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                           SoftSource SoftView

SoftSource has had several technical             screen display and interface technology for the
successes bridging desktop Internet to           handheld Internet market.
handheld devices. Our patent pending
technology works. We provide a display that is
familiar to PC Internet users combined with a
simple to use interface to make handheld
Internet browsing simple.

Who are the leaders in this market? Sony
Toshiba, Palm, and HP all build hardware
targeted at this market. Several mass-market
contenders like Nokia and Samsung could
implement our technology and take a strong
position in this market. Next generation Sony
Portable Playstation with 802.11b could win
the market for the wireless handheld Internet
and become the market leader with our

The market for SoftSource’s technology is very   SoftView Display Examples:
large. To be successful we plan to work with
one or two major companies in the first
deployment.    Carriers    (wireless   service   These are examples of the SoftSource SoftView
providers) and Equipment manufactures (cell      technology at work. First you see the (1) Yahoo
phones and PDAs) are the two current targets.    front page just as it would look on a PC then, (2)
                                                 zoomed to the News column using our One Tap
                                                 interface. Our use of vector display makes desktop
SoftSource’s technology will win technical
                                                 Internet viewable and useful on handheld devices.
reviews and business with it’s unique
technology. We provide a clearly superior

Technical questions contact:

Gary B. Rohrabaugh
President SoftSource LLC
(360) 676-0999

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