The Young Professionals Program is a starting point for by NeemiaTialata


									The Young Professionals Program is a starting point for an exciting career in the
World Bank. The Program is designed to attract outstanding young and motivated
individuals from around the world, who have demonstrated a commitment to
development, supported by academic success, professional achievement and potential
for leadership. The Program recruits through a highly selective and competitive
process and then facilitates their rapid integration into the World Bank's business and

The World Bank is now receiving on-line applications for the 2010 YP Selection
process from May 1 until July 15, 2009

Eligibility Rules:

   •   Be 32 years of age or younger when entering the YP Program in September
       2010 (born on or after September 30, 1977, for this selection year)
   •   Have obtained a Master's degree or equivalent at the time of submitting your
       application (i.e., your degree must have been already awarded and you
       have the Degree Certificate in your hands). For Master's equivalent degree,
       please refer to the list below:
       Magister, Maestria, Magistr, Magistar, Matrise, Mestrado, Maitrise, Diplome
       d'Etudes approfondies (DEA), Magistrikraad, Magistris Khariskhi, Diplom,
       Magister, Metaptychiako Diploma Exidikefsis, Diplome d'Etudes superieures
       (DES), Szakiranyu Tovabbkepzesi Oklevel, Meistaraprof, Kandidatsprof,
       Karshenasi-arshad-napeyvasteh, Shushi-go, Kandidat Nauk, Magistrs,
       Magistras, Ijazah Sarjana, Doctorat, Magister Curationis, Candidatus, Grado
       de Magister, Dyplom uko czenia studiow wy szych, Mestre, Diploma de Studii
       Aprofundate, Magister Umenia, Licentiatexamen, Yuksek Lisans Diplomas,
       Bilim Uzmanligi Diplomas. Guzel Sanatlar Ustal/ k Belgesi, Kandidat Nauk,
       Bang Thac Si.
   •   Be fluent in English
   •   Specialize in a field relevant to the World Bank's operations such as
       economics, finance, education, public health, social sciences, engineering,
       urban planning, and natural resource management
   •   Have significant relevant professional experience or continued academic study
       at the doctoral level,,contentMDK:2051

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