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									                                       Sierra Club
                                      Yavapai Group
                               Candidate Questionnaire
                       for Yavapai County Board of Supervisors

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1. Water Issues
Groundwater pumping in Western Yavapai County now exceeds natural recharge by 14,000
acre-feet/year. The Prescott Active Management Area (AMA) overdraft is growing each year,
the water table is steadily dropping, and Del Rio Springs is gradually drying. The upper Verde
River is an extremely valuable natural resource for local citizens, for southwestern wildlife, and
for millions of citizens statewide. Yet the base flow is increasingly threatened by unmitigated
groundwater pumping, including the proposed Big Chino Water Ranch pipeline. Groundwater
mining is threatening our water dependent natural resources, our quality of life, and our
children’s future.
As part of your campaign, and if you are elected, would you support:
    a) formation of a water resource management district covering at least the Prescott AMA
       with the authority to improve water conservation, to augment our water supply by
       importation, and to improve aquifer recharge? Please explain why or why not.
    b) requiring that any water exported from the Big Chino Sub-Basin must be mitigated to
       preserve the current natural base and flood flows of the upper Verde River? Please
       explain why or why not.
    c) ordinances requiring new commercial and/or residential construction to conserve water
       (such as stormwater capture, use of reclaimed water, and water-wise outdoor
       irrigation)? What other solutions do you envision as possibilities? Please explain.

2. Water Quality Issues
The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) has identified Watson Lake and
Granite Creek as having impaired water quality. Seven tributaries form Granite Creek which
flows through downtown Prescott. Each year for more than a dozen years there has been an
annual trash clean-up and monitoring of the water quality of the creeks, yet each year, trash and
contaminants continue to be a considerable problem.
How will you support:
   a) the efforts of Prescott Creeks to improve the water quality and riparian habitat in the
      Prescott Basin?
   b) the efforts of the Granite Dells Preservation Foundation to protect and enhance the lakes
      and the surrounding Granite Dells area?
   c) a county-wide program to test the treated effluent of the sewage treatment plants for
      emerging chemical contaminants and updating the treatment plants as necessary to
      improve water quality?
3. The Peavine Trail
The Peavine Trail is the most utilized non-motorized trail in Prescott, connecting to Prescott
Valley via the Iron King Trail and nearly reaching to Chino Valley's section of the Peavine Trail.
The Peavine Trail is enjoyed by local residents for exercise, recreation, commuting, its historical
relevance and its outstanding scenic quality. It is also known for its internationally recognized
Watson and Willow Lakes Ecosystem Important Bird Area. Furthermore it is a tourist magnet
attracting visitors who financially support our local economy.
How will you:
        a) maintain a continuous trail that is not bisected by at-grade vehicular crossings?
        b) work with the City of Prescott and the Towns of Prescott Valley and Chino Valley to
           extend the trail to the headwaters of the Verde River at Sullivan Lake and also to
           Skull Valley over Iron Springs?
4. Other Trail Issues
       a) The 50-mile Circle Trail is lacking sections totaling about 8 miles in length to be
          complete. How will you help to accomplish the completion of the Circle Trail and its
          continuing maintenance?
       b) Do you ride a bicycle, horse, or hike? If elected, what would you do to support the
          maintenance and expansion of trails for bikers, horse riders and hikers?
       c) Are you willing to make the commitment to seek federal, state, or other funding
          sources to construct, improve, or designate additional on-street bicycle commuter
          routes and sidewalks (such as in the Complete Streets proposal) and non-motorized,
          multi-use recreation trails?
       d) Will you work to see that the cities, towns, and other unincorporated communities
          within Yavapai County win National designation as a Bicycle Friendly Community
          (as awarded at Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels by The League Of American

5. Recycling/Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events
       a) Will you create additional programs and facilities to make it easier for area residents
          to recycle, including glass recycling?
       b) What specific actions would you take to promote additional recycling and reduce
          landfill waste?
       c) Will you implement at least one annual household hazardous waste collection day
          (conducted in an individual city/town/unincorporated area, as a joint city/town, or a
          county-wide event)?
6.   Environment
Please describe what personal efforts you have made to protect and improve the environment.


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