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									2006 National Air Quality Conference
          San Antonio, TX
           Kathy Daniel
Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

Today’s agenda
•   Overview of SRTS program
•   Community Partner activities
•   Discuss ways to benefit from the SRTS program
•   Show you where to get more information
Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

Today I am NOT going to
• Pretend to be an expert on the SRTS program
• Tell you details about the SRTS program
Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

Program Purpose
• Enable and encourage
  children to walk and bicycle
  to school
• Make walking and bicycling
  to school safer and more
  appealing transportation alternatives
• Facilitate planning, development, and implementation
  of projects and activities that improve safety and
  reduce traffic, fuel consumption, and air pollution in
  the vicinity of schools
Follow the Money…

                        State DOTs

            Infrastructure     Non-Infrastructure
            Related Projects   Related Activities
SRTS Funding

 Fiscal Year    2005    2006     2007     2008     2009

Authorization   $54 M   $100 M   $125 M   $150 M   $183 M

• Apportionment Ratio
   • Each state’s primary and middle school (K-8)
     enrollment divided by all states’ enrollment
• Minimum: $1,000,000/Fiscal Year/State
• SRTS Coordinator funded from State apportionment
SRTS Eligible Projects & Activities

  Infrastructure Related
  • Sidewalk improvements
  • Traffic calming & speed reduction   Non-Infrastructure Related
    improvements                        • Public awareness campaigns
  • Pedestrian & bicycle-crossing       • Outreach to press &
    improvements                          community leaders
  • On-street bicycle facilities        • Student sessions on
  • Off-street bicycle & pedestrian       pedestrian & bicycle safety,
                                          health, and environment
                                        • Traffic education & enforcement
  • Secure bicycle parking facilities
                                        • SRTS training and volunteers
  • Traffic diversion improvements
  • Funding for SRTS coordinator
Other SRTS Activities

National SRTS Clearinghouse
• Information and educational programs
• Technical assistance

National SRTS Task Force
• Leaders in health, transportation,
   and education
• Study and develop a strategy
   to advance SRTS nationwide
How can you benefit from SRTS?

Help your State’s SRTS Coordinator
Share your expertise with It All Adds Up to Cleaner Air
   • Coalition members
   • Channels of communication
   • Materials
Find out how to apply for funds
Keep doing what you do best…raise awareness!

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