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                           An Enchanting History of Hotel Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. — “Hotel Colorado, Fountains of Enchantment” is a fascinating
history of the history of Hotel Colorado as well as an intriguing and beautifully illustrated
remembrance of Colorado’s frontier history and early mountain development. Hotel Colorado,
built in 1893 in Glenwood Springs, came on the scene during an exciting time in the history of
America’s west. Silver mining, transcontinental railway expansion, polo competitions, and the
natural hot springs all played a part in enticing the wealthy to the rugged mountain town.
Authors Janet Koelling and Kerry Koepping tell the complete story from Glenwood’s early
development into the 21st century, painting a picture with words and photos. The book

* The area’s first electrically lighted hotel boasted a myriad of water features, including a
courtyard fountain that sprayed skyward 180 feet.

* Society’s elite enjoyed Hotel Colorado polo events and miracle cures from the healing hot
springs pool.

* Once the temporary U.S. White House, Hotel Colorado hosted presidents and nobility.

* Theodore Roosevelt’s early 20th century bear hunt produced the legendary birthplace of the
Teddy Bear.

* Dining menus from historic major events reveal the fine cuisine provided by Hotel’s fine chefs.

* Serving a variety of needs, the hotel became home to a Naval Hospital and a school.

* Legends surrounding the hotel’s several ghosts create speculation of supernatural

Author Janet Koelling
Janet is a writer of timeless dreams. Her works transport the reader on an enchanting journey

through time, transforming history into a visual palette for the senses. Janet's passion for
learning resonates in a spiritual way, captivating and inspiring others to reach beyond the
barriers of time and to ponder. A fourth-generation Colorado native and teacher, she is
motivated to preserve a piece of Colorado's heritage that might otherwise be lost. Her initial
plan to present a basic historical review quickly transformed into an intense quest to unlock the
secrets hidden beneath the surface of the hotel’s century of rich heritage. Janet is equally
passionate in her roles as loving wife and mother, supporting the full lives of her three teenaged

Artist Kerry Koepping
As an artist, designer and photographer, Kerry has the unique ability to weave magic into every
project he undertakes. A visionary, he optimistically takes things beyond the status quo. He
embodies and enables Hotel Colorado's giving spirit. He is ardent about affecting others
through his design while using visual media to communicate emotion. For him, the photos
within these pages capture more than a thousand words. They hold a life of their own. They
become a spiritual time machine that reveal the secrets of another era. Kerry, devoted husband
and father, spends his spare time sharing experiences with his two young daughters.

“Hotel Colorado - Fountains of Enchantment” is available at Legends Trading Company in the
Hotel Colorado or by calling 1-800-544-3998. Cost of this 160 page hardcover book is $39.95
plus tax and shipping. A special Collector’s Edition is available in a gold-embossed gift box
featuring a numbered and autographed limited edition artist’s print of the watercolor painting
on the cover and an autographed limited edition leather bound book for $145. This historical
reference piece was developed in conjunction with the Hotel Colorado Non-Profit Museum


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