Meeting Planning Timeline by ql9Z07o


									                               Meeting Planning Timeline
Pre Conference –
           ____ Mail out “Save the Date” reminders

2 -3 months:

       ____      Complete and submit CME Activity Planning Worksheet and required documentation
                 ____ All planning committee disclosures
                 ____ Accepted notice Activity Director Job Description
                 ____ Pro-forma Budget
                 ____ Detailed Agenda
                 ____ Application Fee
                 ____ Planning notes
                 ____ Draft brochure (a CME office staff member must review and approve prior to

       ____      Apply for Commercial Support (if applicable)

       ____      Apply for Exhibitor support

       ____      Submit Exhibitor Prospectus or solicitation letters to CME office

       ____      Apply for “other” accreditation (AAFP, ACEP, ACOG etc. if applicable)

       ____      Submit draft brochure to CME office for approval

       ____      Print brochure

6-8 weeks:

       ____      Mail out Brochure

       ____      Process participant registrations

2 weeks:

       ____      Submit to the CME Office the documentation of disclosure that will be given to the
                 audience for:
                 ____ All presenters
                 ____ All Commercial Support

       ____      Submit to the CME Office documentation of Resolution of Conflict of Interest for all
                 presenters with commercial interests

2 weeks to date of conference:

       ____      Submit fully executed Commercial Support agreements to the CME office

       ____      Continue process participant registrations until cutoff date
Post Conference:

2 weeks:

____   Attendance list submitted in the designated Excel template (located on the CME webpage)

____   Evaluation Summary

____   Program Syllabus or handouts

____   Final Income/Expense Summary

____   The CME office will invoice for maintenance of records (certificates) and
       certificates will be mailed participants upon receipt of payment

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