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Project Insight Principles
Student Focused
   Enhancing services to students to enrich the learning experience
   is at the core of the decisions we make.

Staff Enriching
   The means by which we deliver our services will be designed to
   create opportunities for increasing job satisfaction and career
   enhancement for SAS staff.

Best in Class
  Building on past successes, we will identify further best practices
  for service delivery which will guide us in designing and achieving
  our future state.

Supporting the Academic Plan
  Our work will be consistent with the goals set out in the Academic
We’re Right On Track
   We are working aggressively to meet our
    October 29 deadline to get a good picture of the
    current state
   We are consolidating information already
    gathered by SAS units
   There is new analysis in areas where we need
    more information
The Next Big Steps
   Reviewing the past research
   Providing an overview of the current services
    across SAS
   Benchmarking and research of best practices at
    other institutions
   Interviewing student groups and other SAS
    audiences e.g. Parent, High School counsellors
   Analyzing the results of the Student Survey
1st Annual Student Survey
   1898 responses
   Demographics closely mirror our student
   1384 suggestions for improvement
   67% are willing to participate in follow-up
   73% rated their overall experience as mostly or
    very smooth
Impressions of the U of C
   Availability of services on line 88%
   Sense of security 87%
   Overall campus environment 87%
   General friendliness on campus 82%
   Finding your way around campus 82%
   Ability to access computers 71%
   Ability to access knowledgeable staff 71%
   Transportation to campus 69%
   Directions as to next activities 66%
   Parking 19%
      (% of respondents who rated the service as good or excellent)
Satisfaction Levels
   Availability of services on-line 90%
   University ID Card 90%
   Overall integration of services 84%
   University bus pass 83%
   Course registration 83%
   University bookstore 76%
   Computer access and support services 73%
   Food services 65%
        (% of respondents who were satisfied or very satisfied)
What’s Improved for Returning
   Food Service 36%
   Availability of on-line services 34%
   Computer access and support services 27%
   Overall integration of services 23%
   Course registration 14%

           (% of respondents who said service improved)
What Matters to Students
   Accessibility on-line 99%
   Knowledge level of staff 99%
   Hours of service availability 97%
   Friendliness of staff 96%
   Flexibility of service 94%
   Being treated as an individual 92%
   Integration with other services 84%
   Availability of extra assistance 81%
   Minimize repetition of information 74%
   Access over the phone 55%
     (% of respondents who rated service important or critical)
What Matters This Next Year
   Affordability of core services 96%
   Facilities in support of teaching 94%
   Availability of services on-line 94%
   Library resources 91%
   Availability of study and community spaces 87%
   Student computer lab facilities 84%
   Parking and transportation 81%
   Academic advising 79%
   Support for on-line learning and collaboration 77%
   Co-operative work programs, and internships 74%
         (% of respondents who rated service as important or critical)
What’s Coming Next?
   Current and future state analysis for each unit
   A two day workshop to review our findings and
    begin to think about future state (October 27, 28)
   Full results of the Student Survey including
   An outline of best practice research in service
   Launch of the 1st annual Staff Survey
Please Complete the Survey Today!
   The annual on-line staff survey is in your
   All feedback is confidential
   Your comments are critical
   Enter to win a gift certificate

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