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									Local District SES Meeting
         April/May, 2011
   What is the definition of SES?
   How is SES instruction provided?
   How is SES funded?
   What schools must provide SES?
   Who is eligible for SES?
   Why is SES provided in schools that are
    Program Improvement (PI) Year 2 or more?
   Tutoring specifically designed and proven to
    be highly effective in increasing student

   Focused on English-language arts,
    mathematics, and/or science

   Provided beyond the regular school day at
    location designated in SES provider
   U.S. Department of Education sends Title I,
    Part A, funds to CDE

   CDE distributes Title I, Part A, funds to LEAs
    in late fall

   LEAs set aside an amount equal to 20 percent
    of Title I, Part A, allocation for SES and public
    school choice
   Public schools receiving Title I, Part A, funds


   Program Improvement (PI) school Years 2-5

     – Note: a school receiving Title I, Part A,
    funds becomes a PI school after failing two
    consecutive years to make adequate yearly
    progress (AYP)
   Low-income students enrolled in PI schools,
    Years 2-5

    – Eligible students include English learners
    (EL) and students with disabilities (SWD)

   If demand exceeds funds available, the LEA
    must prioritize students by greatest academic
   This SES component of Title I, Part A, offers
    eligible students extra academic assistance

   Eligible students who choose to stay at PI
    schools receive SES
   Establish criteria for selection of SES

   Develop and manage the request for
    application (RFA) process

   Ensure parent access to SES information

   Monitor implementation of SES by LEAs and
   Conduct onsite reviews of LEAs and

   Conduct evaluation of SES providers

   Recommend to SBE approval and withdrawal
    of approval of providers

   Establish California regulations for SES
             Identify eligible students and notify parents
year         Contract with state-approved providers
             Seek parent selection by providing information about
             providers (brochure, provider “fair”, website)

             Establish template for individual student learning plan (SLPs)

June-Sept.   Identify, assign students to provider selected by parent

             Review/approve SLPs completed by SES providers with parent
Sept.-May    input; ensure timely start up by mid-September

             Monitor providers and documentation requirements of
Sept.-May    contract; pay provider for SES according to contract
             Submit new application (or renewal) to CDE; Contact LEA;
Prior year
             complete LEA’s contract; train staff

             Contact assigned students’ parents; collaborate with LEA and
Sept.-May    parents to develop each SLP; complete state End-of-Year
             (EOY) Accountability Report on prior year, by Oct. 1

             Provide timely tutoring services; monitor staff and services;
Sept.-May    provide progress reports to parents and LEA

             Continue above as assigned; monitor tutoring for
             effectiveness; provide to LEA required documentation
   Contact each other in advance of next
    school year

   Enter into SES contract(s)

   Ensure timely implementation of SES

   Maintain communications among all parties
   Maintain communications among provider,
    LEA, parents

   Maintain accurate records and reporting

   Monitor for high quality tutoring and

   Protect confidentiality of student
PI 1 Schools:    49
PI Hold Schools: 29
PI 2-5 Schools: 312
Total:          390

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