PIET MONDRIAN

Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter who was born in 1872. At one time,
Mondrian painted realistic landscapes, but as he painted more and more,
his style began to change. He started to create abstract images and
eventually his style consisted of geometric shapes and primary colors.
After all, every shape can be created from the basic geometric shapes
and every color can be created from the primary colors - red, yellow,
and blue. His art movement still influences our world today through
architecture, graphic design, and advertisement.

Our kindergarten art classes create a painting in this Mondrian style.
They learn the basics of drawing straight lines with a ruler, then they
will place black glue over the straight pencil lines. They become
familiar with the terms horizontal and vertical. The next step
involves painting in the geometric shapes that form (squares and
rectangles). Students must decide which shapes to paint and what
primary colors to use in each to make a pleasing balanced (symmetrical
or asymmetrical) design. Some objectives are to define and create an
abstract art work, introduce the artist Piet Mondrian, form and
identify geometric shapes, introduce primary colors in a meaningful
way. The simplest forms of creating art can be the most educational!

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