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Obama dictator and despot, his lawlessness has the purpose of derailing America, its economy and its Constitution.

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									By Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU

When it comes to narcissist ideologue Barack Hussein Obama
dictator and despot, his lawlessness has the purpose of
derailing America, its economy and its constitution. Dnesh
D'Souza's book "Roots of Obama's Rage" and his movie now
playing "2016 - Obama's America" portray Obama as living out
his father's communist and anticolonialist dreams of getting
even with the West for empyreal exploits against third world
countries. Sure, Western generations past grabbed natural
resources and got rich off cheap labor. Ancient history - Obama
get a life and don't be obsessed and vindictive to the point of
taking it out on we-the-people American citizens!

The Obama dictator plan is creeping cultural Marxism right out
of his favorite book "Rules for Radicals" by radical left-wing
Saul Alinsky - the father of community organizing
(communizers I call them). It is a ruthless political model that
inspires both Obama and Hillary Clinton to this day. In fact, the
subtitle of Hillary Clinton's honors thesis at Wellesley College
was "An Analysis of the Alinsky Model."

Obama's self written autobiography is titled, "Dreams From My
Father," so, don't try and tell me different. Better to try and
make the world better than to deconstruct it as a
socialist/communist puppet and mole for the Anglo American
financial power elite central banksters.

In fact, the autobiography mentions his mentor for eight years
"Frank" twenty two times. Obama (a.k.a., Barry Soetoro) didn't
have the intestinal fortitude to actually admit it was Frank
Marshall Davis, self avowed communist and on the FBI's watch
list for years.

It should be perfectly clear by now to even his most die hard
progressive fans that the Obama administration is zeroing in on
capitalism, freedom and what is left of your liberty. Now, in
dictator fashion, he makes up laws by executive order decree
without even consulting with congress. Obama dictatorially has
signed over 137 unconstitutional executive orders as of

Obama's motto of “Hope and Change” has now morphed into - I
HOPE HE CHANGES - years ago for most of us. Obama's legacy
is an unemployment rate of 20% when one adds back in those
who have quit looking for work and the yoke of $16 trillion
dollars in debt. Examples of Obama's failed presidency.

The United States Constitution is being overthrown by an
egomaniac gone imperial who actually taught constitutional
law in college. Speaking of college, my sense is Obama will not
release his transcripts because of low grades and the likelihood
he was getting loans, grants and scholarships as a foreign
student paid for by his elite CIA handlers via questionable
sources. How else could he afford Occidental and Harvard?

We have seen the Obama dictatorship grow from campaign
promises not kept (lies) to heaps of Obama socialist campaign
rhetoric. Progressive propaganda like shared prosperity,
government investments and tax the rich wealth redistribution
(a.k.a., communism) have never worked and never will.
Obama's Solydra Solar fiasco and bankruptcy in Fremont, California
near where I live has resulted in an over $500,000,000 tax
payer money loan lost and over a trillion dollars in venture
capital lost. With these kind of "green" "investments" who
needs enemies. We will all go broke and go under!

Obamacare socialism - a rationing and euthanasia scheme - can
now be called Obama tax thanks to Supreme Court Chief
Justice John Roberts. Obamacare is still unconstitutional though!
The court never ruled on the individual mandate issue of
forcing Americans to buy something. Nor did the court rule on
the relevance to the commerce clause in the constitution which
says the states will control interstate business - not fedgov. In
fact, the brief from the majority of the justices said the
National Affordable Care Act is the legislature's and people’s
problem to work out.

Then we got a steady diet of Obama communism by his
appointment of left leaning Czars for every position in his
administration - most with no private sector or business
experience but all experts at business and job killing
regulation. Obama’s tax the rich, class warfare and envy of
others is covert communist code comrade – right out of the
Communism 101 textbook. Obama the dictator has half the
population duped into calling communism “fairness.”

Obama Marxism keeps rearing its ugly head and lately we hear
businesses owe their success to government and fostered
institutions like the Internet and infrastructure like road and
bridges already in place – not hard work. “If you’ve got a
business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that
happen.” Barack Hussein Obama said on July 13th, 2012.
Everything belongs to the state and everyone gets a share of
what you have is Marxist.

Beware! Obama wants more growth of government which leads
to a one world government ruled by the likes of the 190
member United Nations. Obama dictator plans recently
included a secretive Trans Pacific Partnership (leaked scandal) not
approve by Congress and behind the scenes push for a North
American Union of Canada, Mexico and the United States along with
a new money unit, the Amero not approved by Congress.

The Obama dictator fascism has become pure unadulterated
Mussolini-inspired command and control. You will get
regulation upon regulation until the free market’s back is
broken as cancerous leviathan humongous government
(fedgov) metastasizes the very soul of the economy and the
world. Over 50 million are on food stamps and the other day
Obama decreed welfare recipients did not have to work
anymore after congress had passed a law that said they did.

Fascism, for those who have forgotten, is when a leader runs
roughshod over the judicial, legislative and even his own
executive branch of government along with instilling fear in
business people throughout the land through draconian micro-
managing - A "Big Brother" society.

Obama dictator Nazi tendencies have been mounting with his
mountain of executive orders (137 so far) culminating in May
of 2012 with the most nefarious and insidious, the National
Defense Resources Preparedness EO, which sets up de facto
MARTIAL LAW and sets the United States on a WAR FOOTING!
The Nazi-like executive order says the government can take
your land, crops, business, supplies, products, draft you and
your children over 18 into service all with no pay or
remuneration if they want to. Congress was not even

Obama dictatorial leftist statism is collectivism or cultural
Marxism which always hides behind words like “shared
sacrifice,” "fairplay," "citizenship," and "sustainability" but
only means you, your children and your children’s children
become permanent slaves to a one world government ruled by
the globalist United Nations. The elite criminal cabal derisively
calls people "eaters" and they plan on wiping many off the face
of the earth in a coming phony Iran War followed by World War
Three which may result in a New Dark Ages flame-out like
Rome experienced if we are not careful.

The elite uses directed history smokescreens of war, economic
depression, and regulatory authoritarianism to hoodwink we-
the-people. All the while, the Western power elite get insanely
rich printing fraudulent fiat monopoly money over at their
secretive central banks like the Federal Reserve, European
Central Bank and 150 other central (sovereign) banks.

The dynastic central banking families (a.k.a., Money Power)
apparently own or control all the main press and media as well
as owning dictator Obama. The City of London (Rothschild clan)
is their brain; with Washington DC (Rockefeller bunch) as the
war apparatus; with Israel providing the covert operations and
even the Vatican religiously in on the sickening subterfuge

Unless dictator Obama is defeated and government is shrunk
the totalitarian State will start telling you what to think, what
to eat, where to work and where to live cradle to grave.

Obama the dictator has committed sedition and treason against

Support alternate media and the truth told by the Internet
Reformation Revolution.

Lobby for a private money system backed by gold. Only gold is
honest and is not someone else’s debt.

You have got to beware the United Nations, the World Bank,
the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International
Settlements, NATO, the International Criminal Court and all the
other globalist one world government institutions.

They are agents of the elite central banking criminal cabal.
These 1,000+ nefarious BANKSTER families own or control
sovereign banks of the world and thereby fraudulently create
fiat monopoly money out of thin air. These evil elite (Obama
dictator is their mole, puppet and asset and totally in on the
subterfuge) have gotten insanely rich in the last 100+ years
directing history toward bigger government and world

The elite are hell-bent on using smokescreens like war, the
coming deflation and Greater Depression, secular/Muslim
strife, bank and corporate bailouts, Islamic fascism, pandemic
disease scares, global warming hoaxes, asteroid scares, and
everything else their wholly owned mainstream press
constantly feeds us over and over. The elite use these dominant
social themes to frighten the world’s middle classes into
relinquishing the last of their freedom, power and money to
new world order (a.k.a., new underworld order) globalist
institutions and facilities mentioned above.

Elitist David Rockefeller is on record saying they would like to
reduce the earth's population from currently around seven
Billion down to 500,000,000 inhabitants so as to save the last
of the world’s resources for the elite themselves. If we are not
careful, all this could lead to a coming New Dark Ages flameout
like Rome experienced.

Here is the elite and Obama's MO, modus operandi, start (or
help) a "Hegelian dialectic" controversy in their mainstream
press. Then offer possible solutions, but always favor the
solution that leads to bigger government or better yet one-
worldism. So, out of chaos comes order - a new world order.

The elite puppet and mole - Obama dictator - does likewise!

Will you be the elite's serf and slave or will you be culled in
deflation and the Greater Depression and World War 3? Don't
vote for this Obama dictator ever again.

Conclusion: Obama is a dictator and if you don’t stop him and
the elite plot to take over the world you will get into a phony
war in Syria leading to a phony war in Iran leading to a
thermonuclear World War Three leading to pandemic incurable
diseases unleashed leading to depopulation of the world and
total fascist authoritarian control cradle to grave.

Copyright 2012 by Delwyn Lounsbury – THE DEFLATION GURU
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