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									                2013 Community Initiative Application

                     The Real Estate Council Foundation (“TRECF”)
   5430 LBJ Freeway, Suite 100  Dallas, TX 75230  214.692.3600  fax 214.692.3630
           For more information and Guidelines, visit w w w . r e c o u n c i l . c o m

Important Dates:
 Deadline to submit the completed application is 5:00 pm on August 1, 2012.
 Site visits will be scheduled for September 17 through October 5, 2012
 Notifications of awards will be made by November 10, 2012.
 Public announcements and funds available January 2013.

    Please email completed application in MS Word format to
Attachments may be sent via U. S. Postal Service if electronic copies are unavailable.

    A list of six (6) required attachments may be referenced at the end of this document.

If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact Robin Minick or Holland
                            Morris at The Real Estate Council.


Signatory represents and warrants to The Real Estate Council Foundation that he or she has full power and
authority to execute this document on behalf of the Applicant, and that, to the knowledge of the signor, the
information herein is true, complete, correct and not misleading in any respect.

_____________________________________ _______________________________________
Board Chairman Signature                Printed Name

_____________________________________ _______________________________________
Executive Director Signature             Printed Name

        Please check the type of funding for which you are applying (check all that apply)
                 Grant                            Community Loan Fund                               ALC Project
 Please note that additional materials may be necessary based on your selection. (ex. Market study, survey, appraisal, etc.)

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                                              Section A: Proposed Project
                                    Project Name
                    Project Location/Address
 Submarket in which the Project is located                          Intown Dallas
                                                                    South Dallas
                                                                    Oak Cliff
                                                                    Duncanville/Desoto/Cedar Hill/Lancaster
                                                                    Grand Prairie
                                                                    East or West Irving
                                                                    Oak Lawn
                                                                    Northwest Dallas
                                                                    Carrollton/Farmers Branch/Addison
                                                                    North Dallas
                                                                    East Dallas
                                                                    Highlands
                                                                    Richardson
                                                                    Garland
                                                                    East University/Vickery
                                                                    Las Colinas/Valley Ranch
                Total Project Cost or Budget
         *Detailed project cost breakdown in Section E

 Amount of Funds Requested From TRECF
                            Project Description

                              Project Start Date
           Project Manager Contact: Name
                                   Phone                 (       )
         Is the Project Manager a New Hire?                         Yes
(Please include resume of Project Manager as                        No
                               Attachment 4.)
       Has the organization completed any                           Yes, the organization has experience completing a
  similar projects (in Dallas or elsewhere)?                         similar project
                                                                    Yes, the project manager has experience completing a
                                                                     similar project
                                                                    No, the organization has no prior experience completing
                                                                     a similar project
     Description and Outcome of Previous
                      Project Experience

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                                          Section B: Organization
              Legal Name of Organization

                     Organization Address
                      Type of Organization                Government Entity
                        (Please check one.)               501 (c)(3)

                        City / County /State
                        (Government Entity)
                        Tax Identification #
                    (501 (c)(3) Organization)
                Executive Director: Name
                                   Phone        (     )
       Organization Description / Mission

                     Organization Website
  # People Organization Served last year
    Current TRECF Professional Services
                  Liaison (if applicable)
     Officers and Corporate Affiliations        President of Board:
     (Please include a list of current board    Corporate Affiliations (if any):
members and standing board committees as
                             Attachment 1.)
     Number of Full-Time / Part-Time Staff      #_____Full-Time
 (Please include an organizational chart with   #_____Part-Time
      staff tenure and contact information as
                              Attachment 2.)
            Organization’s Prior Awards,
         Recognitions, and other Notable
                  Number of Volunteers          _____Number of volunteers
     Estimate Annual Volunteer Hours for        _____Estimate annual volunteer hours
                 Organization Initiatives
        Organization financial statements           1) Audited financial statements for the most recent year
        (Please include items 1 through 3 as           available
                              Attachment 3.)        2) 2011 Budget vs. Actuals Year-To-Date
                                                    3) 20010 Budget vs. Actuals
                  Section C: Proposed Project Community Impact Measurement
     Project Objectives / Appropriateness

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    # of People the Project Will Serve / Will
                            Receive Benefit
  How will beneficiaries be involved in the
         Project Measurements of Success
                       (Please be specific.)
  Describe how the Project will impact the
         community in the following area:
  Describe how the Project will impact the
         community in the following area:
  Describe how the Project will impact the
         community in the following area:
                         JOB CREATION
  Describe how the Project will impact the
         community in the following area:
  Describe how the Project will impact the
     community in the any other area not
                        previously listed:
          List any prior TREC funding your
                 organization has received
Describe a mutually beneficial relationship
    between your organization and TREC

     List any current funding partners you
                      already have in place

                                    Section D: Proposed Project Details
   Project Concept Drawings / Renderings
     (Please include items as Attachment 5.)

                   Project Market Research
      (Please include items as Attachment 5)
                  Detailed Project Timeline

                          Total Project Cost  Provide detailed project budget including hard and soft costs,
      (Please include items as Attachment 6.) sales and marketing fees, and developer’s profit. Please include
                                              program and administrative costs and any profit or earned
                                   Section E: Proposed Project Funding
                Sources of Project Funding      $____________________Funds Committed to Date
(loans, grants, donation, cash/income from      $____________________Funds Requested from TREC
                         operations, other):
                                                $____________________Remaining Funds Req. to Complete
                                                $____________________Total Project Costs
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                                                          Total project costs should match project budget provided in Attachment 5.
  Breakdown of Funds Committed to Date:          $____________________Loans
                                                 $____________________Income from Operations
                                                 $____________________Total Funds Committed to Date
                                                     Total funds committed to date should match answer to line in previous box.
      List other proposals currently under       Organization Name:
consideration for funding or support of the      Funds Requested:
                                                 Decision Date:

                     Other proposals (cont.):    Organization Name:
                                                 Funds Requested:
                                                 Decision Date:
                     Other proposals (cont.):    Organization Name:
                                                 Funds Requested:
                                                 Decision Date:
                     Other proposals (cont.):    Organization Name:
                                                 Funds Requested:
                                                 Decision Date:
       Provide list of public and/or private
      partnerships engaged in the project,
contact information, and timing of funding,
                               if applicable.

The Real Estate Council Foundation seeks to invest in community initiatives that provide opportunities for
leveraging our member resources. A determining factor in your pre-application will be the ability to direct
professional services to aid your project. Please check all the pro-bono services that might be used to
leverage any financial investment that is made in your project:

                               Section F: Professional Services Utilization
   Accounting                                                       Feasibility
   Advisory                                                         Fundraising
   Analyst/Spreadsheet Development                                  Interior Design/Space Planning
   Architecture                                                     Insurance
   Asset Management                                                 Investment/Finance
   Banking/Mortgage Lending/Finance                                 Legal Assistance
   Brokerage                                                        Public Relations/Marketing
   Construction                                                     Property Management
   Economic Data/GIS Mapping                                        Research
   Development                                                      Tax Advisory
   Due Diligence                                                    Title Work
   Engineering                                                      Technology/Database Management/Software

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Required Attachments

Attachment 1: List of current board members with contact information. List of standing board

Attachment 2: Organizational chart illustrating staff tenure and contact information.

Attachment 3: Financials (hard copy will be accepted if electronic files are not available)

Attachment 4: Resume of project manager

Attachment 5: Project concept drawings/renderings/market research/other material (hard copy
will be accepted if electronic files are not available)

Attachment 6: Detailed project budget

                                        Thank you for your time.

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