ENG 1P1 Course Outline by NeemiaTialata


									                           ANCASTER HIGH SCHOOL
                         ENGLISH 1P1 COURSE OUTLINE
                      (The Ontario Curriculum Grades 9 & 10, 2007)

Course Description
This course emphasizes key reading, writing, oral communication, and thinking skills that
students need for success in secondary school and their daily lives. Students will study plays,
short stories, and newspaper and magazine articles, and will describe and create media works.
An important focus will be the correct use of spoken and written language.

Literature Studies and Reading
By the end of this course, students will:
    • Read and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of literary and informational texts;
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the elements of a variety of literary and informational
       forms, with a focus on plays, short stories, and newspaper and magazine articles;
    • Identify and explain the effect of specific elements of style in a variety of literary and
       informational texts.

By the end of this course, students will:
    • Use print and electronic sources to gather information and explore ideas for their written
    • Identify the literary and informational forms suited to specific purposes and audiences
       and use the forms appropriately in their own writing, with an emphasis on
       communicating information accurately;
    • Use a variety of forms of writing to express themselves, clarify their ideas, and engage
       the audience’s attention, imagination, and interest;
    • Revise their written work, collaboratively and independently, with a focus on support for
       ideas, accuracy, clarity, and unity;
    • Edit and proofread to produce final drafts, using correct grammar, spelling, and
       punctuation, according to the conventions of standard Canadian English specified for
       this course, with the support of print and electronic resources when appropriate.

By the end of this course, students will:
    • Use knowledge of vocabulary and language conventions to speak, write, and read
       clearly and correctly;
    • Use listening techniques and oral communication skills to participate in classroom
       discussions and more formal activities, such as storytelling, role playing, and
       reporting/presenting, for specific purposes and audiences.

Media Studies
By the end of this course, students will:
    • Identify and describe the elements, intended audiences, and production practices of a
       variety of media forms;
    • Use knowledge of a variety of media forms, purposes, and audiences to create media
ENGLISH 1P1                               Course Content

Short Stories: 5 short stories from contemporary and historical periods

Novel : 2 of the following: To Catch A Killer, Hatchet, Promise Song

Short texts - variety of mediums:
        short essays, graphic texts, various media texts, informational texts.

Drama: Shakespeare's Julius Caesar OR Twelfth Night

Writing: Formal and informal writing. Emphasis on descriptive, expository, personal and
         argumentative paragraph

Research: using the library – books, data bases, encyclopedia etc.

Grammar: Specific skills as outlined in The Ontario Curriculum Grades 9 & 10

Supplementary Reading: texts selected with direction from the teacher

         Assessment for learning includes quizzes, classroom presentations, group work, participation, in-class
assignments and a variety of other informal assessments made by the teacher on a daily basis. These assessments
are recorded on an on-going basis and the most recent, most consistent principle is applied when a mark is allotted
by the teacher at a reporting period. Assessments are meant to monitor and improve the development of a student’s
knowledge, thinking, communication and application skills

Term Evaluation: 50% Final Culminating Evaluation: 30%
Knowledge:               15 %                           Reading Test: 10%
Thinking:                15%                            Polished Essay 10%
Communication:           10%                            Final Exam:    10%
Application:              10%

The following from the Ancaster High School Code of Conduct will apply.
Note: “conference with the teacher” must occur PRIOR to the day on which the assignment is
It is expected that students will submit assignments on assigned due dates. In the case of valid, extenuating circumstances, a “late”
assignment may be accepted. In such a case, in conference with the teacher, a student may negotiate a final closure date for submission of
the assignment (such closure date would normally fall within five (5) days of the original due date). If the closure date is missed, the
student will receive a zero (0) for the assignment. There will be no opportunities to negotiate closure dates within the last two weeks
before a reporting period.

The policy as outlined in the Ancaster High School Code of Conduct for academic dishonesty
and plagiarism will be applied.

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