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					General     Universal       Targeted     Intensive
              Level          Level         Level

  1            1              1            1            1
      1-1             2-1          3-1           4-1        5-1

  2            2              2            2            2
      1-2             2-2          3-2           4-2        5-2

  3            3              3            3            3
      1-3             2-3          3-3           4-3        5-3

  4            4              4            4            4
      1-4             2-4          3-4           4-4        5-4

  5            5              5            5            5
      1-4             2-4          3-4           4-4        5-4

    _____ practices are implemented with
      fidelity to create a unified system of
   support that promotes achievement for all

Show       Response to Intervention (RtI)   Return to
Answer                                       Menu

    Allocation of staff is ________ across
        educational roles in response to
            availability and expertise.

Show                flexible            Return to
Answer                                   Menu

_________is based on a problem-solving
model and aims to prevent inappropriate
behavior through teaching and reinforcing
appropriate behaviors. It is a process that is
consistent with the core principles of RtI.

         Positive Behavioral Intervention &
Show              Supports (PBIS)             Return to
Answer                                         Menu

 __________ __________ is a systematic process
for assessment of all children within a given grade,
     school building, or school district on critical
  academic and/or social–emotional skills. It yields
data to make decisions about needed enhancements in the
core curriculum, instruction and/or educational environment
and about which students may need additional assessment
     and/or supplemental or intensive intervention and
     instruction beyond what is provided through core
   programming. It is typically done two (but sometimes
                   three) times per year.

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               True or False.

    Response to Intervention is a special
             education reform.


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  The Universal Level provides a coherent
   and viable core curriculum that embeds
    ongoing monitoring for ____ students.

Show     This is called the Universal   Return to
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                Core Program.

   This is the process of designing lesson
     plans that meet the needs of the entire
    range of learners in the classroom; such
     planning includes learning objectives,
     grouping practices, teaching methods,
   varied assignments, and varied materials
      chosen based on student skill levels,
   interest levels, and learning preferences.

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                True or False.
  One of the most important steps a school
    can take to improve its core program is
  providing accommodations for any student
         that may need them, providing
  differentiated instruction and small, flexible
                 group activities.
         The Universal Core program must
             include a component that
         specializes instruction and learning
Show       based on individual needs and        Return to
Answer        groups’ disparate needs.           Menu

              True or False.

Schools are encouraged to apply universal
    screening (for all students) through
 assessment measures two to three times a

         Screenings should be used to
         guide our core instruction and
Show     preventative interventions for   Return to
Answer             students.               Menu

  Our Core Universal Program should meet
      the needs of ____ of our students.

         A school that has significantly
         less than 75% of its students
            at or above grade-level
          proficiency has a universal
         core program problem, not an
Show         intervention problem.         Return to
Answer                                      Menu

                True or False.
   Targeted interventions are supports that
     augment the universal core program.
     They are often implemented in small-
       group but may be individualized.

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Answer                                  Menu

 At the targeted level, instruction _________
              the core instruction.

          The non-responders from the
         Universal Level are focused on.   Return to
Answer                                      Menu

The RtI Team is a problem-solving group
        of school professionals that:
a) Assess concerns about referred students
  b) Review base-line data that has been
 c) Set projected outcomes & methods for
              progress monitoring
    d) Design specific intervention plans
 e) Reviews & monitors intervention plans
             f) All of the above
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            f) All of the above

  This is always part of the targeted level to
   assure that the intervention is meeting the
             identified student need.

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                True or False.
 Students can receive targeted interventions
    in place of the universal core program.

            Targeted interventions should not
         supplant the core curriculum but instead
          should supplement it. Students should
         not miss the core instruction but instead
            receive support in addition to this
Show                   instruction.                Return to
Answer                                               Menu

During the Intensive Level, this may need to
              happen more often

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Answer                                  Menu

               True or False.
The intensive level is only special education.

           False (Tier 3 is the most
                intense level of
           intervention provided to
Show          students in general       Return to
Answer            education.)            Menu

    An intensive intervention is highly
    _________, structured and explicit
     instruction in an area of identified

              individualized         Return to
Answer                                Menu

     The inability to close the gap may
       indicate a need for ________.

              Referral to the
Show        EVALUATION TEAM         Return to
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  Increased interventions take place when
    _______, _________, and/or ________

           Intensity, frequency
             and/or duration

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                    True or False.
          The outcome and intent of RTI is
          identification, and therefore special
         education remains its own entity that
         "occurs" subsequent to "trying RTI."

           False (There are two overarching goals of RTI. The
             first is to deliver evidence-based interventions and the
           second is to use students’ response to those interventions
           as a basis for determining instructional needs and intensity.
Show        Special education eligibility decisions can be a product of    Return to
                      these efforts, but is not the primary goal.)
Answer                                                                      Menu

                True or False.
   RTI is a dramatic redesign of general and
               special education.

           General and special education
         both require change. RtI supports
          the reform needed if schools are
           going to make AYP targets and
Show       meet the needs of all students.   Return to
Answer                                        Menu

 ___________ is a basic course/program of
    study deemed critical and usually made
    mandatory for all students of a school or
     school system. It is often instituted by
   curriculum committees or curriculum task
  force committees, supporting requirements
   set by the state department of education.
   It must be scientific and research-based.

Show     Universal Core Curriculum     Return to
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 Steps of the ________ _________ ______

           1. Identify the problem
  2. Analyze why the problem is happening
              3. Develop a plan
            4. Implement a plan
             5. Evaluate a plan

         Problem Solving Process     Return to
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                   True or False.

  Students can move back and forth across
     the levels of universal, targeted and

         Students should move across the levels
          based on their success (response) or
         difficulty (minimal response) at the level
          where they are receiving intervention,
Show        i.e., according to their documented       Return to
Answer          progress based on the data.            Menu

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