The Dying Detective by HC120911213031


									                                             CLASS VIII
                               ENGLISH SYLLABUS FOR THE YEAR 2012-2013.

                               PRESCRIBED BOOKS – OXFORD -- MULBERRY

    1. English Course Book
    2. English Workbook
    MONTH              BOOKS                      CHAPTERS                    TENTATIVE ACTIVITY

March/April/May   COURSEBOOK    1. The Happy Prince                           Poem writing about the
     (45)                       2. The Railway cat                            personification of an animal
                                3. Michelangelo

                  WORKBOOK      1. The Happy Prince
                                2. Michelangelo

                  GRAMMAR       Transformation of sentences
                                Idioms, Prepositions ,Articles ,Tenses

                  WRITING       Notice Writing
                                Account Writing

  July            COURSEBOOK    4. Umpiring                                   Favourite game & the rules
  (24)                          5. The Hero                                   Vocabulary Tasks
                                6.. March

                  WORKBOOK      3. Umpiring
                                4. March

                  GRAMMAR       Correct form of the verbs
                                Direct and Indirect speech
                                Complete the conversation

                  WRITING       Diary Entry

 August           COURSEBOOK    7. The refuge                                 Enact the play ‘Joan of Arc’
  (21)                          8.. Lines composed in a wood on a windy day
                                9.Joan of Arc (rapid reading)

                  WORKBOOK      5. The refuge
                                6.Joan of Arc

                  GRAMMAR       Editing / omission
                                Active and passive voice

                  WRITING       Informal Letter
                                Formal Letter

September                       Revision for the First Summative
  (23)                                                                        I st Term Examination
  October   COURSEBOOK   10. Aachichi                                  Role play of a detective and
   (20)                  11.The Village Schoolmaster                   journalists by students in
            WORKBOOK     7. Aachichi

            GRAMMAR      Process description

            WRITING      Biographical Sketch
                          Message writing

November    COURSEBOOK   12. The Dying Detective                       Debate on ‘Whether a balanced
  (19)                   13. This is going to hurt just a little bit   diet or exercise is healthier’

            WORKBOOK     8. The Dying Detective

            GRAMMAR      Jumbled words
                         Edit / omit

             WRITING     Report and Letters Writing

December    COURSEBOOK   14. The last leaf                             Radio Show
  (19)                   15. The luncheon

            WORKBOOK     10. The last leaf
                         11. The luncheon

            GRAMMAR      Correct forms of the verbs
                         Prepositions , articles

             WRITING     Story writing

January     COURSEBOOK   16. King Lear                                 Enact the play
            WORKBOOK     12. King Lear

            GRAMMAR      Editing / omission / Jumbled words

             WRITING     Article Writing / letters

February                 Revision

March                    Final Examination

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