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									Selling your Designer Outfit at Wedding Pearls
By leaving your item(s) for sale with Wedding Pearls, you agree to these Terms and Conditions
The seller must be the legal owner of the item and must endeavour to supply accurate information regarding the
sale item by completing a 'Sellers Registration Form'. If the item is accepted by Wedding Pearls, this
information will be used to aid the sale. Wedding Pearls cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the
information provided.

Seller’s details are strictly confidential and will not be given to any third parties.Wedding Pearls Ltd may wish
to keep your address and email details for future marketing purposes.We will not hold your bank account details
for longer than is necessary to process your payment.If you do not wish us to contact you by email or by post ,
please ensure you tick the box on the contact form.

Acceptance of items to sell
 Information provided on the Sellers Registration Form is used to assess whether the item(s) are suitable for sale
by Wedding Pearls Ltd. All items are accepted at our discretion and must be branded designer outfits.We accept
such brands as John Charles,Ian Stuart, Linea Raffaeli, Ann Balon,Mireia, Paule Vasseuer, Luis Civit, Condici,
Ispirato.Other designer brands may be accepted at our discretion.Sorry we do not accept high street brands. In
order to be accepted by Wedding Pearls Ltd, items must be in excellent 'as new' condition and presentable for
sale (e.g. stain, blemish-free, not ripped or torn and be free from excessive creasing). All worn outfits must have
been dry cleaned, and proof may be required. Upon acceptance, a contract is signed by the seller and Wedding
Pearls, and collection/delivery of the item(s) takes place. Your contract will be your receipt stating the agreed
sale price and item(s) expiry date. Please keep this contract safe as this is your proof of ownership.

Collection or Delivery
 Items can be collected or delivered in three ways, as follows:
1) By Hand – The seller can make a pre-arranged appointment at Wedding Pearls Ltd, The Hatchery,Top Barn
Farm, Worcester Road, Holt Heath, Worcester, WR6 6NH in order to drop off the outfit(s).Please call us on
07916 296064 to arrange an appointment.

2) By Post - We recommend that items posted to Wedding Pearls by sellers should be carefully boxed and sent
by *Recorded Delivery. Please note this is at the seller’s expense.We also recommend postal insurance and
'signed for' delivery. If, upon receipt, item(s) are found not to be in ‘as new’ condition, Wedding Pearls reserve
the right to return the item to the seller at their expense. In all circumstances, Wedding Pearls cannot be held
responsible for any damage or loss of items in transit to or from Wedding Pearls Ltd.

3) Collection- Wedding Pearls will collect the item(s) from a seller’s address free of charge in several areas,
please contact us directly to discuss.

Determination of Sale Price
The seller may set a minimum sale price for each item on the Sellers Registration Form and this will be detailed
in the contract to be signed by Wedding Pearls and the seller, however the final sale price will be set by
Wedding Pearls as we have a very good understanding of how much your outfit is likely to sell for. If you are
not happy about the final sale price which we set, we are willing to put the outfit up for sale at the price you
request but please bear in mind that we will only hold your item for a maximum of 8 weeks.

Company Registration Number 08023700 Registered Office : 21 Waresley Park, Hartlebury, Kidderminster, DY11 7XF
01905 887668
Each item will be offered for sale in Wedding Pearls at The Hatchery, Top Barn Farm, Worcester Road, Holt
Heath, and Worcestershire and online for a period of 8 weeks at the price agreed. If your item(s) remain unsold
after this period (and with your agreement to an extension of the contract), we will reduce the price and retain it
for a further 4 weeks. In the event that it remains unsold, you will be contacted by telephone to collect your
item.If you are unable to collect your item (i.e. due to your location),and you have informed us on the contract
form, we will return any unsold items to you within 14 days of the contract expiry, subject to receipt of cleared
funds for postage and packing.Please notify us on the registration form if you wish us to return the outfit to you
if it does not sell.Please note there will be an administration fee to cover postage and packing costs for this
service which must be paid prior to dispatch of goods. If we do not hear from you within one month of our
notification and you have not indicated that you wish the outfit(s) to be returned to you, the item(s) will be
disposed of or donated to charity at the discretion of Wedding Pearls. If you cannot collect your items by the
due date (due to holiday or illness) then PLEASE let us know.

Reduction in Sale Price before expiry of the contract
On some occasions we may be asked by a prospective purchaser if we can reduce the price, prior to contract
expiry. Whilst this is extremely rare, we need your permission to reduce the price and by how much, if you wish
to achieve a quicker sale.Please ensure you complete the relevant section in the form to advise us of your
wishes. We will make all attempts to contact you before we reduce the price in this manner, however if we
cannot contact you and you have already agreed to a price reduction in our terms and conditions, we will take
this as authorization and proceed with sale up to the maximum reduction that you have agreed.If you do not
wish to reduce the price prior to contract expiry, the price will remain as agreed until the end of the contract.

Care of Item
 Wedding Pearls will endeavour to maintain the items in their original condition and will ensure that they are
handled with the utmost care by potential buyers. However, Wedding Pearls do not insure the items for
accidental damage by members of the public and in all cases cannot be held responsible for any blemishes that
arise from the items being handled/tried on.
Sold Items
Unless otherwise agreed, Wedding Pearls Ltd will pay the Seller, 50% of the final sale price when the outfit(s)
is sold and this will be transferred by automatic bank transfer within 14 days of the clearance of funds and
collection of the item by the buyer. Wedding Pearls will retain the remaining 50% of funds as commission from
the sale. If you do not wish to provide your bank details, we will raise a cheque , payable to the seller’s name
provided on the signed contract. This will be sent within 14 days of the clearance of funds and collection of the
item by the buyer. Wedding Pearls will retain the remaining 50% of funds as commission from the sale.
The Contract
The contract signed by Wedding Pearls and the seller includes the Sellers contact details, the Sellers
Registration Form, and the full list of Terms and Conditions as detailed here on the Sellers T'&C's and/or on the
website The terms and conditions can be updated by Wedding Pearls at any time, if
deemed necessary, and can be viewed online by the sellers at any time. Sale items are held at Wedding Pearls
for a contractual period of 8 weeks. Once this period has expired, the contract may be reviewed and extended if
Wedding Pearls and the seller are in agreement.
 If the seller wishes to withdraw the item(s) from sale before the end of the contractual period, a fee of £25 will
be charged, plus appropriate return delivery costs where required. The item(s) will be returned to the seller
within 7 working days of the fee being received and cleared by the bank.

Company Registration Number 08023700 Registered Office : 21 Waresley Park, Hartlebury, Kidderminster, DY11 7XF 01905 887668
Sellers Contact Details
 It is the seller’s responsibility to keep Wedding Pearls Ltd informed of any changes in contact details.
Ownership of the items transfers to Wedding Pearls if we are unable to contact the seller, and/or an unsold item
is not collected as previously detailed.

Note: Wedding Pearls Ltd will try our utmost to sell your item(s) through the methods stated above, however
we do not guarantee that any item(s) provide to us will sell at the agreed price during the contract term. We
cannot be held responsible if your item(s) does not sell as the sale of your item(s) is entirely dependant on
demand , colour, style and size.

Company Registration Number 08023700 Registered Office : 21 Waresley Park, Hartlebury, Kidderminster, DY11 7XF 01905 887668

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