DhammaChakra PravartanDin Celebrations on 23rd Oct 2004 at by 38F4ivIP


									DhammaChakra PravartanDin Celebrations on 23rd Oct 2004 at
Michigan by matoshri Ramabai Ambedkar Buddha Vihara and
Ambedkar Centre for Justice and Peace:Organised by Mahesh
Wasnik,Vivek Chavan, and Surendra Wankhede and Group
 Introduction :

The function was organized at the Days Inn hotel’s Hall at 5:30 PM.

 Parag Chandrikapure started the function citing how the people have gathered from
across the United states. He thanked Bhante Mudita,Dharmananda & Budhhananad. He
asked the Bhanteji to start the vandana & start the program. Bhanteji lit up the
candles and started vanadana which was followed by all. After the vandana Parag
told us the importance of the day.

 “Dr Ambedkar rescued us by showing us the path of Buddhism. Millions of people
followed the leader.” He spoke of the importance of leading a life that will be
the guide to the next generation. He later introdued the Buddhist monks.

 Bhante Mudita who is the founder of great lakes Buddha vihar. Bhante Dharmmanand,
origionally from Bangaladesh, is also the part of great lakes Buddha Vihar. He
then requested Bhante Mudita to share his thoughts.

Ven.Bhante Mudita said “Today we are happy to see you". He praised the function
organizers for great activity and praised the leadership of Yogesh Varade. He
recalled his meetings with Mr Varhade in Toronto. Bhante Punyaji and other monk
who invited me to Toronto knew Varhade family very well. The monks came to refuge
of Mr varade who gave shelter to the monks. Then after the meeting he become very
strong frind of me. Then varade told Bhanteji about the Chandrikapure brothers.
Meanwhile vivek and kranti came to know from a friend of Srilanka about Bhanteji
and from then on the relationship got strenghthed. He thanked Varhadeji for
introducing him to the local Buddhist community. He further said:"I was in India
last year and was in meditation center and saw monks from Deekshabumi" And he told
that those who saw the deekshabumi are lucky. Buddhist means we are following the
parth of Buddha. Fortunately, Bodhisatva, the one who is develpomng his wisdom
to become Buddha(Dr.Ambedkar,)led the people from darkness to light.

He continued" When I met one person in Bodhgaya who was close associate of
Dr.Ambedkar,he told me about Babasaheb. The monk Devpriya was closely working with
Dr Ambedkar. We are not doing anything to establish something like ego etc.. Our
goal is to get freedom from all the suffering. Today we are establishing something
very unique. To reach the goals we must follow the qualities of Buddha. My
experience shows that the egoness develops in the group and everybody wants to
lead and nobody want to follow. Due to this there is a downfall in the
society.Buddhism has no room for egoism. Dr.Ambedkar came to serve the community
to show the right path. As a educated group we must follow him and his thoughts.
I observed that we are trying to start to do something for the society. When I
was in SriLanka, one of my friend told me that we have a vihara which is looked
after by nobody and asked me to look into the matter. Then we started the dhamma
clasees for people. Later I came to know that one of the person wanted to become
the mayer of the city so they were taking help of the vihar gathering for self
interest. I am very happy to be here amongst you. All the time we are ready to
give you our support and we all are ready to help you. If you want we can organize
the gathering frequently. As monks we can pass you the teaching of the Buddha.
Now that we are together, in future we all will come to our Buddhist temple. With
all our blessings I would like to thank you for inviting me. May all have such
a good guidance with the blessings of triple gem. The first discourse of Buddha
is called pravartan. The chakra can not be turned back. By the power of this truth,
may you all be happy.".

 Next Bhante Dhammanand spoke. “First of all we pay homage to Buddha,great son
of India. Also pay respect to Dr Ambedkar, another great son of India who showed
us the path of light and I thank you for inviting me here. I am so happy and proud
that people came from washinton, OH,Seattle,Denver.NJ etc. Last week I attended
a meeting with David. We are going to have a meeting in Metro Detroit area. I don’t
see any color, I see the color of cloth, just color of outer skin, the mind has
no color at all.Each person has mind, please do not color the mind.We are all
humans.If we see everybody as equal human beings, then the world will be peaceful.
The Buddha was the first human being to declare that there is no caste or color.
Different rivers have differnce color,and taste of water but all water came to
bay of Bengal and become one test and one color.Buddhism is like Ocean. This is
the law of nature called Dhamma. One color one nature. Unfortunately, we lost the
glory because of the Brahminical tacties which destryed the Buddhism and made
SC/ST castes. But we are born Buddhists . Those in Nagpur are not new Buddhist
but are old Buddhist and They are not SC/ST. Dr ambedkar recognized this and
followed Buddha. Please donot forget Buddha and Ambedkar.The most important thing
is the LIFE we got as a great gift and is not meant for only making and spening
money but lot more. It is to realize and understand and experience. Very important
to understand what life is. Buddha and Ambedkar understood and gave us the
teachings. Why we can not understand this? Brain is of same size for everyone.
Depending on how you research, think how the mind changes. Let us understand life
first, what is the purpose. We have to leave this world. Life is not just degree,
money and dying. There are FIVE Cs Career, Credit Card, Car, Cash, and
Cetificate.Without 5 Cs the life is nothing for most of us but it is not so. Life
really is different than 5Cs. These leaders have left some essence for us.And what
are we going to leave for the next generation? I request you to do something for
your life and community, think about them. Your classmates did not get opportunity
to come in US. They are still farming, pulling rickshaw etc. never forget them.
Buddha said "dullavaacccha manushyata". So wherever you are from, does not matter
as world is becoming one family. Ambedkaries should be united. Buddha said to
associate with others is happy things in the world. You found one organisation
with Ambedkar's name and everybody should donate money to it every month. Say 100
members contribute 5 dollars a month. With Rs.25000 pm, we can run a school in
Nagpur with $500 a month we can hire 5 teachers and educate our brothers. I urge
you to do this. We can help you if you start the activity.Thank you so much and
hope next time the gathering is double. Do not forget to teach children about
Buddha,Ambedkar as they are the ones who will carry the teachings and should put
pictures of Ambedkar and Buddha at home.

Kishore Waghmare then took over. We are working towards achieving one color,he
said.Then he requested Mr Davis to share his thoughts.

 David, thanked for inviting to speak. "I heard from Ven Dhammananda about Dr
Ambedkar who took such a strong stand against the caste system and spread loving
kindness to all.I will do what I can to let others know of Ambedkar.We should bring
teachings for our betterment. I have recently been learning Buddhism and am
impressed with the monks and people.I had invited Dr Ariyaratna of Saryodaya
Movement who in SriLankan villages taught loving kindness.We have a lot to learn
from our teacher and thank you for having me here.!"

Kalpana Ravi Shinde said lets go back half a century back and on this important
day when 800,000 people went to Nagpur to become Buddhists.. On that day Dr Ambedkar
gave us 22 oaths to discard the old religion and accept the new one, whenever you
are in doubt just go over the vows. Then she read out the 22 oaths and the others

Kishore then requested Pankaj Meshram to speak on Dr Ambedkar. Pankaj read a
paragraph on Dr Ambedkar about his conversation regarding the responsibility of
Buddhists to spread Buddhism.

Tanmay waghmare then told another quote of Ambedkar. At Dhammadeeksha, he read
out the letter, there was a ceremony to be a Christian, so for Buddhism we must
copy chrsitianity so that deeksha should be performed as a ceremony if one has
to be Buddhist.

Priti Chandrakapure read out the extract about position of women in Hinduism and

Then everybody introduced themselves.

Then he requested Varhade Uncle to introduce himself and ACJP. Varhade Uncle
congratulated all. He reminded Ven.Dhammanand that we did not go back to conversion
but reentered our Heritage of Buddhism. He said he was one of the few people who
participated in conversion. Godboleji,the secretary of the program, was his
neighbour. The preparation was going on for months and he could see hundreds,and
thousands, who did not have even money, walked miles all the way with only bread
and salt. The pendal on 14 acres was completely packed. The people were shouting
“victory to Babasaheb”. Unfortunately nature did not permit him to continue more
conversion. The comments he made for 2.5 hrs was important. He said,"Indian history
is nothing but fight for supremacy between Budhism and Hinduism” Nagas were rulers
of India at one point of the history and were staunch followers of Buddhism.In
reality Dalits are born Buddhist. A learned SriLankan monk Saddatissa met
Babasaheb mentioning about todays Untouchables are brokern men who refused to leave
Buddhism. We have nothing to do with Hinsuism..He gave 22 oaths to clear confusion.

He further stated"In 1989 our VISION group in USA wanted to celebrate Dr.Ambedkar
Birth Centenary in Colunbia University and I was coordinator for that function.
2 yrs later on 14 April1991, 450 people came from all over US to participate in
that function.In June 1991 we did another Celebration in Toronto. We invited the
National Leader of Canadian Indians who challenged then Canadian Prime Minister
on Pact for Indigineous People of Canada. By internationalizing the issue of dalits
we should get attention, we thought. In July 1991 I gave speech in UN Working
Group on Indigenous Population that Dalits and Tribals,millions in numbers, are
the Indigenous People of India who are most oppressed.

In 1996 UN Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination,(CERD) had India
Report for discussion and ACJP was invited to participate. Acjp had submitted
counter report of our exploitation, human rights violations, failure to protect
dalits and women, child labour etc. The CERD commite members were shocked to hear
this. They took matter seriously and asked India to protect Dalits,punish the
guilty,and improve their conditions.

In World Conference Against Racism at Durban 2001, due to 1996 CERD report, caste
system was brought to discussion.This pioneering work is the contribution of ACJP.
Since we have now lot of youngsters lets make new start for the mission. We thought
of establishing Vihar. Ravidasis in NY area come together, on every Sunday, pray
to Granthsaheb, and collect money.The result is they have gurudwara in no time.
But for us, we don’t have anyting. If illiterate Ravidasis can do why not us. We
registered a corporation known as Matroshri Ramabai Ambedkar Buddha viharInc. This
is in PA. We have decied that each one of us will be donating 5000 Dollars. 25-30
people are ready for that . We searched the land for that. After 2 yers we found
28 acres on the top of mountain with 3 bedroom house on it in the middle of PA
town. We have bought that subject to use as Buddhist Meditation Center.The
formalities are in process.While we are here what we can do? FIRST organise ourself
to help our people back home .This is our moral responsibility.One:ACJP has done
an excellant job internationalising Dalit issue.

 Now ACJP India is registered as a charity org and in June 04 we had a 3 day confernce
in Mumbai, participated by VIPs like Supreme Court Justice Dr. Ramaswamy , Justice
Sawant, High Court Justice Suresh, Justice Anant Mane.Dr.Mungekar and many Dalit

Then we hosted one week workshop at Nagpur on EMPOWERING INDIGENOUS WOMEN AND GIRL
Child on educating them on their health, their children,nutrition etc. We trained
about 15 boy and 15 ladies for social work. We have BSP for politics, we have BAMCEF
for social awakening but nothing for social work. We think ACJP India will do that
contribution. When we were there, we heard that one Dalit family was gangraped
in Shivani district,MP. We went to Bhimatola town, Shivanni District for
investigation where this gangrape happened of one Buddist family with three ladies
by Gawali Samaj Culprits. The reason was our boy fell in love with their girl and
ran away.The Dalit men were given ultimatum to find them in two days or face the
consequences. In the middle of the night on 7th July 04 they pulled the Dalit ladies
by hair, brought them into the town square and physically gangraped them by 30
men.We met victims and talked with them.Gave them Saries and moral support .We
found that no major political party made any statements to condemn the atrocity.
It is really a shame on our society. This is why we need a strong social action

For Vihara funding I talked to 2-3 banks for issuing credit cards. We should have
strong community to do the work of Buddhism and social issues that are higly
overdue.Thank you."

 Cultural Program:

Then Onkar Hirekhan and his brother showed some of his hidden talents of violin.
They played US national anthem on violin.

The Vaishali sang one song "Buddham saranam gacchami.."

Anil telang summed up program and thanked everybody for participation and ladies
for excellant food.

 Bhante   Mudita then cut cake on the occasion of Dhamma Chakra Din.

Afterwords Vivek and Kranti Chavan have hosted a meeting in their nice new house
and offered their hospitality.

 Speakers were 1. Yogesh Varhade 2. Pankaj Meshram 3. Kishore Waghmare 4. Tanmay
Waghmare 5. Sandeep Phulke 6. Mahesh wasnik etc.

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