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Vol. 9, No. 41                  SALESIANS OF DON BOSCO - NEW ROCHELLE                                            April 12, 2012

Message from Fr. Provincial                  have done the large group presentation            Two are applying for the diaconate
                                             phase of this evaluation at Don Bosco          (Bro. Miguel Suarez and Bro. Jim Zettel).
                                             Cristo Rey High School, Don Bosco              Bro. Michael Eguino and Bro. Rob
                                             Prep, and Mary Help of Christians              Malusa will be discerning their applica-
                                             Center. My role in these large group           tion for perpetual profession. Nine of our
                                             sessions is to review with our Salesians       young men (Bros. Paul Chu, Minh Dang,
                                             and lay colleagues the assessments             Dieunel Victor, Wilgintz Polynice, Jared
                                             made by the small groups involved in a         Anderson [SUO], Eduardo Chincha,
                                             rather lengthy reflection on the effective-    Adam Dupré, and Marc Stockhousen)
                                             ness of our evangelization efforts on the      will be prayerfully considering applica-
                                             local scene. I go over the strengths and       tions for renewing temporary profession
                                             weaknesses identified by the partici-          for either one or three years. Our novices
                                             pants. With the preparatory work already       in California (Christopher Carlson,
                                             accomplished, it is rather easy for us to      Steven DeMaio, Travis Gunther, and
                                             identify a number of elements that are         John Langan) will begin focusing on first
                                             key to the effectiveness of our mission        profession during these weeks. Today
                                             and a number of elements that detract          our pre-novices (Leonard Carlino,
                                             from our effectiveness.                        Stephen Eguino, Matthew Marchand,
A Little of This and a Little of That                                                       Gregory McClung, Mark O’Dea, and
                                                It may be interesting for the province to   Craig Spence) are “away in a secluded
Extraordinary Visitation                     note that these evaluations have led me        spot” discerning their applications to the
                                             to realize that most of our evangelizing       novitiate phase of initial formation. I am
  These days Fr. Esteban Ortiz and Fr.       ministry occurs in and through an              always inspired by communities that post
Nestor Impelido are making their way         experience of community. Our most              the names of these young men in chapel
across Canada for the extraordinary          effective evangelizing moments occur in        as a pledge of prayer and support. I
visitation in the name of the Rector         small group interactions that Salesians        would ask that all in the province make
Major. Today our peripatetic visitors        and colleagues undertake with our young        special remembrance of these men for
are on their way to Toronto for the          people in a variety of settings related to     the grace of following God’s call with
visitation of the Salesian community         our apostolates. Accompaniment is the          regard to consecrated life as Salesians
and presence centered at St. Benedict        means we tend to use for basic evange-         of Don Bosco.
Parish in Etobicoke. We in the               lization within group experience. Spiritual
province pledge our support of prayer        direction, personal formation, leadership        At the same time, we join in praying for
to our visitors, who have been stead-        development, and vocational discern-           those who are discerning entry into our
fast in keeping to the demanding             ment amplify our evangelization efforts, if    program of initial formation. Fr. Dominic
schedule and heavy responsibility of         we pursue small group processing as a          Tran has been working hard and well
this visitation. At the same time, let us    pilgrimage of faith shared with our young.     with a number of candidates through the
be attentive to the orientations being       These are exciting realizations coming         rather lengthy and detailed application
offered to each of our works in both         straight out of the reflections of our         process. This year there has been a
the helpful presentations of Fr. Ortiz       ministry communities! From these               good number of possible candidates who
and the reports and recommendations          evaluations, it is clear that Don Bosco’s      have participated in the “Come and See”
left behind at the end of the visitations.   educational system is effective with our       weekends, visited the initial formation
These orientations come to us in the         young of today. However, in the current        community in Orange, and took part in a
name of the Rector Major. Let us be          situation, we have to be far more inten-       number of our province gatherings. We
attentive to the implications of these       tional in the way we live the Preventive       join in praying for these young men and
moments in our lives as communities,         System and implement the educational           for Fr. Dominic. The young most at risk
individuals, and province.                   principles of Don Bosco’s charism.             are in need of Don Bosco’s ministry more
                                                                                            these days than ever before. Let us pray
On the road again                            Vocation and formation                         to the God of the harvest that he will
                                                                                            send us many workers in the vineyard.
  After one month of recovery, I am            This time of the year is very important
back on the road with visits to the          for our province in terms of our efforts in
communities and ministry centers. The        initial formation and vocation animation.
main focus of these visits has been to       These days our men in initial formation
carry on the evangelization evaluation       are discerning God’s call and their
process that is being conducted in all       response within consecrated life as
of our presences this year. Thus far, I      Salesians of Don Bosco.
Vol. 9, No. 41 – 2 of 5                                E-SERVICE                                                   April 12, 2012

      Provincial Calendar                      Salesian Lay Missioner                    Many thanks to the Salesians of the
                                                                                       Orange, N.J., community for their
                                               Discernment Weekend
                  April                             Adam Rudin, director
                                                                                       hospitality and Salesian insight!
12       Office Day                                                                      Please keep all candidates and those
13       FMA/SDB Provincial Council       South Orange, N.J. – On the weekend          out serving in the missions, both foreign
         Meeting, Haledon                 of March 30 – April 1, seven candidates      and domestic, in your prayers!
14-15    Free Days                        came to further discern their call to
16-17    Provincial Council Meeting,      become Salesian Lay Missioners                 There will be two more discernment
         New Rochelle                     (SLMs). While on the weekend, the            weekends for those considering long-
18       Office Day                       candidates learned about Don Bosco           term service, both foreign and domestic.
19-20    Visit St. John Bosco Parish      and the Salesians, the Salesian oratory      The dates are April 27 and June 8. Be
         Community, Chicago               criteria, the discernment process and        sure to encourage those who you think
19       Evangelization Assessment,       how we are called to be missioners; they     would make good lay missioners – we
         St. John Bosco Parish            also learned of the different placement      need your help in promoting! You can
20       Office Day                       opportunities within the SLM program.        contact Adam Rudin, director of the SLM
21-22    Visit St. Philip Benizi Parish                                                program, at
         Community, Belle Glade              Presenters included Fr. Steve Leake,
                                          SDB, and Bro. Jared Anderson, SDB, as        or visit the website at
                                          well as a panel of returned volunteers:
        Pray for Our Sick                 Mary Elise Zellmer (Rwanda), Tara
                                          Greene (Bolivia), Craig Spence (NYC &
     Fr. Tony D'Angelo, SDB               Paterson), and Rudy Gomez (Chicago).
                                                                                               E-SERVICE Newsletter
       Recovering from surgery            It was a great gathering of those who feel
                                                                                            Published Weekly by the Salesians of
                                          the call of service to the youth in the          St. John Bosco for the confreres of the
    Bro. Alfred Flatoff, SDB              Church. Those in attendance were:                   Province of St. Philip the Apostle,
         Sofija Alejunas                                                                               New Rochelle, N.Y.
                                          ·    Daniel Glass                              Very Rev. Thomas Dunne, SDB, Provincial
           Hua Nguyen                     ·    Grace Loeffler                            ---------------------------------------------------
        Thuy Tam Nguyen                   ·    Sarah McKenna                                              E-Service
       Fr. Jan Bernas, SDB                ·    Marcy Mueller                                        148 Main Street
           Tom Connor                     ·    Christine Oberst                              New Rochelle, NY 10802-0639
   Bro. Gerald Warner, SDB                ·    Tania Ozbolt                                   E-Mail:
                                          ·    Stephanie Schaub
  Fr. Edward Cappelletti, SDB                                                                   Phone: (914) 636-4225
   Maria Theresa Rien T. Mai

                                          Salesian Lay Missioner Discernment Weekend – South Orange
     Pray for Our Deceased
       Fr. Jack Ayers, SDB
     April 4 in Samoa at age 83;
      Australia-Pacific Province;
  Taught heritage courses in Berkeley

        Coming Birthdays
17       Fr.   Joseph Chong
20       Fr.   James Cerbone
23       Fr.   Jeremiah Reen
25       Fr.   Joseph Santa-Bibiana
25       Fr.   Henry Bonetti
27       Fr.   Louis Konopelski

Salesian Spirituality Weekend
      April 20-22, 2012

Salesians, please register your lay
leaders today!
dex.php?section=19                                          Adam Rudin and Meg Fraino with SLM candidates
Vol. 9, No. 41 – 3 of 5                                  E-SERVICE                                              April 12, 2012

  Holy Week in El Salvador                    Calvario Parish in San Miguel, El             Bro. Mike Eguino is presently finishing
                                            Salvador, has 14 mission communities          his first year of theology at Immaculate
    GR III –The Paschal                     attached to it – all of them on dirt roads    Conception Seminary in New Jersey. He
         Triduum                            miles from the city. We arrived at            went to a community called Morel, which
          Fr. Steve Ryan, SDB               Calvario Parish on Palm Sunday at             has 100 families and is very poor. There
                                            midday. Fr. Nelson, the pastor, greeted       is a strong presence of Protestants in the
   “We must examine our lives and our       us. As pastor he gets to visit his mission    village that regularly put Catholics down.
commitment to Jesus. We do not want         churches for one or two hours once a          Mike did very well at his mission. After
to be Judas nor the cowardly apostles.      month. He was sure glad we came to be         the Holy Thursday service he organized
We want to be faithful today and            with his people for the week.                 a Eucharistic procession through the
tomorrow. These moments do not                                                            streets, where many ex-Catholics were
allow us to live as Catholics who are          Each village community has 60-200          surprised at the boldness and bowed
asleep.” These were the words of            families. There are lay leaders in the        before the presence of the Eucharist.
Archbishop Romero during the Pas-           village who do their best to catechize and    The liturgical highlight of the year is the
chal Triduum before he was martyred.        preach the Word to their communities.         Vigil. Bro. Mike presided, preached and
This was a reflection we were given at      For Holy Week every mission community         led the Vigil in Morel.
the airport on Saturday morning,            was ready and willing to celebrate the
March 31, as ten young Salesian             Paschal Mystery with fervor. They were          Bro. Miguel Suarez will be a deacon
missionaries departed for Gospel            also happy to have “visiting missionaries”    next month. His mission gave him a
Roads III – El Salvador for Holy Week.      to accompany them on this journey.            great workout – evangelizing, preaching,
It was an appropriate theme for this        Knowing that Salesians were coming            leading liturgies, and accompanying the
Gospel Roads experience—to stretch          also filled them with joy because they        sick. Miguel preached quite a bit at his
ourselves as disciples of the Lord.         knew that the young people of the             community of Abiel. He was even the
                                            villages would be a priority.                 main speaker at the big youth retreat for
  Carlos Rodriquez, a college senior                                                      the mission. “This was a very formative
from San Salvador, with the support of                                                    experience for me, and you better
                                              We jumped into the back of pick-up
a local Salesian youth ministry coor-                                                     believe I want to go back,” he said.
                                            trucks and were dropped off three by
dinator, Fr. Modesto Vasquez (CAM),
                                            three. We were kept busy from day one.
began this project in conjunction with                                                      Eric Munoz (24) is a FOCUS
                                            Honestly, this was a very fast week for all
the New Rochelle Province last year.                                                      Missionary (Fellowship of Catholic
                                            of us. Although we slept on mats or
Twenty San Salvadorans and ten                                                            University Students) at Seton Hall. He is
                                            hammocks, although we got bit by bugs
North Americans – all Salesian youth                                                      from South Dakota and is “kind of new”
                                            and insects, although roosters crow all
leaders – would go on mission for Holy                                                    to the Salesian Youth Movement. He
                                            night long (not just at dawn as legend
Week. The guidelines were that each                                                       worked hard in the village of El Salzo,
                                            has it), and although we all had that
participant had to be at least 20 years                                                   and his relational style of evangelization
                                            “touch” of diarrhea you get when you go
old, speak Spanish sufficiently, be                                                       made him a hit with the people.
                                            to foreign lands—time flew!
prepared to evangelize and catechize,
and lead prayer, worship and liturgy.                                                       Marissa Massery (24) went to a place
                                              We spent the week having daily              called Zapotal. She is from Pittsfield
  Pedro Silva, Eric Munoz, Marisa           catechetical lessons with the kids,           Mass. “I feel most connected to Jesus
Massery, Sarah Khangian, Maria              visiting homes, praying with the sick ,       when I am with the poor. In their midst it
Romero, Jennifer Rodríguez, Jerry           running mini-oratories, accompanying          is so easy to see Christ alive in them.”
Rodríguez, Bro. Miguel Suarez, Bro.         the people in prayer and especially
Mike Eguino and I were on our way to        leading the Holy Thursday, Good Friday          Pedro Silva (23) went to Consuelo. He
spend Holy Week in small villages in        and Saturday night vigil services—            was asked to leave the formation com-
the countryside of El Salvador. We          without priests—except in my case.            munity in December but is still discerning
were going as missionaries to                                                             his calling in life. “This experience has
accompany the poor. We were going             I have a strong work ethic, but I was       helped me see that I really feel called to
to separate villages, paired up with        pushed hard in those days—hundreds of         help young people who are poorer.”
Salesian Young adults from San              confessions (they loved going to a priest
Salvador. We would be going out into        who understood about 10% of what they           Jennifer Rodriquez (27) works at Holy
the villages in groups of three. What       said), Anointing of the Sick and many         Rood Cemetery in long Island. Her boss
we knew is that we were going to            Masses. I even did a funeral and              (my brother) gave her the week off from
places with outhouses, polluted water,      accompanied a man during his finally          work to go on mission. She was
lots of kids and no priests available for   time on earth into eternity. Our Gospel       assigned to the community of El Jardin
Holy Week. We soon found out that           Roaders did a great job all around and        with Sarah Khangian (22). El Jardin was
God was giving us an opportunity to         had lots of stories to share. Although        an amazing community, she said. “I
powerfully experience His Love              most of us were separated from one            couldn’t believe how involved every
through the faith of the poor. Upon         another for the week, we lived in             person in that community is – liturgical
arrival on Saturday the 30 missionaries     community with our groups of three.           preparation, processions, drama, music
began to bond and orient themselves         Each night the groups shared the              and decorations. The motto for the
for the trip to the countryside of San      experiences of the day, prayed,               people is "Only the best for God.”
Miguel the next day.                        journaled, and had the Good Night.
                                                                                                               (Continue on page 4)
Vol. 9, No. 41 – 4 of 5                                  E-SERVICE                                                April 12, 2012

(Continued from page 3)
                                                                                     Vocation Events
  In conclusion, the 10 from the U.S.A and the 20 from San
Salvador are grateful for the investment of the SUE and CAM                      April Discernment Retreat
provinces for the joint missionary project. The investment and
organization by Carlos Rodriquez and Meg Fraino in their                       Salesian House, South Orange, N.J. and
respective roles is appreciated. The mission experience is                       Don Bosco Residence, Orange, N.J.
fruitful vocationally—Maria Romero (23), who was at the El
Manguito community, stated, “I always liked to work with kids                      5:00 p.m. Friday, April 20
but now it is confirmed for me—I know that this is my calling.”                               to
Maria is presently working as permanent substitute and hoping                       Noon, Sunday, April 22
to get a regular elementary school teaching job in New Jersey.
Certainly Bro. Mike Eguino and Bro. Miguel Suarez were               Please invite young men who may benefit from the retreat.
strengthened in their Salesian priestly identity this week.             ------------------------------------------------------------
Personally I can say that I hope I will be able to go back in the
future, no matter where I am assigned next year. The formation             World Day of Prayer for Vocations
in my priestly identity was strengthened greatly in these past
nine days.
                                                                                     Sunday, April 29, 2012
  Congratulations GR III–Holy Week in El Salvador. It is a true
building of a missionary culture in our young people and a            “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few;
manifestation of the Salesian Youth Movement in action.              so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers
                                                                              for his harvest.” (Matthew 9: 37-38)
                                                                     Please celebrate and pray for vocations on this day in
                                                                                our communities and ministries.

                                                                     Evangelization Assessment Highlights
                                                                         New Opportunities in Tampa
                                                                                       Fr. Dennis Donovan, SDB

                                                                      On Tuesday, April 10, Fr. Tom Dunne led two small group
                                                                    sessions and a large group summary meeting at Mary Help of
                                                                    Christians in Tampa as part of the province evangelization
                                                                    assessment. A number of opportunities for future planning
                                                                    were discerned by the participants. In particular, a sense that
                                                                    the various entities at the center should begin planning as
                                                                    one group instead of as affiliates with similar missions. For
                                                                    example, the goal of reaching out to poor youth, especially
              Missionaries of U.S. and El Salvador                  teens, in nearby neighborhoods could become a mission
                                                                    common to the parish, youth group, Boys & Girls Club, retreat
  Fr. Steve Ryan (back) and Bro Michael Eguino (black t-shirt)
                                                                    center, Korean and other ethnic ministries.

                                                                      Instead of working separately at pastoral programming, a
                                                                    greater effort would be made to have every group included in
                                                                    the planning of the activities of all of the groups in a truly
                                                                    Salesian initiative. Fr. Dunne also met with executives of the
                                                                    Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay, who embraced the
                                                                    concept wholeheartedly.
                                                                                                                     Fr. Dennis Donovan

      Ten missionaries from SUE province for El Salvador
 Bro. Miguel Suarez, (kneeling) Fr. Steve Ryan (in stole), and
               Bro. Michael Eguino (rear right)
Vol. 9, No. 41 – 5 of 5                               E-SERVICE                                                 April 12, 2012

    St. Philip Province                   Tampa: Mary Help of Christians Camp           Perpetual Profession Prep
                                          June 13 – August 1: Pre-Novices               Bro. Rob Malusa: Amatitan, Jalisco,
 Summer Assignments 2012                  Craig Spence, Matt Marchand, Steve            Mexico (July 2-27)
                                          Eguino, Mark O’Dea, Lenny Carlino, and        Bro. Mike Eguino: Franciscan Retreat
Orange: Residents
                                          Greg McClung                                  Center, Colorado Springs (July 18-26)
Fr. Dave Moreno
                                          Mike DeNobile: vocation prospect in
Hospitality for visiting missionaries                                                   Young Priest Workshop
                                                  Salesian Youth Movement
                                                                                        Kings House Retreat Cen., Belleville, Ill.
Orange: Our Lady of the Valley            Gospel Roads Programs                         Sunday, June 24 - Friday, June 29
Summer Camp: July 9 – August 10                                                         Fr. Matt DeGance
Bro. Mike Eguino: Camp Director           New Orleans:     June 16-23                   Fr. Mike Leschinsky
Bro. Dieunel Victor: Asst. Camp Dir./                      Fr. Matt DeGance             Fr. Manny Gallo
Evangelization Coordinator                Tampa:           June 23-30
                                                           Fr. Joe Hannon               Salesian Retreats
Chicago: Day Camp                         Philadelphia:    July 14-22
June 24 – August 6                                         Fr. Jay Horan                Florida: June 3-9
Fr. Greg Fishel: Camp Director            Washington:      July 21-29                   Preachers: Frs. J. Puntino & F. Kelly
Fr. Mike Leschinsky: Camp Faith                            Fr. Abraham Feliciano        Marywood Retreat Center
Formation – July 1-27/ Aug 11-?           Stony Point:     July 28 – Aug 4              St. John’s, Fla.
Eddie Chincha: Activities/Staff Asst.                      Fr. Jay Horan                Coordinator: Fr. Paul Chuong
Eric Notarus: Staff                       Toronto:         July 28 – Aug 4
                                                           Fr. Mike Pace                New York: June 10-16
Belle Glade: Day Camp                     Chicago (GR II): Aug 12-18                    Preacher: Fr. Pat Angelucci
June 17 – August 6                                         Fr. Mike Leschinsky          Don Bosco Retreat Center
Bro. Miguel Suarez: Camp Director         Newark (GR II): June 23-30                    Stony Point, N.Y.
Bro. Juan Pablo Rubio: Assistant                           Fr. Bill Ferruzzi            Coordinator: Fr. Jim Berning
                                          Leeds:           July 7-14
Stony Point: Day Camp                                      Fr. Vince Paczkowski         New York: August 12-18
June 25 – August 17                       Haiti (GRIII):   May 22 – June 2              Preacher: Bishop Luc Van Looy
Fr. Rich Crager: Staff Mentor/Chaplain                     Fr. Bill Bucciferro,         Don Bosco Retreat Center
Fr. Bill Ferruzzi: Hospitality/Retreats                    Bros. Adam Dupré and         Stony Point, N.Y.
                                                           Marc Stockhausen             Coordinator: Fr. Bill Ferruzzi
New Rochelle: Camp Echo Bay
June 25 – August 10                       Studies/On-going Formation                    Canada: August 19-24
Fr. Manny Gallo                           Bro. Paul Chu: Spanish, Quito Ecuador         Preacher: Archbishop Louis Kebreau
                                          Bro. Minh Dang: Spanish, Quito Ecuador        Coordinator: Fr. Romeo Trottier
East Boston: Boys and Girls Club          Bro. Dieunel Victor: Eng., Summit, N.J.
June 25 – August 12                                                                     Sisters Retreat: July 10 - 15
                                          Fr. Jim Berning: Education
Bro. Wilgintz Polynice                    Fr. Dominic Tran: Boston College              Stony Point, N.Y.
                                                                                        Preacher/coordinator: Fr. Bill Ferruzzi
Surrey: Pastoral Experience
Deacon Jim Zettel
                                            Provincial Residence Community – Easter Sunday – April 8
Sherbrooke: Bicycle camp                                                            Photo was taken by Bill Fisher on his Easter retreat
Fr. Alain Leonard

Haledon: FMA Mary Help of
Christians Camp
Fr. James Mulloy: Chaplain - FMA and
Daily Mass for Provincial House and

Port Chester: Holy Rosary/Corpus
Christi Camp June 30 – August 10
Fr. Rich Alejunas – Director
Bro. Adam Dupré – Assistant

Toronto: Summer Daze Camp
June 29 or earlier to August 3
                                           Back: Fr. Richard McCormick, Bro. Andy LaCombe, Fr. Ken Shaw, Fr. Steve Dumais,
Bro. Marc Stockhausen
                                             Fr. John Blanco, Fr. Mark Hyde, Fr. Pete Malloy, Bro. Tom Higgs, Bro. Tom Dion
Leeds: August 7-18                         Front: Fr. Terry O’Donnell, Fr. Mike Mendl, Bro. Gerald Warner, Fr. Bob Bauer, Bro.
Fr. Jay Horan: Parish Assistance             Bruno Busatto, Fr. Ed Cappelletti (absent: Fr. Bob Savage-Jeanne Jugan Home)
            The Salesian Family
                Celebrates the feast of
      Mary Help of Christians
  with the Diaconal Ordination
  Brother Miguel Suarez, SDB
        May 19, 2012

  Celebrant: Most Rev. Emilio Allue, SDB
       Retired Auxiliary Bishop of Boston

                       Come and join us
          Please RSVP by May 4, 2012 via email to:
  9:00 AM        Arrival (Outside of Shrine Chapel—by St. John Bosco statue)
  9:00-10:00     Confessions (Shrine Chapel)
  10:00          Mass (Shrine Chapel)
  Noon - 1:30    Lunch (Cafeteria)
  1:30           Outdoor Entertainment (Becchi House)
  2:00           Rosary (Outdoor Altar)
  2:30           Crowning and Final Blessing

Marian Shrine — 174 Filors Lane, Stony Point, New York 10980

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