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					Coventry University                                                                   Faculty of Engineering & Computing

CDE Undergraduate Final Year Individual Project Brief Form

1. Your details:
                Full Name:
               Student ID:                                E-mail:                   
   Project Module Code:                           Course Code:                      (See your Moodle web for this code)

      Project Supervisor:

2. Project title [Meaningful, relevant and concise]

                                          N.B. You can expand any of the following text boxes to whatever size you need.

3. Motivation. [E.g.: Is there an intended user or group of users? Why you think there is need for this
project? What needs does the project satisfy?]

4. Requirements and project deliverables. [E.g.: a) What are the characteristics/properties that the final
product should possess? b) What are the process stages and the corresponding deliverables that will
enable you to create the final product?]

5. Research [a) How will you investigate/identify in detail the needs of the specified user in (3) b) How will
you investigate the background of the project?]

6. Evaluation. [E.g.: a) What makes a product successful? b) How will you demonstrate that your product
fulfils the needs of the user in (3)? c) How will you evaluate the process you followed?]

7. Development skills. [a) What information and resources do you need to complete the project? b)
Which of these do you need to acquire yourself? ]

8. Skills acquisition. [How do you intend to gain the skills, information and resources specified in (7)?]

9. Outline (synopsis) of your project. [ What are the aims and objectives of the project?]

       Student Signature:                                                           Date:
   Supervisor Signature:                                                            Date:

Documents accompanying submission of Project Brief (double-click on check boxes):

             Ethics Form:                                     Time Plan:
          Health & Safety:          Facilities Request Form (if relevant):           or N/A

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