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									                                    JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE                    Fundraising Database Executive

DEPARTMENT                   Fundraising & Marketing

REPORTS TO                   Direct Marketing Manager
                             Assets and equipment as necessary.

DATE                         MAY 2011

This is an exciting new post in the Fundraising and Marketing Department of QEF. The
charity is seeking to invest in the development and expansion of its supporter database
over the next three years and this role is an important part of the programme.
Based in the Fundraising Department in Leatherhead, Surrey, the postholder is
responsible for the ongoing operation and management of the supporter fundraising
database (Raiser’s Edge) which supports the direct marketing programme at QEF.
   1. To take full responsibility for the Raiser’s Edge database and provide data analysis
      reports to inform the planning and budgeting of direct marketing campaigns that
      will maximise voluntary income.
   2. To operationally manage the day-to-day development and execution of data
      selections from beginning to end and to implement and supervise the processing
      and input of cash and regular supporters onto the database.
   3. To provide database training to fundraising staff as required.

Internal: Direct Marketing Manager and other members of the Fundraising and
          Marketing Department. Day-to-day contact with the Finance Department.

External: Fulfilment houses, software suppliers, data capture agencies and list brokers.
   1. Manage the data selections and analysis for the direct marketing appeals through
      the implementation of a data analysis management strategy and delivering
      accurate analysis of the data underlying the Fundraising activity and supporter
   2. Develop, create and refine accurate and relevant reporting of appeals to ensure
      effective and timely performance monitoring of income and other key
      performance measures (e.g. Return on Investment) which will help inform and
      add value to management decisions.
   3. Provide guidance to the Direct Marketing Manager on mailing selections based
      upon financial analysis and forecasts, ensuring accuracy and integrity of selected

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        groups, as well as copy segmentation of appeals to meet the income targets from
        individual donors.
   4.   Manage the assignment and maintenance of source codes and attributes
        necessary to track campaigns and support marketing activity.
   5.   Maintain the accuracy and quality of data held on supporters and donors and
        ensure that all data amendments (eg Passed Away, Gone Away, Duplicate record,
        etc) have been made in a timely manner.
   6.   Assist with the sourcing, commissioning and management of any data analysis
        projects outsourced to external agencies
   7.   To be responsible for the implementation of donor records onto the Supporter
        database, ensuring this is undertaken promptly and efficiently. To supervise other
        staff and volunteers in this work to ensure data integrity and quality.
   8.   Run and submit claims to the Inland Revenue in respect of Gift Aid.
   9.   To ensure compliance with Data Protection legislation by QEF, its employees and

Other duties
   1. Keep abreast of developments within database marketing in respect of both
       technology and approaches to segmentation and analysis.

   2. Provide training and technical support to other staff who require access to
      Raisers Edge and to those who input data.

   3. Provide data support for other marketing opportunities across the Fundraising
      department and with other QEF departments as required.

This job description is not exhaustive and amendments and additions may be required in
line with future changes in policy. It will be reviewed annually.

Signed by                                                           Date
Signed by                                                           Date

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                                    PERSON SPECIFICATION

JOB TITLE                       Fundraising Database Executive

DEPARTMENT                      Fundraising & Marketing

ATTRIBUTES                       ESSENTIAL                        DESIRABLE
Qualifications                     Degree level education    
Please state the level of           or equivalent involving
education and professional          analysis and extensive
qualifications and/or               written work.
specific occupational              A formal qualification in
training required.                  an IT or Direct Marketing
                                    related subject.
This relates to the level and
breadth of knowledge
required to do the job, e.g.
an understanding of a
defined system, practice,
method or procedure.
Technical/Work-based                   Highly literate and           Programming skills( ie
Skills                                  numerate, with a              SQL).
This relates to the skills              practical familiarity
specific to the job, e.g.               with spreadsheets,            Skilled in providing
typing skills, etc                      databases and word            database training and
                                        processing skills.            support to users.

                                       Ability to handle data       Commitment to the
                                        accurately and                mission of QEF’s work
                                        methodically.                 with disabled people.

                                       Ability to research and
                                        solve problems quickly
                                        and efficiently using

                                       Ability to work
                                        positively with a
                                        diverse team to
                                        achieve specific goals.

                                       Ability to manage
                                        several projects
                                        prioritising workload.

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                                   Ability to calmly and
                                    logically identify and

                                   Ability to work to tight
                                    deadlines and under

                                   Experience of
                                    performing detailed
                                    data and mailing
                                    analysis and providing
                                    recommendations for
                                    the targeting of

General Skills/Attributes          Good communication            Adept at working in
This relates to more general        skills, both written           teams and
characteristics required to         and verbal.                    communicating with
do the job effectively, e.g.,                                      both technical and
effective written                                                  non-technical people.
communication skills, ability
to delegate, motivation or                                        Commitment to
commitment etc.                                                    ongoing personal
                                                                   training and

                                                                  Positive and flexible
                                                                   approach to work.

                                                                  Intellectual precision,
                                                                   accuracy and

Experience                         Experience of using       Contractual
This is the proven record of        Raiser’s Edge and the      management experience
experience and                      Microsoft Office suite     preferably with a
achievement in a field,             of applications.           Fulfilment House
profession or specialism.          Proven experience of       processing charitable
This could include a                using a database for       donations.
minimum period of                   fundraising or
experience in a defined area        marketing purposes.
of work.                           Experience of carrying
                                    out selections and
                                   Experience of

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    preparing, organising
    and outputting data
    including producing
    reports and exports.
   Technically IT
   Experience of
    establishing and
    maintaining database
   Knowledge of the
    Data Protection Act
    with regard to
    relational databases.

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