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									                Resume for David Johnson

                         Name: David Ray Johnson
                         Location: Houston, TX (USA)
                         Phone: 281-297-3572

                Please Note: More data is available from my on-line resume at

                19+ Years with 3rd Largest Utility In the USA.
                15 Years Computer Field Experience
                10 Years Server Administration Experience
                10 Years Client-Server Applications Development Experience
                5 Years Web Server Development and Administration Experience

General Information:
           Name: David Ray Johnson
           Location: 21695 Tan Oak Court
                       Porter, Texas 77365
           Birth Date: 05/18/1961
           US Citizen: YES
           Occupation: IT Consultant
           Current Employer: Entergy Corporation
                            Corporate IS Field Services
           Desired Salary Range: $85,000.00 /year full time
                                   $85.00 /hour contract
           Willing to Re-Location? Yes
           Position Type Preference: Full Time

Contact Information:
           Email address:
           Snail Mail: 21695 Tan Oak Court
                           Porter, Texas 77365
           Phone: Home: (281) 354-3243
           Work: (281) 297-3572
     In Consideration of Employment Opportunity within your organization

     My current employer (Entergy Corp.) is in the process of outsourcing all IT
     services. I am assured of being retained as an employee of the outsourcing
     company. While this transition is likely to present me with some fortuitous
     opportunities, I have decided that it might also be a good time to investigate other
     opportunities as well.

     For the past 20 years, I have been in a unique position that presents many
     opportunities to explore and develop new technologies, work with all levels of the
     organization and gain expertise with a wide variety of PC and server based software
     and hardware. This is 20 years of (computer) experience, with one of the largest
     electric utility companies in the U.S.. Having responsibilities, expertise and
     experience in the development and support for a wide variety of software on a
     variety of platforms, as well as presentation and facilitation skills, I frequently
     provide management with recommendations and presentations on various projects.
     Consequently, I am also frequently sought as a resource by other organizations
     within Entergy Services for my expertise. This usually takes the form of team
     participation and/or leadership rolls. By developing and maintaining such a flexible
     skills set, I have positioned myself to quickly adapt new strategies to meet changing
     organizational needs.

     I look forward to having the opportunity to meeting with your organization to
     discuss how I might fill your organizations needs. I am certain that, given the
     opportunity, you will find that not only do I have many desirable skills, I have the
     attitude and interpersonal skills that demonstrate a personal and professional
     commitment to doing my very best for the organization I work for. Until then,
     please don’t hesitate to call should you have a need for additional information.
Technical Experience / Skills:
            Administrator on and Development for:
              * Internal Webserver (Inranet)
              * External Web Server (Internet)
              * E-Commerce / Secure Web Server (Internet)
              * NT Server
              * FTP Server
              * NT Workstation
              * Novell
              * CCMail Gateway
              * WSI Weather System
            Development Environments / Languages:
              * Visual Basic Enterprise
              * FTP
              * HTML
              * JavaScript
            * JavaScript
            * Email
            * VBA (Word, Excel,Access, Outlook, etc.)
            * FORTRAN
            * DOS
            * PL1
            * SAS
            * TSO
         Other Skills and Experience:
            * Team Leader and Facilitation
            * Software & Hardware Evaluation, Recommendation and Procurement
            * Technical Documentation
            * Process Mapping and Documentation
            * Enterprise-wide Applications Development and Delivery
            * Project Requirements Gathering and Documentation
            * Tape Back-Up and Recovery Support
            * PC Hardware Support, Installation, Set-Up, etc.
            * Electric EHV Transmission Line Design
            * Bulk Power Transactions
            * Electrical System Operations (Dispatching)
            * Electrical System Security And Monitoring
            * Electric System Switching
            * Power Plant Principles
            * First Aid Instructor
Work Experience:
       IT Consultant - (1997-present)
          * Entergy Services, Inc.; The Woodlands, Texas
          * Corporate IS - Entergy Management Organization
          * Primary Responsibilities: Server, PC and web software, development and
       Program Analyst III - (1991-1996)
          * Entergy Services, Inc.; Pine Bluff, Arkansas
          * Power System Operations EMS Applications Department
          * Primary Responsibilities: Server, PC and web software, development and
       Bulk Power Dispatcher II (1986-1991)
          * Entergy Services, Inc.; Pine Bluff, Arkansas
          * System Operations Dispatching Department
          *Primary Responsibilities: Bulk Power Management (Bulk Power System
                   Transactions, Generation Control, System Security), Application
       Engineering Assistant II (1980-1986)
          * Arkansas Power & Light; Little Rock, Arkansas
          * Transmission Engineering Department
          * Primary Responsibilities: EHV Transmission Design, Computer

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