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									                                COWTOWN TREASURE HUNTERS
                                                Ft. Worth, Texas                       Publisher: Cecilia Buckholz
                                                    March 2009                                817-568-0662
    2009 Officers                                                                     Web designer: Jenna Pavlasek
    President: Dave Totzke                                                 
    Vice President: Larry Carr
    Secretary: BJ Smyers
    Treasurer: Robert Stone
    Program Director: Larry Carr                                                   Congratulations
                                                                                   Harold Smyers!
    Meeting Date: March 19, 2009
    Time: 7:00 PM
    Location: Charles Lynn Steward Auditorium
    American Legion Post #569
    400 West Felix Street
    Fort Worth, Texas 76115

Prez Sez:
                                                                           Find of the Month winner for this
The Treasure Show is STILL comin’! Please bring your                             Walkers Saloon Token.
showcases to the meeting if you are not going to make it                        (Good for 12 ½ cents in trade)
to the Show. We need stuff on our tables and we need
bodies behind the tables, so those of you going, please
sign up for a shift or two. It’s a lot of fun and there’s         February Finds of the Month
lots to see.
                                                                   1st   George Retos      (old lock)
                                                                   2nd Robert Groom (watch)
Hope this rain is making the ground a little softer and            3rd   Dave Totzke       (brass gas valve)
the diggin’ easier. Find some good entries for the                 Ft. Worth
boards.                                                            1st Woody Green         (1995 dog tag)
                                                                   2nd Robert Saldivar (Marco Co. tag)
See you at the meeting Thursday.                                    3rd Robert Groom (2006 dog tag)
Keep the coil to the soil,                                         1st   Stephanie Rush (porcelain doll)
Dave T.                                                            2nd Robert Jeffrey      (roadster)
                                                                   3rd   Larry Carr        (toy car)
                                                                   1st   Charles McBride (necklace)
                                                                   2nd Dave Totzke         (love ring)
                                                                   3rd   Robert Jeffrey    (gold bracelet)
                                                                   1st   Andy Mesaros (1895 Barber quarter)
                                                                   2nd Jess Smyers         (1916 Barber dime)
                                                                   3rd Woody Green (1909 Indian head penny)
                                                                   1st   Harold Smyers (Walker Saloon token)
                                                                   2nd Andy Mesaros (Dinosaur token)
                                                                   3rd    Larry Carr       (Casino token)
                                                                   Military Relic
                                                                   1st Floyd Tucker        (Crossed Cannons pin)
       We had a good turn out for the fun hunt held at Trail       2nd Harold Smyers (WWII Gunners wings)
    Drivers Park. Over 300 coins were found (all lost coins).      3rd    Farrell Knollenberg (button)
    Bob Forston found a nice silver ring and won a Silver half     Open
    for finding the best piece of jewelry. Bruce Taylor found a    1st Robert Saldivar (Silver pill box)
    beautiful 1945 Walking Liberty Half. John Siciliano was the    2nd Woody Green         (porter hat badge)
    winner for the most coins found (44), oldest coin (1944        3rd Robert Jeffrey      (toy cannon)
    penny) and most money ($2.36)                                  What’s it
    It was a cold morning but we all had a good time and it was    1st Dave Totzke       2nd Robert Saldivar
    fun to see what everyone found.                                            3 Andy Mesaros
Worthy Notes
Roger Nickel is back at Baylor All Saints Hospital
after spending some time recovering from triple
bypass surgery. He needs your prayers and words of
                                                                This meeting is an OPEN meeting, but we ask
We had 54 members at the February meeting with                  clubs to only send one or two representatives due
these new members joining. Please make them                     to space and all Dealers, Distributors and
feel welcome: A.G. Meyer, Mike McMullen                         Manufacturers we know you are also very
                                                                interested in this meeting and you are very
A big thanks to Barbara Behrens and Carrie Taylor for           welcome and we hope you will attend. This will
bringing refreshments for the February meeting.                 not be a “finger pointing meeting” for blame as I
Stephanie Rush and Frank Lawson volunteered to                  have experienced too many times in the past, this
bring cookies or other goodies to the March meeting.            discussion must have many positive results in our
Thanks!                                                         immediate future in behalf of all that enjoy our
                                                                hobby and it’s various rewards.

Calendar of Events                                              It is about time for everyone to understand our
                                                                hobby’s condition; how it is looked upon by city,
                                                                state and federal governments; and for you as a
                                                                hobbyist to get some straight answers and not a lot
March 20-22, 2009                                               of hearsay. If you feel this way, then attend this
                                                                meeting or have a representative do so for you.
Texas Treasure Show 2009                                        It is also suggested that due to the seriousness of
                                                                this meeting, that your club consider video taping
Presented by the                                                this meeting; return to your clubs and use as a
                                                                subject for all members to listen and view. Video
Texas Council of Treasure Clubs                                 and audio recorders are welcome.
Maude Cobb Convention Center Longview,
                                                                It is our hope, that each of you will take this
                                                                meeting with the seriousness it demands and you                                            will be represented there.
                                                                Keith Wills, president and Jim Fariello, VP of
                                                                WWATS ( will preside over the
       TREASURE SHOW SCHEDULE                                   meeting.

Saturday 9:30 am - 6:00 pm Open to the Public                   Sincerely,
         6:30 pm           BBQ Banquet                          Keith R. Wills, president--WWATS

Sunday 7:30 am - 8:25 am Hunt Registration
                         (at the hunt field)
       8:30 am - 9:30 am   “The” Hunt”                                      Sponsors
      10:30 am - 4:30 pm    Open to the Public
                                                                            GARRETT METAL DETECTORS
                                                                            1881 W. State St.
                                                                            Garland, TX 75042
   A Serious Meeting on the Condition of Our Hobbies
                        Today!                                              AMERICAN DETECTOR DIST.
                                                                            7816 College Cir.
As many of you know, the Texas Treasure Show (Largest                       North Richland Hills, TX 76180
Treasure Show in America) will be taking place at the             

Maude Cobb Convention Center in Longview, Texas—
Dates: March 21st & 22nd, 2009. On March 22nd at 2:15 PM a                  C R COINS
talk is scheduled under the heading of “Future of Our                       7511 Boulevard 26, Ste. B
                                                                            North Richland Hills, TX 76180
Hobby” on the event’s Seminar List in seminar Room #1.            

This will be a very serious talk on what has happen to our                  STATE FARM INSURANCE
hobby today, the threats we are experiencing and the                        Walter Buttrill-Agent
                                                                            1158 Country Club Ln
possible cures we all can participate in from an individual                 Fort Worth, TX 76112
and club level to head-off or turn around such threats in our
future. In short—it will be a serious discussion of “PLAIN                  ELECTRIC BOOKS
TALK” and not a discussion that will lead nowhere                           Antique Maps of Texas & the Southwest Pete Charlton
Let us know if you have anything of interest to add to
the newsletter. You can see us at the meeting or drop us
an e-mail at:
Or call 817-568-0662

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