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                                         Job Description
Group company
                             Magna Housing Association
                             Community Support Services
Job Title
                             Support Worker (Casual)

Reports to                   Independent Living Manager – Support Services & Senior Support

Responsible for              Delivering a high standard of housing-related support in an
                             accommodation based setting

                             To provide housing-related support to enable residents to maintain
Purpose of the job
                             their tenancies and to achieve their aspirations for independent living.

Areas of responsibility
      Support Services

      1.     Work alongside Support Workers in the delivery of their role supporting/key working
             young people

      2 . Complete and maintain administrative records as required by the project.

      3. Advocate for residents where appropriate.

      4. Liaise with other housing, health and social care professionals, benefits, welfare and
         advocacy agencies as appropriate.

      5. Contribute to the protection of service users from abuse and support residents when in

      6. Encourage and support residents to live as fully and independently as possible within
         the local community, providing information and practical support to access
         appropriate/identified services.

      7. Provide a positive role model for the young people, presenting yourself in a highly
         professional manner and promoting the structure and boundaries in place at the project.

      Housing Management

      1. Participate in the assessment and selection of new residents through interviews and
         application processes.

      2. Collect, record and bank rent and other project income in accordance with Magna
         policies and procedures.

      3. Liaise, consult and actively support resident meetings encouraging participation and
         responsive customer services
      Staff and Team Working

      1.   Work within a team, supporting colleagues, attending team meetings, recording and
           sharing information appropriately and confidentiality

      2.   Keep up to date with issues relevant to housing and support, welfare benefits and other
           relevant legislation.

      3.   To undertake all core training required for this post and other training and professional
           development activities as requested or identified.


      1.    To comply with and promote Magna’s equality and diversity, data protection and
            health & safety policies and procedures.

      2.    To make a commitment to deliver excellent customer service and to demonstrate
            Magna's Purpose –“to satisfy those we work with and want to work with and to be
            their first choice”.

      3.    To follow office, finance, administration and reporting processes in line with Magna’s
            policies and procedures.

      4.   The Support Worker may be asked to carry out other duties which are broadly
           consistent with those detailed in this Job Description.

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