The Lady With the by 491777


									The Lady With the
 Alligator Purse



     This story is of a lady that had a very
   strange boy. He was always doing very
    strange things. So she called a doctor
   and nurse to see what was wrong with
   him. Actually the little boy just loved to
                --- Conversation Questions---

(1) What is the book about?
(Answer)    The lady with the Alligator purse.
(Follow Up)   Do you like alligators?

(2) Tell me what it was that Ms. Lucy had?
(Answer)    A baby.
(Follow Up)    Do you have baby sisters or brothers?

(3) Why does the woman carry an alligator purse?
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   Do you have an alligator purse?

(4) Tell me what you think is wrong with the boy.
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   Have you ever been sick before?

(5) What does nonsense mean?
(Answer)    Foolish or senseless behavior or language.
(Follow Up)   Tell me a time that you have talked nonsense.

(6)   Why do you think Lucy called the doctor, the nurse, and the
      lady with the Alligator purse?
(Answer)     Because her son drank up all of the water and ate up the
(Follow Up)     Have you ever ate a bar of soap?

(7) Tell me why you think Tiny Tim didn't eat the bathtub?
(Answer)    Because it wouldn't go down his throat.
(Follow Up)   Do you think there is anybody that could eat a bathtub?

(8)   What did the lady in the alligator purse say that the boy
(Answer)    A pizza.
(Follow Up)    When you get sick what do you usually eat?

(9)   Who went out the door last?
(Answer)    The lady with the Alligator purse.
(Follow Up)   Do you think her alligator purse was a real alligator?

(10)  Did the boy, doctor, nurse, and the lady with the alligator
      purse have a pizza party?
(Answer)    Yes.
(Follow Up)    Have you ever had a pizza party?

                                   1.    Name all the characters in the story and tell what they did.

                                   2.    Draw and design your own purse. Tell what is so unique or
                                         strange about it.

                                   3.    Write about a time that you had a party. What did you do,
                                         where was it, and who came?

                                   4.    Write about the little boy drinking the water and eating the
                                         soap. Tell if you have ate soap before and if so did it make
                                         you sick or have a stomach ache.


                                   1.    Show the picture of the alligator to the child. Have the
                                         child tell you what they think about them? Have you seen
                                         an alligator? Have you ever touched an alligator? Say,
                                         Let's see what this story has to say about alligators in The
                                         Lady With the Alligator Purse.

                                   2.    Show the child a picture of the Alligator purse and ask the
                                         child if they have ever seen a alligator purse before. Say
                                         now let's read about a lady that has an Alligator purse and
                                         see if it is real or not.

                                   3.    Show a purse and ask the child if they think it is an
                                         Alligator purse or not. Now say let's read about a lady that
                                         did have an Alligator purse.

Book Title: The Lady with the Alligator Purse
Author: Nadine Bernard Westcott               Illustrator: Nadine Bernard Westcott
ISBN: 0-316-93136-5                           # of Text Pages: 13     AR: 2.0 LEX: NP
                                  Building Oral Vocabulary
 7           bathtub           13            measles           21          doctor
                                    Prediction Questions
 7  Why wouldn't the bathtub go down his throat?
17 How many pizza's will he get?
21 What do you think the lady with the alligator will purse will do now?

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