pack Network       SBDR25IX-EN                                                           $ 1299.99
                                     Storyboard Win / Mac User Guide            SBDR25MA-EN                                                           $ 39.99
                                     Storyboard Online Technical Support 1 year SBDR25TC-1Y                                                           $ 49.99
                                     Storyboard Online Technical Support 2 year SBDR25TC-2Y                                                           $ 69.99
                                     Storyboard Win / Mac Curriculum            SBDK25CU-EN                                                           $ 999.99

        Storyboarding curriculum.
        The Storyboard Learning Curriculum is divided into three modular lessons:
        1- Presentation and Introduction, 2a- Creating a Storyboard and 2b- Exporting a Storyboard

        Each module can take four hours in the class, along with an additional four hours in the lab to do
        the exercises. The Learning Curriculum is also delivered in two editions: one for the Teacher and another
        for the Student. In addition to the introduction and the lesson, each module includes lesson material to complete
        the given exercises. The Teacher Edition comes with Teacher’s Notes to facilitate the teacher’s class preparation.

        educational support.
        Toon	 Boom	 Animation	 offers	 educational	 support	 to	 all	 schools,	 including	 technical	 support,	 user	 forums,	 FAQs,	 news,	 contests,	
        sponsorships, training and guest speakers.

                                  Does your curriculum include animatics?
                                  Get Toon Boom Storyboard Pro for animatic capabilities,
                                  integration with Final Draft scripting software, and
                                  integration with Toon Boom Digital Pro.

                             about Toon Boom animation
                             Toon Boom Animation Inc. is the worldwide leader of animation software solutions. Winner of the 2005 Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award, Toon Boom Animation is committed to delivering
                             quality, efficiency and reliability to the animation community - for all animation styles, formats and users.
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