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                                        Job Description
Group company
                            MAGNA CARELINE LIMITED
                            TELECARE SALES ADVISOR
Job Title

Reports to
                            CARELINE OPERATIONS MANAGER
Responsible for
                            To deliver a high standard of excellent customer service when
                            organising and conducting demonstrations, installations and
Purpose of the job
                            promotional talks on Telecare Equipment.

Areas of responsibility
            1. Installation/Equipment Administration

              1.1    Organise calendar appointments to carry out demonstrations, installations and
                      visits to existing and prospective MCL customers or service users.
              1.2    Deal with customers and service users queries concerning equipment and
                      appointments on a daily basis.
              1.3    Management of customer information, completing installation paperwork and
                      allocation of equipment for each Telecare customer.
              1.4    Ensure equipment is tested and in good working order prior to installation or
              1.5    To process and clean returned rented/donated equipment and return to stock.
              1.6    To work to agreed installation targets and deadlines set out by the Careline
                      Operations Manager in accordance with TSA code of practice and MCL
                      policies and procedures.

            2. Telecare Equipment

               2.1   When necessary deal with emergency breakdowns or repairs to equipment
                      and rectify within 24 hours of the initial call to the control centre
               2.2   To work on a scheduled ‘On Call’ rota for weekends and Bank Holiday to deal
                      with emergency breakdowns, repairs to equipment and if necessary
                      emergency installations. All to be completed within 48 hours of the initial call
                      coming into the control centre. A retainer for these services will be paid and a
                      vehicle over this period will be provided.
              2.3    To be knowledgeable of improvements within assisted technology and
                      Telecare equipment which can be used to ensure individuals can live
                      independently within their own homes.
               2.4   To promote Magna Careline’s services by carrying out informative talks, and
                      assisting in promotional events within Dorset, Oxfordshire and Hampshire

            1.     Cover control room if and when required due to staff sickness, annual leave
            2.     Provide a MCL Telecare service working as part of a team but at times visiting
                   customers, service users properties as a lone worker.
                   To comply with and promote Magna’s equality and diversity, data protection
                    and health & safety policies and procedures.

            3.     To make a commitment to deliver excellent customer service and to
                   demonstrate Magna's Purpose –“ to satisfy those we work with and want to
                   work with and to be their first choice”.

            4.     The Telecare Sales Advisor may be asked to carry out other duties which are
                   broadly consistent with those detailed in this Job Description.

            5.    There will be some occasions where the Telecare Sales Advisor will be
                   expected to attend meetings or respond to emergencies outside normal
                   working hours.

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