Confirmation of Supervision Form by q4tg9N


									                    Confirmation of Supervision Form
Instructions for the applicant:
   Please fill out Part 1 of this form and have your proposed supervisor complete Part 2.
   If your supervisor indicates that he/she has no means of providing salary support for you
   for the period of your graduate training, you must append a letter stating in detail how
   you will support yourself (in the amount of $20,000 per annum) during this period (e.g.,
   spouse, family member will provide support). In the event that you are relying on the
   support of one or more individuals, supporting documentation from these individuals
   must be provided.

Instructions for the supervisor:
   Please fill out Part 2 of this form and return it to the applicant for inclusion in the
   application package.
   Commitment of salary support from the instructor is not a prerequisite for admission.
   If you are able to support the applicant, the recommended minimum is $20,000 per
   annum. If you are unable to support the applicant, the applicant must provide
   documentation indicating how support will be provided.
   Commitment of project support (for the applicant’s thesis work) is a prerequisite for
   admission. Funding source, duration and amount must be clearly indicated.

Part 1 (to be completed by the applicant)

Name of applicant:______________________________________________________

Name of proposed supervisor:_____________________________________________

Proposed date of entry (Semester, Year):_______________________________

Please check the line that applies to your case:
__ I have my own studentship from the following agency: (e.g., CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC,
etc.): ________________________________________________

__ My proposed supervisor has agreed to support me as per information provided in Part 2.

__ My supervisor currently does not have the funds to provide salary support for me. I have
   appended a letter with supporting documentation indicating how I will support myself
   during the period of my graduate training.

Applicant’s Signature and Date __________________________________________
Part 2 (to be completed by the supervisor)

__ I agree to act as the applicant’s supervisor.

Confirmation of salary support (please check the line that applies):

__ I agree to provide salary support to the applicant for the amount of ___________________
per annum. This amount will be paid from a grant from the following agency _______________
and terminates on the following date (month/ year) _____________________________ .

__ I cannot at the present time commit to providing salary support for this applicant.

Confirmation of project support

Estimated amount needed to support the applicant’s project (per annum): ________________
(Note: If no financial support is required for the applicants project, please include a brief note
indicating why).

This amount will be covered by a grant from the following agency _______________________,

in the amount of _____________________ per annum, and terminates on the following date

(month, year)_________________________________ .

Supervisor’s signature and date:______________________________________________

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