Design Phase Stormwater Management Checklist

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					                                                                                                                              Version 8-18-11

ITD Design Phase Stormwater Management Checklist
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Planning Staff Contact: __________________________________________
The project design phase includes the development of construction documents including plans, specifications and cost estimates for a particular
project. It is during this phase that decisions regarding preliminary Best Management Practice (BMP) implementation strategies are made. As
part of ITD’s design phase, the following checklist can be utilized to ensure stormwater management issues are being addressed adequately
during project design.

                                                    Item                                                  Dated Completed      Completed by
                                                           Project Area Considerations
  Disturbed acreage associated with construction has been minimized to the greatest extent
  Preliminary assessment of construction sequencing and stormwater management associated with
  each phase of construction.
  Preliminary evaluation of non-stormwater sources of pollution to determine any special requirements
  (large dewatering operations, management of concrete waste, potential for vehicle or equipment re-
  fueling or maintenance operations, etc.)
                                                  Stormwater Documentation Considerations
  Evaluate the applicability of applying for a Low Erosivity Waiver (LEW) for the project. Project
  disturbed area must be less than 5 acres and demonstrate an R-factor which is less than 5 during the
  period of construction activity. See EPA website for details on calculation of R-values.
  Evaluate the applicability of requiring the Contractor to obtain a waiver for work completed during
  the Winter Shutdown Period (October 15 through April 15) in the following counties: Boundary,
  Bonner, Kootenai, Shoshone, Benewah, and Latah counties.
  Any stormwater documentation ITD will either provide to the Contractor prior to construction or
  require from the Contractor prior to construction.
                                                                                                                          Version 8-18-11

                                                   Item                                                 Dated Completed    Completed by
 Draft Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) completed by ITD.
 Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (non-CGP projects) required by ITD and completed by the
 Any Utility Right-of-Way access agreement(s).
Has ITD Environmental Planner completed the following environmental evaluations:
 Threatened and Endangered Species Act (ESA) evaluation.
 Determination of monitoring requirements, if any, based on presence of threatened or
    endangered species.
 Cultural resources evaluation based on State Historic Preservation Office requirements.
 Review of applicable TMDLs and list of 303d impaired water bodies potentially affected by the
 404 Permit obtained/wetlands delineation completed.
 Establish need and apply for the IDEQ Short Term Activity Exemption associated with operations
    that will result in discharges to a Water of the U.S. if available.
 Review and determination of the project ownership scenarios which identify which co-permittees
    will be involved with the project.
Determination of there is a need for a Third Party Inspector due to high risk of project.
Development of a preliminary cost estimate for implementation of temporary and permanent
stormwater BMPs.
                                                      Project Completion Considerations
Discussion of “notice of termination” (NOT) coordination.
 ITD will allow the Contractor to file the NOT upon completion of construction OR
 ITD will require Contractor to wait until final stabilization is confirmed prior to submitting NOT.
 Have pre-construction photos been taken and documented along with a preliminary plant cover

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