Top Health Benefits Of Bike Riding

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					Top Health Benefits Of Bike Riding
The many benefits of bike riding are open to all people who are willing to give it a
try. You can go cycling alone or in a group. For a location, you can be on straight
streets or down rocky hills. And for your ride, you can use your brand new two-
wheeler or your old reliable frame. Whatever your preferences are, these will
never change the fact that going places on your bike contributes to a healthier

Researches show that long and short rides both benefit one's physical and
financial condition. Cycling to work or nearby places can help you save on gas. It
can also make your travel time enjoyable and less stressful as you don't have to
deal with traffic. Detailed below are the major health benefits of bike riding.
Reading them might just convince you to start on it right away.

Cardiovascular Gains - Cycling puts your heart to work - the same with what
happens in aerobic exercises like brisk walking, dancing and jogging. As your heart
pumps blood, your cardiovascular system gets fit and so chances of coronary
illnesses are lessened.

Muscle Build-Up - Cycling gives your muscles the much-needed boost that allows
them to carry out tougher tasks. Continuous pedaling and balancing on a bike
strengthen the muscles in your buttocks, calves hips and thighs. This is achieved
without damaging joints as it is a low-impact exercise in comparison to the likes of
running. With that, the sensitive cartilages in your body are preserved. Cycling
also gives a perfect opportunity to work out for those who are prone to muscle
strain and injuries concerning the back, feet, hips and knees. And that is
regardless of the types of bike they use.

Burning Fats - Fats in the stomach area are the stubborn ones. They are difficult
to burn and require a set of exercises done religiously. Biking regularly at faster
pace helps burn the excess calories quickly. A trimmed waistline is the obvious
evidence of this benefit. In fact, those who have lost pounds of weight during an
intense work out, resort to cycling to manage they current weight and prevent it
from ever going up.
Improvement Of Coordination Skills - Needless to say, cycling requires the effort
of both feet, both hands, your body and your brain. As you traverse different
places, the brain will tells you what needs to be done and your body balances
itself according to it.

Better Immune System And Mental Health - As you get to exercise your whole
body through cycling, your immune system is strengthened and become less
prone to carcinogens. Proven as a great way to enjoy, cycling also frees the mind
from anxieties and stress - the culprit of depression and other mental illnesses.

Longer Lifespan - Since your whole body and mind are set to work in a
harmonious manner, cycling boosts positive emotions for each of the riders. It is
believed that people who are happy get to live longer than sober ones.

To ensure the health benefits of bike riding, take wise precautions whenever you
go out. Put on safety gears to avoid injuries in case of mishaps.


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Excellent Mountain Biking Tips For The Newbies
More often than not, beginners give up with mountain biking before they can
even enjoy the sport. This is primarily out of frustration that they are unable to do
the basic and advanced tricks. If you are one of these disheartened few, read on
the succeeding biking tips which can help you muster determination and improve
your skills.

Education is key in knowing the sport you are getting into. Read relevant
magazines and online posts to get the details of it. Search for personal blogs of
riders who have been in the sport for years. They could be sharing ideas there on
how they started and cope with the stress beginners face.
Should you decide to continue, the next thing to do is purchase the bike that fits
your body measurements - weight and height. Every rider has different needs.
What worked for your friend may not work for you. Seek the help of a specialist
when buying the right equipment from a store.

As you pedal your way to different places, learn other basic skills you will need.
For example, biking tips on rough terrains are crucial as you would not always be
covering straight paths. Perhaps, you are in the forests. Fallen trees are one of the
usual sites there. To avoid losing the trail, ride over it and not around it. How?
Inspect the log for its thinnest part. Use your front tire in attacking the opening.
Slow done, balance your body as you grip tightly on the handle bars and lift your
body up along with the bike. When your front tire gets over the log, continue
pedaling until your rear tire passes over the log completely.

Descending difficult locations is another of the challenges that mountain bike
riding pose against the beginners. Getting this done and over with requires
wisdom, strength and a brave heart from the rider. Never ride down hill without
walking it first. This will help you picture a passageway to follow especially if you
don't memorize the path exactly. As you pedal your way down, let loose off your
body weight and control the bike in a relaxed manner. Focus your sight on what is
ahead so you would know your next move.

There are other obstacles that will come your way - big chunks of rock. Again,
never go through the obstacle without prior evaluation. As you create the path
you ought to take, take note of the highest point of the rock you have to jump
over. This will aid you in proper maneuvering and timing. Always begin with your
dominant foot for the attack and use your upper body as you jump and pull up
the bike.

These biking tips would be futile if you do not know how to keep yourself safe
while enjoying the sport. Wear the proper outfit and suggested protective gears.
Research beforehand about the trail you plan to traverse to keep yourself from
unwanted dangers which may cost your life. As a beginner, train by biking with
someone and not alone.


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Bike Safety Tips - Protecting Yourself On The Road
First and foremost, always wear your helmet. Riders are able to triumph over
major and minor injuries when their heads are properly protected. When
purchasing a helmet, select one made of quality material. Expect them to be
pricey though. Protective pads for your elbows and knees are must-haves as well.

Next, ensure that your bike holds safety accessories. This one of the most
important biking safety tips. Nonetheless, riders choose not to observe it as they
see these accessories as added expenses. What exactly are these accessories?
They are the lighting system and mirrors. The head lights and the rear lights are
equally important. The former lights your way ahead while the latter signals other
riders and motorists of your presence. The handle mirrors are helpful in keeping
you from back hits as you see the vehicles coming behind you. There are times
when motorists - driving beside or behind you - cannot estimate the road space
you take. This brings possibility of collision. With that, attach a rod of the same
length with your handlebars at the rear part of your bike. Make it bright-colored
so that it can be seen easily. This will keep motorists from being as close as hitting

Make all your senses aware of the happenings around you as far as bike
commuting is concerned. Never answer calls or text messages while cycling. This
gets your attention off your surroundings. The same goes with plugging music to
your ears. Different sounds are great signals for accidents and so it is ideal for you
to hear them. In connection to this, learn how to drive defensively when needed.
You are more likely to incur accidents when you are pushed over on the road.
Take the whole lane if possible to avoid hugging curbs. Practice sending signals
when you are about to make turns. Simply stick out your hand to do that.
Motorists surprised by your sudden turn would have a hard adjusting not to hit

Lastly, choose the most secure way to navigate wherever you will go. Keep mind
to avoid busy streets. Choose inside streets. If possible, select the wide and slow
ones. Collisions are easily avoided on wide streets as there is enough space to
maneuver on for cars and bikes. Slower streets, on the other hand, allow
motorists driving leisurely. That gives them ample time to see riders around.

An addition to these bike safety tips would be to know the law and observe what
it says. It gives boundaries to keep us secure. For one, many riders lost their lives
to their urge to beat the red light.


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