WELCOME                                                         ANNOUNCEMENTS
Welcome to Church of Broken Pieces. The doors are open                CHARITEE UPDATE: As you know Sister Charitee Little is in
to you. Feel free to worship and praise the Lord. Shout               Jacksonville, FL to receive treatment at the Mayo Clinic. You can
Alleluia! Sing a song of praise! Testify to the Glory of              communicate with Charitee by sending an e-mail to her through the
God if you are so moved.                                              Mayo Clinic website, which is carepages.com (follow the prompts).
The ushers are here to serve you and if you need                      147th PA STATE SUNDAY SCHOOL CONVENTION: Attend the
anything, feel free to call upon them. Please fill out a              147th Annual Pennsylvania State Sunday School Convention, October
Visitor’s Card, (available through the ushers) and drop               23 & 24, 2009, at the First Church of God, 2230 Grand Point Road,
it in the offering bucket. If you would like to become a              Chambersburg, PA. The registration fee will be prepaid. However,
member of our family, making this your church home,                   you will be responsible for hotel & food expenses. For more
please tell the ushers.                                               information see Rev. M. J. Gaymon.
                      ORDER OF SERVICE
Sunday School                                               9:30 AM   FLEA MARKET: COBP will sponsor a Flea Market on Saturdays
Sunday Morning Service                                    11:00 AM    October 17th and 24th at the Pennsauken Flea Market in Pennsauken, NJ.
Wednesday Bible Study                                       7:00 PM   Please donate items for the Flea Market that is in good condition. All
Friday Fellowship Service                                   7:30 PM   donations may be brought to the church on Fridays between 7:00 PM
Morning Prayer - Monday - Friday                    9:00 - 10:00 AM   and 9:00 PM and on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. For more
Adult Choir Rehearsal - Tuesday                             7:00 PM   information see Sister Shirley Findley 267-249-0569, Pastor Andre
Men’s Fellowship – 1 Sunday                      Following Service    Alexander 215-844-9345, or COBP 215-224-9460.
Ushers’ Meeting – 1 Sunday                                  9:30 AM
Communion – 2 Sunday                             Following Service    MINISTRIES FOR 2010: Leaders, please prepare the plans for the
Women’s Fellowship – 3 Sunday                    Following Service
                             rd                                       ministry you oversee for 2010. There will be a meeting to review the
Young Men’s Fellowship – 3 Sunday                Following Service
Monthly Church Fellowship – 4 Sunday             Following Service    2010 ministries and events in October. Mark your calendar.
All Night Prayer – 4 Friday                      Following Service
                                                                      WATCH NIGHT 2009: It’s a “Black Tie Formal Affair”! The place,
                          ORDER OF WORSHIP                            time, and cost will be announced at a later date. It’s going to be a good
                                                                      time in the Lord. Mark your calendar.
Opening Hymn
                                                                      MISSIONS: Rev. Shands’ next missionary field is Italy. She will be
Announcements                                                         leaving on September 30th. Please pray for her. To assist our
Offering                                                              missionary program cost, everyone is being asked to donate $5.00 on
Praise & Worship (Sing & Testify to the Glory of God)                 the last Sunday of each month.
Musical Selection
Prayer                                                                HELPING HANDS: The Helping Hands collection basket is to raise
The Word                                                              funds to assist members in crisis. Please donate.
Call To Alter
Special Prayer
Late Offering                                                         ELDERS MEETING: An Elders meeting will be held on the fourth
Opening of Church Doors                                               Sunday of each month directly after service.
WILLING WORKERS: A willing workers’ meeting will be held on
the first Sunday of each month directly after service.

MEN’S BREAKFAST: Every second Saturday at 7:00 AM there will                                           2127 West 72nd Avenue
be a Men’s breakfast, which will begin with Friday all night prayer.                                        P.O. Box 6586
                                                                                                  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19138
SUNDAY SCHOOL: A meeting will be held on the second Sunday of                                     Phone (215) 224-9460 - Fax (215) 549-0660
each month at 9:30 AM for Sunday school all teachers.                                                   www.thewayfaringministries.org

                                                                                           Broken To Receive Wholeness In Jesus Christ
THE WEBSITE: Make our website your home page. If you have
anything you would like included on the website, please send all
information to webmaster@thewayfaringministries.org in Word or in a
simple e-mail.                                                                        SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2009
                            SPECIAL PRAYER:
                                                                                       WEEKLY CORPORATE SCRIPTURE
              Please call out these names below in prayer.                         Do not worry God knowJAMES 3:8-9 needs
                                                                                                        and will supply our
 (If you’d like to call the sick & shut-in, see Sis. Vernal for the number)                      (To be read three times a day)

Sick & Shut Ins: Sis. C. Little, Sis. L. Dawkins, Bro. J. Dobbs,
                 Sis. J. Patterson, Sis. A. Morrissey, Sis. B. Adams,
                                                                                   8 Butthe tongue can no man tame; [it is] an
                 and N. Hall
                                                                                   unruly evil, full of deadly poison.
Special Prayer:     Pastors H. & G. Alexander, Bro. I. Little
                    Sis B. Dobbs, and Church Elders                                9 Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and
                 NOTES FROM TODAY’S SERMON                                         therewith curse we men, which are made after the
                                                                                   similitude of God.

If you would like to place an announcement in this bulletin, please submit it in
writing to Sister Vernal Coates, by the preceding Sunday.                          Reverend Harold E. Alexander, Pastor
        Broken To Receive Wholeness In Jesus Christ                                Reverend Gloria Alexander, Co-Pastor
     See that none render evil for evil unto
     any man; but ever follow that which is
     good, both among yourselves, and to all
     Rejoice evermore.
     Pray without ceasing.
     In every thing give thanks: for this is
     the will of God in Christ Jesus
     concerning you.

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