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									About Kathy Hernandez

Kathy Hernandez is usually found sitting at her computer. Whether she's
updating a client's or a non-profit's website, creating a school directory or
sending email updates to parents, she relishes the opportunity to combine her
technical and communication skills in both a professional and volunteer capacity.

Kathy has served in key volunteer roles in the La Cañada community. She
served as PTA President at both Palm Crest and at the junior high. She's
currently serving in her second year as VP-Communications on the LCHS 9-12
PTSA, a role she also held at the junior high. Kathy is a Past President of the La
Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation and served on its board for five years.
She's an active volunteer at La Cañada Presbyterian Church, where she
maintains the Outreach section of the church website and helps organize
Growing Families programs. Besides these formal positions, Kathy has also
given many internet safety talks to local parent groups and has lost track of how
many times she's been a sports team mom. She is also a two-time Founders Day
award winner.

Kathy is active in her college alumni association, where she sits on the Board of
Governors of the Stanford Associates. She has served many years on the board
of Stanford Professional Women of Los Angeles County, a group she joined
when she moved to Southern California in 1986. Kathy received her BS and MS
in Industrial Engineering from Stanford, and has served as the Class of 1985
Correspondent for the last 20 years.

After working as a manufacturing systems consultant and financial analyst for
many years, Kathy took time off to raise her kids. Her first pregnancy coincided
with her first personal computer, so she developed a freelance desktop
publishing and database business. That led her to website design, and Kathy
was tapped to become one of eToys.com's first employees. These days, Kathy
has a flourishing website design business and enjoys serving a wide variety of

Although Kathy was raised in New Jersey, she's quick to point out that she's lived
in California for over half her life. After a short stint on the Westside, Kathy and
her husband, Don, moved to Pasadena, where Kathy served on the Recreation &
Parks Commission. They moved to La Cañada over 12 years ago, and their
children have attended local public schools since kindergarten. Their children
both attend La Cañada High School, where Kristen is a junior and Stephen is a

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