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Search Engine Optimization-SEO


If you want to know about how can a blog bring money for you, then you are in the right place. You may learn here about Search Engine Optimization, White hat SEO, On-page and Off-page SEO and also you will get the basic that how to create a free blog. I hope you will enjoy.

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									Search Engine Optimization-SEO

If you are a newbie blogger and want to be successful as a professional blogger or you
want to get financial output from here then you should know that there is no other process
to achieve your goals without SEO, broadly says Search Engine Optimization. I know
many bloggers who are really well writer but they could not be successful because of
lacking of proper SEO knowledge.

You may think, Search engine optimization is a unique process to increase your blog or
website visitors from different search engines. That means, if you can not optimize your
site perfectly then search engine like, google, bing, yahoo etc, can not recognize you and
people can not find you.

I hope you have already understood about the importance of proper SEO knowledge.

The Steps of Search Engine Optimization-

   1. White Hat SEO: It is also known as Ethical SEO because white hat SEO is
       that process where you have to follow the rules and regulations of search engines
       but you must create your content for you visitors not for the search engine and be
       aware of a unique content.

       Actually, white hat SEO is the most important factor of search engine
       optimization and it also includes the following two factors-

           A. On-page Optimization.

           B. Off-page Optimization.

   2. Black Hat SEO:             Black Hat SEO is the same thing as it sounds. That
       means, it is a totally opposite process of white hat SEO. It is also known as
       unethical or rules breaking process of search engines. This process includes-

           A. Keyword Stuffing.

           B. Link farm.

           C. Cloaking.

           D. Hidden Text. Etc

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