The quantifiable benefits of implementing research findings are by hzXRV3Pj


									               The quantifiable benefits of implementing research findings are effective in establishing
               the relative value of research itself.

                                                 PLAN OUTLINE
I.     Evaluate the results of the research.

       a)      Do the results solve the problem? If not, why?

       b)      Are the results “implementable”? If not, why?

       c)      Can implementation of the results yield benefits? If not, why?

 II.   Identify each task necessary for implementation & develop a step-by-step scenario describing the implementation process.

       a)      Task description                               What?

       b)      Task purpose                                   Why?

       c)      Task responsibility                            Who?

       d)      Task resources & cost                          How?/ How much?

       e)      Detailed schedule of tasks                     When?/Where?

III    Develop a measuring system that will evaluate the benefits derived from implementing the research results.Whenever
       possible, express the benefits in terms of current Mn/DOT performance measures.

       a)      Measure(s) description                         What?

       b)      Measure(s) purpose                             Why?

       c)      Measure(s) responsibility                      Who?

       d)      Measure(s) resources & cost                    How?/How much?

       e)      Measure(s) schedule                            When?/Where?

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                                                Phone (651) 282-2473 or FAX (651) 297-2354

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