ODAK has been reorganized in 2002 to combine the principles in by ql9Z07o


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ODAK is a private owned company based in Istanbul/Turkey and reorganized in 2002
to combine the principles in an efficient administrative structure necessitated by growth
and its experience, its accumulated know-how and the professional service acquired since
1989, when the activities of ODAK started in the contracting business of industrial

Expert professionals at technical positions, dynamic communication and the efficient
administrative structure has been taken as base for the development of the new
organisation and ODAK continues its activities in the fields of Contracting Business for
the industrial plants and Fabrication & Marketing of industrial products.


Is to expand our privileged position in our fields of activity by completing significant
projects requiring high and superior technological competency, engineering knowledge
and experience, both at home and abroad.


Is to utilize the oppurtinities provided by the technology and accumulation of knowledge
and fast, effective organizational skills gained since our activities had started.


Is to give priority to safety, environment and quality during the completion of our
contracted works on time by employing well-trained and experienced professionals and
following up all the technological developments in the sector with the appropriate
organisation in our management and coordination in our works.

ODAK is a ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Our scope of services in our certificate
covers the design, procurement, manufacture, construction, erection and commissioning
of refineries, industrial plants, pipelines and related activities. Our quality policy is to
understand the expectations of our customers, to work to specifications and standards and
to approach excellence.


HSE in ODAK is a value not just a programme. We are sure that the goal of ‘ZERO
ACCIDENTS ’ stated in our HSE policy is what we want to get. To enable us to reach
this goal, we have established our own HSE programme that encompass a wide range of
activities and initiatives right across our organization. System and department managers
shall ensure the compliance and continuity of the system according to OHSAS
18001:1999 standard. All staff will aim to work with continuous improvement of the
system and minimize the developing risks.We have a continuos improvement strategy for
safety since our establishment.


    ODAK is giving service in every stage of the industrial and
     petrochemical plants construction.

Field of our services
    Preparation of work specifications (mechanical and electrical)
    Drafting of process design, flow schemes, P&ID’s and selection of the types and
       design of equipments,
    Preparation of the work procedures, method of statements and lifting/rigging
    Detail engineering studies and project drafting,
    Fabrication and installation of steel structures,
    Mechanical equipment, stacks, furnace, boiler installation,
    Fabrication and erection of fixed and floating roof storage tanks, installation of
       spherical storage tanks,
    Fabrication and installation of all metal and non-metalling piping, acid cleaning,
       hydrostatic testing,
    Techological surface treatment, painting and coating application,
    Calibration of storage tanks, valves and instruments, measuring gas emulsions of
    Instrument installation and tubing works, cabling and termination,
    Fabrication and installation of HVAC works,
    Commissioning and start-up of plants.

Sectors we serve
   Construction of pipelines and valve stations,
   Construction of pump, pig and pressure reducing stations for oil pipelines,
   Construction of compressor and pig stations of gas pipelines,
   Construction of refinery plants,
   Construction of chemical plants (Fertilizer, yeast and pharmacological factories),
   Stack gas purification plants design, fabrication and installation,
   Water and waste water purification plants design, fabrication and installation,
   LPG and gasoline filling stations.
Products we manufacture / sell
    Internal aluminium floating roofs
    Metallic seals for storage tanks
    Drain joints
    Oil skimmers
    Fire fighting cooling and foam systems for storage tanks
    Foam makers and bladder tanks
    Fire water sprinkler systems
    Liquid level gauges
    Tank breathing valves and man ways
    Pressure and vacuum relief valves
    Flame arresters
    Bursting discs and explosion roof panels
    Cable and pipe transits
    Elastomeric cladding material
    Passive fire protection materials
    Standard and special pipe supports such as shoes, hangers etc.
    Horizontal tanks
    Heat Exchangers
    Various pipe fittings
    Enhanced oil recovery systems
    Metering and pressure reducing units for natural gas
    VOC incineration systems



Company               : ODAK CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION Co., Ltd.
Contact Person        : SENCAN SOYLEYEN
e-mail                : sencan@odak-ltd.com
Telephone             : +90 216 384 27 33
Telefax               : +90 216 384 25 29
Address               : Turapoglu Sokak Sumko Sitesi A4 Bl. D:14, 81090 Kozyatagi,
                        ISTANBUL, TURKEY
Website               : www.odak-ltd.com

We are seeking a distributor in your area. We hope you find our offer as of interest and
introduce your company to us, so we can start a fruitful business coperation that can lead
us to work in further projects.

For futher information, please do not hesitate to contact with me.
Yours truly,

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