TOWN OF SOUTHINGTON, CT
                                   REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS
                                     THE BARNES MUSEUM
                           (85 NORTH MAIN STREET, SOUTHINGTON, CT)

Request for Proposal
The Town of Southington is soliciting proposals (Request for Proposal/RFP’s) from qualified architects to study
and evaluate the roof of the Barnes Museum (85 North Main Street) and provide designs, plans and
specifications for the repair or replacement of the roof.

Firms and individuals interested in this project must be experienced in rehabilitation/preservation of historically
significant structures and must have professional qualifications that meet the standards specified in the United
States’ Secretary of the Interior’s Historic Preservation Professional Qualification Standards

In addition, the Architect must be thoroughly familiar with the United States’ Secretary of the Interior’s
Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings and the Connecticut
Commission on Culture and Tour’s State Historic Preservation Plan. With any and all designs created in strict
and full compliance with the latest publication(s) of the aforementioned documents.
Description of the Barnes Museum
The original Amon Bradley Homestead (now known as the Barnes Museum) is a large two-story, ell-shaped
structure [24’ x 20’, 32’ x 25’, 14’ x 46;] with a long one-story extension to the rear. The foundation of the
Barnes Museum is brownstone from quarries in Portland, Connecticut. The roof is slate and the siding is

The house was built in 1836 for Amon Bradley. The original Greek Revival house was remodeled in the 1865
and again in the early 1910. Through each of these renovations the original framework of solid oak, with hand-
hewn timbers and wooden dowel pins remained intact. The 17-room house is situated in the center of
Southington, Connecticut in a residential neighborhood.

Description of the Roof Project
After 174 years the building’s original slate roof is in need of repair or replacement It is no longer feasible to
make spot repairs.

The intent of this request is to obtain proposals from qualified architects with extensive experience in the
preservation of historic structures, licensed in the State of Connecticut, to evaluate the roof of the Barnes
Museum and create design-level plans and specifications to repair or replace the roof with appropriate material.

Scope of Services
    Conduct necessary field investigations to evaluate the current condition of the roof and prepare final
    Prepare final designs and technical specifications in accordance with the United States’ Secretary of the
       Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings for the
       project sufficient for public bidding.
    Provide an estimate of the final cost of the roof repair/replacement project.

Proposals Must Include the Following:
   a. Detailed statement of the architect’s qualifications and experience with projects of this type.
   b. All costs of compiling necessary information and data to generate plans and specifications.
   c. A proposed schedule and timeline for completion of the project.

The Town is under a tight schedule to get this project completed. The design-level plans and specifications
created by the chosen architect will be submitted as an integral part of a Historic Preservation and Museum
Division Capital Improvement Grant application. The deadline for submitting this grant is October 29, 2010.

This project should begin upon notice to proceed and be completed within 6 weeks.

A walk-through of the Barnes Museum will take place on Monday, July 26, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

Proposal Response

Two copies of the completed proposal must be received no later than 10:00 a.m. on August 9, 2010 by the
Town of Southington.

       Mailing Address
              Office of the Town Manager
              Southington Town Hall
              75 Main Street
              Southington, CT 06489.
The proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope or package and the outside shall be clearly marked:
Barnes Museum Roof Project Bid

Evaluation and Award Process

   1. This request for proposal does not commit the Town of Southington to award a contract or to pay any
      costs incurred in the preparation of a proposal to this request. All proposals submitted in response to this
      request for proposal become the property of the Town of Southington. The Town of Southington
      reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received as a result of this request, to negotiate
      with the selected respondents, the right to extend the contract for an additional period, or to cancel in
      part or in its entirety the request for proposal, if it is in the best interests of the Town to do so.

   2. An Evaluation Committee, appointed by the Town Manager will evaluate all proposals received for
      completeness and the respondent’s ability to meet all specifications as outlined in this RFP.

   3. The architect or firm chosen will be notified promptly following a decision by the Evaluation

NOTE: Awarding of this project is contingent upon final funding from the Connecticut Department of
Culture and Tourism.

If a respondent has any questions regarding this proposal he/she may contact

Susan Smayda, Executive Director,
Southington Library and Museum
255 Main Street
Southington, CT 0649
(860) 628-0947 ext 123.

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