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a r t i s t i c d i r e c to r : l e s l e e s i lv e r m a n
                                                                         DRAMA WORKSHOPS FOR                               DRAMA WORKSHOPS FOR

                                                                         (K-Grade 6)                                      (Grades 7-12)

                                                                         Creative Drama                                   Improv Power!
                                                                         A fun and encouraging introduction to drama.     This workshop will cultivate the comedian in
                                                                         Creative Drama empowers the student’s own        each of your students. They will experience
                                                                         imagination and self-expression through games,   the thrill and total freedom of creating theatre
                                                                         movement exercises, and story theatre. It’s a    without a script. Through a combination of
                                                                         great time for everyone who loves to make        theatre sports and improvisational techniques,
                                                                         believe!                                         your students will learn how to quickly develop
                                                                         Minimum time required: 1 hour                    a character and take scenes to their full comic
                                                                                                                          potential. So take a risk and participate in this
                                                                                                                          lively and spontaneous workshop.
“All children are artists. The problem is how to                         Theatre Crafts                                   Minimum time required: 1 hour
      remain an artist once one grows up.”                               Discover the art of puppetry and mask-making!
                             Picasso                                     Choose from Puppet Masters where students
                                                                         will create their own puppet characters and      Voice and Movement
                                                                         plays OR Mask & Performance where students       Customize this intense workshop to address
                                                                         create their own unique masks and transform      specific vocal and physical acting techniques
                                                                         themselves into dynamic characters. In each      for your experienced drama students. Skills that
                                                                         case, emphasis is placed on unlocking the        may be covered include fundamental concepts
                                                                         powers of the imagination and on the invention   of physical theatre, movement, voice, and dance
   Drama is about human beings and how they behave.                      of stories and characters.                       choreography. Perfect for students wanting the
   It enhances social awareness and teaches students to                  Minimum time required: 2 hours                   complete set of actor’s tools, or to deepen and
                                                                                                                          complement your work on a class project.
   value themselves and others. MTYP’s drama workshops
                                                                                                                          Minimum time required: 2 hours
   provide a playful and spontaneous approach to learning                Clown Academy
   that is based on a young person’s natural curiosity and               Experience the magic of mime, creative
                                                                         movement and music in this high energy           Acting for the Camera
   desire to participate. Our workshop facilitators are all
                                                                         class. Using props and images to stimulate the   Your students will have an opportunity to
   experienced theatre professionals and drama educators.                imagination, participants will develop body      put their acting skills to the test in front of
                                                                         awareness and use “body language” to invent      the camera. An experienced film actor will
                                                                         clown characters of their own.                   help to draw out their best work. Scenes will
   Customize your own Dramatic Workshop
                                                                         Minimum time required: 1 hour                    be reviewed and pointers given on how to
   Are you looking for a fresh approach to your current curriculum?                                                       make the camera work for you. An excellent
   Our goal is to provide your class with dramatic workshops that                                                         introduction to the behind-the-scenes world of
   are specifically tailored to suit the needs of your students. While                                                    the movie biz!
   there are several focus options in the pages that follow, any
                                                                                                                          Minimum time required: 2 hours
   workshop can be customized to meet your curriculum needs.

                                                                           “Through humour, you can soften some of the worst blows that
                                                                          life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful
                                                                                 your situation may be, you can survive it.” Bill Cosby
                                                                      One of the most rewarding ways to encounter the art of theatre is to
                                                                      work on a long-term project. MTYP provides the opportunity to set up
                                                                      a weekly course, or an in-school residency for your students of all ages.

                                                                      Satellite Programs
                                                                      Offer an after-school theatre training program to your community for ten weeks at a time.
                                                                      Schools and community groups set the prices and provide the space – MTYP creates
                                                                      the curriculum and provides an expert instructor. We will consult with you to develop an
                                                                      expanding curriculum to serve new and returning students as your program thrives.

                                                                      Bring an artist or group of artists to your school for a week at a time, or longer. Each
                                                                      class can experience writing, rehearsing, and performing a play for an invited audience of
                                                                      students and parents.

                                                                      Satellite programs and residencies can use improvisation, live theatre, music and dance,
                                                                      animation, film, or masks and puppets to explore topics and stories generated by students’
                                                                      imaginations or based on current events or social issues. Work with us to develop an
                                                                      innovative concept for a project that’s just right for your community.

The instructor was clear in her directions, smiling and positive in                                        Time flew by. Students were engaged and
her interactions and very organized. Very creative…the students                                              having fun. The workshop encouraged
         loved it and jumped right in. Educator, Benie Wolfe                                             thinking outside the box and developed their
                                                                                                             creativity. - Educator, John Pritchard School
For every show in our season, we offer a workshop designed to enhance your                            HOlY COW!                                                BeneATH THe BAnYAn TRee
students’ comprehension and enjoyment of the production while exploring the                           Jan. 7-17                                                Mar. 11-21
key issues, themes and styles presented in the play.                                                  (K to grade 6)                                           (K to grade 6)
                                                                                                      Imagination, mystery and “moo-sic” are key               Theatre can be a powerful lens to examine issues
                                                                                                      ingredients in this workshop experience. Create          of tolerance and acceptance. Employing elements
AgA-BOOM                                           An IlluSTRATeD HISTORY                             vibrant characters and put on theatrical                 of image theatre, character work and storytelling,
Oct. 15-25                                         OF THe AnISHnABe                                   presentations inspired by themes of cooperation          students will explore issues related to conflict
(N to grade 6)                                     Nov. 19-27                                         and friendship.                                          resolution and fostering respect for others.
Clown around in this physical, playful and         (Grades 6 to 12)
character-driven workshop. Discover your inner     During this celebration of past and present,       BlACK VIOlIn                                             leS PARFAITS InCOnnuS
clown while exploring a spectrum of emotions       students will explore ideas about who they are     Jan. 21 – Feb. 5                                         Mar. 23 – Apr. 4
and expression. Tickle your classmates’ funny      and where they’ve come from. This workshop
                                                                                                      (Grades 7-12)                                            (N to grade 12)
bones with hilarious classic and original clown    highlights essential concepts of story structure
routines.                                          and communication as participants begin passing    Activate students’ physical, intellectual and artistic   Take performing to the next level with high-
                                                   down their own oral histories to one another.      expression during this powerful workshop. Using          octane exercises, zany mime illusions and a
                                                                                                      urban rhythms, spoken word and principles of             rockin’ soundtrack. Create side-splittingly hilarious
THe Jungle BOOK                                                                                       movement, participants will create performance           routines for your own “Big Top.”
Nov. 5-15                                          THe FORBIDDen PHOenIx                              pieces under the theme of “Reaching Higher for
(K to grade 6)                                     Dec. 9-20                                          Your Dreams.”
                                                                                                                                                               gOODnIgHT MOOn AnD THe
Using animal folktales from around the world,      (Grades 3 to 9)
                                                                                                                                                               RunAWAY BunnY
students will identify with characters and bring   Take a journey around the globe and sample         RICK: THe RICK HAnSen STORY                              Apr. 15-25
to life stories of friendship and tolerance for    basic principles of Chinese Opera. Incorporate     Feb. 11-21                                               (N to grade 2)
others. A great introduction to dramatic play.     ancient techniques of movement, vocal work and
                                                                                                      (Grades 6 to 12)
                                                   percussion to perform original versions of world                                                            Bedtime stories are a gateway to wonderful
                                                   legends.                                           Participants employ theatrical tableaux and              imaginary worlds. Join us to create puppet
                                                                                                      monologues to investigate inspirational moments          characters from your favourite bedtime stories
                                                                                                      from their own lives. Build confidence using             and invent your own puppet play to share with
  What a fabulous experience for me and for all of my students. The                                   verbal and non-verbal communication while                friends.
workshop spanned the curriculum…drama, communication, citizenship,                                    presenting a motivational “living documentary”
                                                                                                      about overcoming limitations.
            art, writing and reading. - Educator, Darwin School
                                             eleMenTARY, MIDDle & SenIOR
                                             SCHOOl WORKSHOPS
                                             At MTYP:
                                             $65 per hour
                                             At your school*
                                             $130 (first two hours) + $65 each additional hour
                                             *minimum 2 consecutive hours, maximum 25 students

                                             PROFeSSIOnAl DeVelOPMenT WORKSHOPS
                                             FOR TeACHeRS
     Thank you for                           At MTYP: $90 (first hour) +$90 (each additional hour)
spending the day with                        At your school*: $180 (first 2 hours) +$90 (each additional hour)
  us. I really enjoyed                       *minimum 2 consecutive hours
  play acting…it was
                                                For more information, or to book an elementary, Middle or Senior
  really fun. It gave                           School workshop or a Professional Development workshop,
  me great ideas for                            please call Loc Lu, Drama Outreach Coordinator,
                                                at 947-0394 ext. 227 or email: llu@mtyp.ca
 problem solving with
      my friends.
                                             PlAY-RelATeD WORKSHOPS
 - Student, Darwin School                    (max. 20 students/ 75 minutes)
                                             At MTYP:
                                             Regular Price: $82.50
                                             Subscriber Price: $67.50*
                                             At your school:**
                                             Regular Price: $85
                                             Subscriber Price: $70*
                                             *subscriber price applies only to play-related workshops
                                             booked for 3 or more plays.
                                             **minimum 2 consecutive hours

                                                To book a Play-related workshop, please call Steven Vande Vyvere,
                                                School Programs Coordinator, at 954-1704 or email stevenv@mtyp.ca

                                             MAnITOBA THeATRe FOR YOung PeOPle
                                             Canwest Performing Arts Centre
                                             #2 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg, MB R3C 4X1


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