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					Hawkes Learning Systems
How to get started with Hawkes:
       Get your access code
       Enroll in a grade book
       Complete your homework
       View your Progress Report
       Take a WebTest
How to get your Access Code
 1. Purchase your textbook and software
    from your bookstore.

 2. Locate the yellow sticker on your CD
    sleeve located in the package.
                 DO NOT LOSE ME

 3. Register your software:
      Go to or
      Select the “I need an access code…” link
Click on Get Your Access Code
Register your License Number
    Fill out the Request for Access Code form and submit.
        Your access code will appear on the screen and will also be
                              emailed to you.

Fill out the form
                    Save your Access Code!
     (You will need your Access Code each time you enter the software.)

• Your access code will appear at the top of the page. Select it, and Copy it.

• Be sure to save your access code on a USB flash drive for use both at home
  and on campus.
       Tip: Keep the original email with access code for reference.
             Open the Software
1. Double click on the Hawkes icon on the desktop to open the

2. The first time you enter your code, you will copy and paste it and
   will be prompted to save it. (Save to your computer or a USB
   memory stick)

  Enroll in a Grade Book
1. Choose your instructor’s name and section
2. Select Enroll.
   Welcome to the Table of Contents

Select the assigned chapter and lesson from
                 the menu.
Each lesson contains Instruct, Practice, and
              Certify modes.
This mode provides definitions, examples, instructional videos,
                       and narration.
 This mode offers unlimited practice problems. You can skip
through questions, choose the level of difficulty, and get help
                 from the Interactive Tutor.
             Interactive Tutor
This feature of practice provides Step By Step help and
         a complete solution for each problem.
Use the keypad to enter mathematical notation or symbols,
            such as exponents and fractions.
This mode is the homework that has been assigned to you.
           Each assignment is mastery-based.
                   What is Mastery?
•   If you get 80% of the questions in Certify correct, you have mastered the
    lesson, and you will receive a 100%!

•   This means you are allowed to miss a certain amount of questions and still
    receive full credit for the assignment.

•   You have unlimited chances to complete the assignment and will NOT be
    penalized for starting over.

•   The software will create a customized Practice session for you if you don’t
    reach 80%.

•   This is an opportunity for you to learn the material and be successful in
    your course!
 When you complete your assignment, a certificate will appear.
Select the Save button and choose the location where you would
                          like it saved.

              *You can also Print this code for your records*
      Turn in your Homework
• If you are using a campus computer or at home with an
  internet connection, your certificate will be sent to your
  instructor’s grade book automatically.

• If you do not have an internet connection, you will need to go
  to the Progress Report website to turn in your certificate.

Your Progress Report website is

           Progress Report
 Find your homework due dates
 View your up-to-date grade
 Access messages and communication tools
Check the “Status” column to see if your certification is
     registered in your instructor’s grade book.

- Assignment completed on time (100%)

 - Assignment completed late

 - Assignment not complete (0%)

 - Assignment still due
To turn in any assignment completed without internet
    connection select the Submit Certificates tab.
•   If you saved your certificate, choose “Browse” and
    double click on the .SAV certificate file to submit.

•   If you printed your certificate, click on “Type or Paste”
    and enter the certification code.
•   If you do not have an internet connection, you must
    register the certificate ON or BEFORE the due date to
    receive full credit.

•   If you have an internet connection while completing
    homework, ALWAYS check to make sure your certificate
    was sent to the grade book.
To take any online test assigned to you or to create your own practice
 test, select the WebTest option from the Table of Contents screen.
To take an assigned test:
               1. Select Take Test
               2. Choose Assigned Test
To create your own test:
               1. Select Take Test
               2. Choose Practice Test
            At Home: Install the Software
1. Install the software by inserting CD #1 in your computer and follow
   the directions of the setup wizard.

 2. When prompted for your Hawkes Course ID enter:
         If you do not have internet access choose:
                 “This computer does not have internet access.”

         Support Center
   843.571.2825




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