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					                       Brock Elementary
      Campus Improvement Plan 2011-2012

                              Principal: Philo Waters
                        Assistant Principal: Kim Kimberling

Ann Brock Elementary
                       ANN BROCK VISION STATEMENT

                       The vision of Ann Brock Elementary is
 dedication to the highest quality of instruction delivered with a sense of warmth,
   friendliness, individual pride and school spirit, ultimately leading to student

Ann Brock Elementary
Title 1 Campus Components

  1. Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  2. School wide reform strategies
  3. Instruction by highly qualified teachers
  4. High quality, on-going professional development
  5. Strategies for the recruitment of high-quality, highly qualified teachers
  6. Strategies for parent involvement
  7. Pre-K transition plans
  8. Measures to include in decision-making regarding use of academic
  9. Provide effective and timely additional assistance
  10. Coordination of state, federal, and local funds

Ann Brock Elementary
Goal # 1: We will maintain a safe school and be prepared for, and capable of responding to,
unusual incidents and emergencies within the district and community.
Target #1: All staff will maintain a high priority on school safety, health and security for students and staff.

              Approach                          Person(s)             Timeline             Resources        Formative          Summative
                                               Responsible                                                  Evaluation         Evaluation
A. Campus health and safety                                                                               Documents kept    Submitted documents
guidelines will be followed by all                                                                        Periodic Visual
staff according to the Campus                                                                             Assessment
Emergency Plan.                                                                                           Participation
1. A Campus Response Team roster           All staff & visitors   2010-2011 school   Badges provided by
will be indentified by role and                                   year               district.

School-wide Title 1 Component #10
2. Campus ICS, access and egress           Assistant Principal    2010-2011 school   EMS Manuals
plans, updated campus map and site         All staff              year               Campus Rosters

School Wide Title 1 Component #10

3. Staff roles and responsibilities will   Assistant Principal    2010-2011 school   Time and effort
be assigned and identified in the          All staff & students   year               EMS Manuals
Campus Emergency Management

School-Wide Title I Component #10
4. Teachers will maintain updated          Classroom teachers     2010-2011 school   Time and effort
class rosters and identify student         and All Campus Staff   year               EMS Manuals
tasks (by student) to be included in                                                 Paper
emergency response manuals.
5. Staff will wear badges at all times.    All Campus staff       Daily              Badges

Ann Brock Elementary
6. CATCH committee will implement     CATCH committee          2010-2011 School   Time & effort
the CATCH program with students                                Year               Materials
and staff.

5. CPR certification/renewal          Campus                   2010-2011 School   District Training
opportunities will be provided to     administration, Crisis   Year
enable staff to assist in crisis      Response Team

School Wide Title 1 Component #10

B. Develop safe and efficient         Principal, Assistant     2010-2011 School   Time and Effort
procedures for hallways, common       Principal, Campus        Year
areas, an student arrival and         Staff

Target #2: Expand our character education program that promotes good decision making for students that ultimately leads to
exceptional habits in both behavior and academics so that we see an increase in positive student behavior and good
character modeling.

              Approach                     Person(s)               Timeline             Resources       Formative         Summative
                                          Responsible                                                   Evaluation        Evaluation
A. Encourage students to develop                                                                      Student         Counselor Reports
good character that leads to habits                                                                   participation   Discipline Reports
of effectiveness and exemplary


Ann Brock Elementary
1. Presentations will teach character     Principal, Assistant    2010-2011 School   Time and Human
traits and how to build good character.   Principal, Counselor,   Year               Resources,
                                          students                                   Character/Motivational
School-wide Title 1 Component #2                                                     Program (Budget $800)

2. Counselor provides regular             Counselor,              2010-2011 School   Guidance Curriculum
instruction by grade level using Lion’s   Reading                 Year               Character Initiative
Quest Program                             Paraprofessional                           Materials provided by
School-wide Title 1 Components #2,
3, 10

3. Red Ribbon Week will emphasize         Counselor, Teachers,    October 2010       Time and Effort
making good decisions and staying         Staff                                      Supplies ($400 PTO)

School-wide Title I Components #2, 3,

4. All campus staff will support and      All staff               2010-2011 school   Time and effort
utilize the district behavioral                                   year
management program, "Love and
Logic", at all times and when
interacting with all students.

5. Encourage character education          Teacher,                2010-2011 school   Time and effort
through the Huguley 5 grade mentor        administrators,         year
program.                                  Huguley Hospital

Title 1 Component #2,9

             Approach                          Person(s)             Timeline             Resources            Formative            Summative
                                              Responsible                                                      Evaluation           Evaluation
B. Acknowledge and Encourage                                                                                   Weekly/monthly   Office Referral data
good character through recognition                                                                            recognitions      Paw Print Cards

Ann Brock Elementary
1. Brock Paw Print Cards--teachers &    Staff, school         Weekly         Time and human
staff will award Paw Print cards as     administration.                      resources.
students earn them for displaying
good character. Ten names will be                                            Award Costs
announced on Fridays and those
students will receive awards from the

School-wide Title 1 Component #2
2.”Character Students” (2 students      Counselor, Teachers   Weekly         Time and effort
from each class) will be chosen every                                        Printing Supplies
six weeks by the classroom teacher
and recognized during morning
announcements and pictures
displayed in the display case.
School-wide Title 1 Component #2
3. Grade Level teachers will choose     Counselor, Teachers   Monthly        Time and Effort
two students each month to be
recognized as Student of the Month in
the Burleson Star.
4. Continue the Brock Helper            Faculty Sponsor       Daily          Time and Effort
program that highlights student         Principal                            Supplies

             Approach                       Person(s)             Timeline        Resources       Formative     Summative
                                           Responsible                                            Evaluation    Evaluation
C. Partner with community                                                                        Publications
stakeholders in communicating an
emphasis on good character.


Ann Brock Elementary
 1. PTO will partner with Brock by           Counselor                  Quarterly             Time and Effort
    providing a quarterly parent
    newsletter with a segment
    dedicated to character education.

Goal #2: We will continually improve our student performance.
Target #1: 100% of students will meet state and district standards at or above 90% with 50% commended rate on all
TAKS in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.

                Approach                            Person(s)                 Timeline             Resources         Formative         Summative
                                                   Responsible                                                       Evaluation        Evaluation
A. Master the district defined                                                                                      Submitted      Testing Results
curriculum-as measured by the TAKS,                                                                                 Documents      TAKS Results–
TPRI, common assessments,                                                                                           Aware Data     Commended Rates-
checkpoints, teacher generated                                                                                      Teacher Data   TPRI
assessments and other assessments                                                                                   Student Data   QRI
aligned to curriculum and instruction.

1. Administer BISD checkpoints to check         Principal, Assistant       BISD Checkpoint     TPRI, teacher made
for mastery of learning and to prepare for      Principal, Counselor,      Schedule, Spring    tests, and BISD
TAKS.                                           and teachers               TAKS                checkpoints,
                                                                                               common grade level
School-Wide Title 1 Component #2                                                               assessments

Ann Brock Elementary
2. Teachers will disaggregate the data        Principal, Assistant      Checkpoint         Results of TAKS,
from 2010-2011 TAKS, Checkpoints, and         Principal, grade level    Schedule, Spring   TPRI, Reading Level
common assessments.                           teams.                    TAKS               Assessments, BISD
                                                                                           Checkpoints, and
School-Wide Title 1 Component                                                              common
#4, 8, 10                                                                                  assessments.
                                                                                           PLC time for data
                                                                                           Assessment training
                                                                                           by District
                                                                                           Coordinator and IC
3. Campuses will create targets for           Campus Principal          June 2010-         AEIS Comparable
improvement using data averaged from as                                 September 2011     schools report
many as 3 QI comparable schools.

 4. Common math vocabulary and              Teachers                   Training provided   Time and human
 curriculum overviews will be utilized in   Paraprofessionals          by District Math    resources
 a campus-wide problem solving              Tutors                     Coordinator,
 program in grades K-5.                     Administrators             Campus IC,
 School Wide Title I Component #2                                      Interventionists

 5. Grade level teachers will use the       District CAI               2010-2011 school    Time and Human
 Writing Academy strategies in writing      Teachers                   year                resources
 across all core subjects.

 School Wide Title I Component #2

Ann Brock Elementary
 6. Campus will continue to target         Campus                   2010-2011 school    Human resources and
 science for the 2010-2011 school-year     administration,          year                time, BEST kits, district
 by increasing utilization of the BEST     science lead                                 provided lead science
 kits, implementing vocabulary             teachers, all campus                         stipend
 development, and partnering with the      science teachers
 other BISD staff to study and
 determine best practices.

 School Wide Title I Component #8,9

 7. Guided reading will be continued in    Campus                   2010-2011 school    Human resources and
 all classrooms K-5 using the 3-tiered     administration,          year                time.
 intervention model, and leveled books     classroom teachers,
 which coordinate with each student's      Reading
 instructional reading level.              Interventionists,
                                           Reading Para
 School Wide Title I Component             Tutors
 #2, 4, 8, 9

8. Reading logs and Reading Incentive      Classroom teachers,     2010-2011 school    Time
Programs will be utilized to encourage     Parents, Reading        year                Awards
home reading and monitor reading           Interventionists,
progress.                                  Campus Librarian,
                                           Campus IC
School Wide Title I Component #2,6

9. ELPS will be included in the core         Classroom teachers,   2010-2011 school    ELPS
curriculum and teachers will use SIOP        support staff         year
(sheltered instruction) strategies to assist
all students with a focus on ESL students.

School-wide Title I Component
# 1, 2, 10

9. Power standards will be emphasized in Classroom teachers,       2010-2011 school    Forethought
curriculum planning for core subjects.   administrators, IC        year

School-wide Title Component #2

Ann Brock Elementary
10. Learning targets in student friendly     Teachers,            2010-2011 school   Forethought
language will be posted and verbalized       administrators, IC   year               Time and effort
daily in each core subject.

School-wide Title I Component # 2
                                             Teachers,            2010-2011 school   Forethought
11. District pacing guides will be used      administrators, IC   year               Time and effort
to drive instruction in all core subjects.

                                             Teachers,            2010-2011 school   Human Resources, Time
12. Research-based math, reading,            administrators, IC   year               and Effort
and language arts programs and
strategies will be used for student

School-wide Title I Component # 2

                                             Teachers,            2010-2011 school   Kilgo training for IC,
                                             administrators, IC   year               Time and Effort
13. Kilgo data, leveling of questions
and questioning stems will be used to
increase rigor in grades K-5.

School-wide Title I Component #2

                                             Teachers,            2010-2011 school   Time and effort
14. Kindergarten and First grade will                             year
be graded using a standards based
report card.

School-wide Title I Component # 8,9

               Approach                           Person(s)           Timeline              Resources         Formative    Summative
                                                 Responsible                                                  Evaluation   Evaluation

Ann Brock Elementary
B. All students will show adequate                                                                                   Data folders        Agendas & Sign-in
periodic progress.                                                                                                   Progress Reports   for PLC and ILT
                                                                                                                                        Data folders
                                                                                                                                        TAKS results
                                                                                                                                        Report Cards
1. Students will monitor their own          Classroom teachers,     Every3 weeks and        Criteria Results
progress, using performance                 school counselor, IC,   6 weeks and at          Performance Excellence
excellence criteria such as data folders,   and school              appropriate intervals   training with Denise
progress reports, checkpoint                administration.         after assessments.      Woody
assessments, TPRI, QRI, TAKS
results, common assessments, PDSA,
and mid-term progress reports and six-
week grade reports.

School-wide Title 1 Component #2
2. Teachers will create grade level         Classrooms teachers     After each weekly       Time and Effort
    common assessments to monitor                                   common
    student progress on weekly                                      assessment
    learning targets. A goal of 80% or
    better results in celebration.
    Students not meeting standard will
    receive targeted instruction on
    weekly skill.

3. Students will self-assess their          Classroom Teachers      After each              Time and Effort
learning following each checkpoint and                              checkpoint
student progress will be reported to
parents in English and Spanish.

4. PLC meetings in grade level teams        Teachers, grade level   End of six weeks        Time and Effort
to disaggregate data and create RTI         teams, school           and/or after all        Sticky-Note Parties
intervention plans for at-risk students     counselor, school       common                  Documentation
(including ESL & ECD) and extension         administrators,         assessments, BOY,
opportunities for GT students.              support staff           MOY, and EOY at-
                                                                    risk identification
School-wide Title 1 Components
#2, 6, 8, 9, 10

Ann Brock Elementary
 5. Conduct Intervention Leadership       Teachers, Assistant   Weekly or As   ILT Process Maps,
 Team (ILT) meetings for students with    Principal, Parents,   Needed         Time and Effort,
 academic or behavioral needs. Involve    Intervention                         Intervention
 parents in the ILT process. Provide      Leadership Team                      Documentation,
 intervention as needed and designed by                                        Parent Contact
 the ILT team.                                                                 Documentation,
                                                                               Student Work Samples
 School-wide Title 1 Components                                                ARRA
 #1, 2, 6, 8, 9

            Approach                       Person(s)             Timeline        Resources            Formative         Summative
                                          Responsible                                                 Evaluation        Evaluation
C. Every child will maximize their                                                                                 Agendas & Sign-in for
learning during the school year                                                                                    PLC and ILT
through differentiated instruction.                                                                                Data folders
                                                                                                                   TAKS results
                                                                                                                   Report Cards

 Ann Brock Elementary
1. Gifted and talented program will        GT teacher, classroom   2010-2011 school   Time and Effort
meet the differentiated needs of the       teachers                year
gifted student as they begin to accept
more responsibility for their own
learning and produce work at a high
degree of excellence.

School-wide Title I Components
#2, 10
2. Introduce teachers to the               Campus                  2010-2011 school   Time and Effort
Structured Teaching model and the          Administration          year               Learning Through
“gradual release of responsibility” and    IC                                         Structured Teaching
acknowledge teachers who begin the         Teachers                                   book
implementation phase.
3. Target intervention for At-Risk and     Classroom Teachers,     2010-2011 school   Human resources and
sub-population groups/areas. Grade-        Grade Level Teams,      year               time.
level teams will utilize PLC sticky-note   Title I Staff,
data, monitor, mentor, and tutor           Campus                                     RISE program
students to narrow the achievement         Administration,
gap within 6%.                             Support Personnel

School-wide Title I Components
#2, 3, 8, 9

4. Continue an Intervention Lab for        Intervention Lab        2010-2011 school   District training for
Tier 3 RTI for students with identified    Teacher, ILT team,      year               teacher
specific needs. Students will be           classroom teachers
identified by teachers and assigned to                                                ARRA
Intervention Lab through the ILT using
the district ILT/RTI process.

School-wide Title I Components
#9, 10

 Ann Brock Elementary
5. Reading and/or math acceleration          Classroom teachers,   Daily              Curriculum materials
instruction for At-Risk students will be     support service                          and human resources
provided by support services, leveled        teachers, paras,                         Title I $15, 892,: Title I
reading groups, reading tutors, use of       administrators,                          $5500: Title I $5000.
peer tutoring, push-in support and           additional tutors
pull-out small group support.
Emphasis placed on ESL students as                                                    BISD provided Comp.
needed.                                                                               Ed. Funds $2790.

School-wide Title 1 Components
#2,3, 8, 9, 10

6. PLC sticky notes will be used to          Classroom Teachers    Grading Periods
identify student needs and promote           Administration        Post Campus and
flexible grouping.                           Specialists           District
School-wide Title 1 Component #8
7. Instructional technology will be          Teachers              Daily              Campus Technology
utilized to enhance instruction using        IC                                       ICT
resources provided by the district           IT Department                            Time and Effort
Instructional Technology Department.         District math and
                                             science coordinator

8. Special Education academic needs          Teachers,             Daily              Time and effort
will be met through goals designated         Special Education                        IEP as determined in
on their IEP.                                Teacher                                  ARD

                                                Person(s)                                                          Formative
              Approach                         Responsible           Timeline             Resources                Evaluation      Summative Evaluation
C. All students will be encouraged
to attend post-secondary                                                                                           Student and
schooling.                                                                                                         Teacher
1. College/career readiness will be          Administrators,       2010-2011 school   Time and Effort,
emphasized through college days,             counselor, teachers   year               Community members
college day activities, and utilization of
district college readiness coordinator’s
 Ann Brock Elementary
              Approach                                                                                       Formative
                                       Person(s) Responsible       Timeline            Resources            Evaluation    Summative Evaluation
D. Ensure a smooth transition for                                                                        Observation of   TAKS , QRI, TPRI,
students from Pre-K to                                                                                   data folders     Common
Kindergarten                                                                                                              Assessments, District

1. Provide students a teacher          Teachers, Assistant     Weekly or As       Time and Effort,
   certified in early childhood.       Principal, Parents,     Needed             Documentation,
                                       Intervention                               Parent Contact,
School-wide Title 1 Components         Leadership Team                            Student Work Samples
#1, 2, 6, 8, 9

2. Provide a beginning foundation of   Administration          2010-2011 School   Human Resources
   the socialization process and       Teacher                 Year               Time and Effort
   school structure to promote
   student success

3. Provide students with early         Administration          2010-2011 School   Human Resources
   literacy and number sense to                                Year               Time and Effort
   promote student success in

Ann Brock Elementary
Target #2 Student performance will improve through enrichment opportunities and training for students and staff.

              Approach                           Person(s)                                                             Formative
                                                Responsible              Timeline               Resources              Evaluation    Summative Evaluation
A. Students continue to learn at a                                                                                  Observation of   TAKS , QRI, TPRI,
high degree of rigor and relevance                                                                                  data folders     Common
because learning support systems                                                                                                     Assessments, District
are present and working effectively.                                                                                                 Checkpoints

1. All teachers and students will use      Teachers                 2010-2011 school     Time and Effort
performance excellence techniques          Administrators           year                 Performance Excellence
including the PDSA process & data          IC                                            manual, Training with
folders.                                                                                 Denise Woody

School-wide Title 1 Components
#2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9

2. Provide extra PLC time for all grade    Counselor, Support       4 times during the   Human resources and
levels for disaggregation of student       (Push-in & Pull-out)     school year          time.
data, RTI Interventions, research and      Teachers, TAG                                 Materials
study of district curriculum and unit      specialist, librarian,
designs.                                   administrators,
School-wide Title 1 Components #2, 8
3. The school media center and the         Media Specialist         2010-11 school       Human resources and
technology equipment in the library will                            year                 time.
be available to students, parents and                               Summer 2011          Printer ink & paper from
community.                                                                               campus budget

School-wide Title 1 Component
#2, 6. 7, 10
State Technology Plan Component

Ann Brock Elementary
   4. Early Release Days for extra          Teachers,            4 times during the   Human resources and
      PLC time for all grade levels         Administrators, IC   school year          time.
      for disaggregation of data, RTI                                                 Materials
      Interventions, research and
      study of district curriculum and
      unit designs.

      School-wide Title 1
      Component #2, 8
   5. Campus Improvement Plans              Campus Principal     June 2010-           DIP
      will use district specific goals in                        September 2010
      the development of their plans.

   6. Campus Comprehensive                  Campus Principal     June 2010-           AEIS, AYP, PBMAS,
      Needs Assessments (CAN)s                                   September 2011       campus specific data
      will guide targets, approaches,
      and deployments of Campus
      Improvement Plans (CIP)s

B. All staff is involved in                                                                                  Sign-in sheets   Sign-in sheets
professional development based                                                                               documented       submitted
on needs assessment and CEIC                                                                                                  Staff survey
input. Teacher input is requested
and considered.


Ann Brock Elementary
1. Teachers will complete the self-       All staff            2010-2011 school   Human resources and
assessment on the professional                                 year               time.
development learning plan (PLP) and
then choose actions to improve

School-wide Title I Component #4
2. Campus Leadership Team (CEIC)          Leadership Team      2010-2011 school   Time and effort
will meet regularly to make decisions     Members &            year
which impact student learning, parent     Administrators
involvement, professional
development and resource

School-wide Title I Component
# 1, 6, 8, 10
4. A comprehensive needs                  Campus                                  Human resources and
assessment developed from the             administration, IC   January 2010,      time.
professional learning plans (PLP) of                           May 2010
all staff will be used to determine the
needs of students and teachers,
needed resources, professional
development, individual improvement
needs, and effectiveness of campus

School-wide Title I Component
#1,2, 8

Ann Brock Elementary
5. Staff members will attend             Campus             Fall, 2009         District Staff
Response to Intervention training.       Administration,                       Time
                                         District Trainer                      ARRA
School-Wide Title I Component
#2, 4, 9

6. Teachers will participate in          Campus             2010-2011          Time
Curriculum Previews in math and          Administration,                       District Staff
science each six weeks.                  IC                                    Technology

7. Selected staff members will receive   Teachers           Fall, 2009         Time
RTI training.                            Administration                        ARRA

8. Campus administration will monitor    Campus             2010-2011 school   Time and Effort
and acknowledge progress toward          Administration     year
meeting goals in training and            IC

Ann Brock Elementary
9. Provide support to teachers on        Reading Specialists     2010-2011 school   Title I
Balanced Literacy Focal Points.                                  year

School-wide Title I Component #2

Target 3: Utilize the technology we have available on campus, determine staff’s knowledge of technology, and measure
student learning results.

A. Provide necessary staff                                                                                Observation of    Computer programs
development on software,                                                                                 teacher/student   installed
hardware, and other technology                                                                           use
equipment and increase use of
current equipment.


1. Train and/or update teachers on       Media Specialist; and   2010-2011 School    Time and effort
technology integration such as           classroom teachers,     year                Document cameras,
Document Cameras, SchoolView,            BISD Instructional                          computers
Eduphoria, and other site-based tools.   Campus Tech

Ann Brock Elementary
School-wide Title 1 Components #3, 4

2. Continue NetTrekker Educational     Administration;     2010-2011 school   Time and Effort
search engine to enhance learning in   Media Specialist;   year
a secure manner                        Campus LTCL,

School-wide Title 1 Component #10

Ann Brock Elementary
Goal #3: Employ efficient and effective processes
Target #1 Meet and maintain an ADA of 96% during the 2010-2011 school year.
                                             Person(s)                                                       Formative        Summative
             Approach                       Responsible            Timeline              Resources           Evaluation       Evaluation
A. Emphasize importance of                                                                                 Attendance %    Attendance % on
attendance to students on a regular                                                                        per 6 weeks    AEIS report
1. Student recognition at end of year   Principal, Assistant   June 2011           Human and electronic
assembly.                               Principal and data                         resources.
School-wide Title 1 Component #2

2. Communicate with parents             Principal and School   Parent Newsletter   Human resources,
educating them about the importance     Secretary              PTO Newsletter      printer expense, copy
of attendance, compulsory attendance                           BOY parent letter   paper.
laws, and the effect of attendance on                          Mid-Year Parent
student performance.                                           Letter

School-wide Title 1 Components #4,
B. Follow District policy and state                                                                                       Attendance
guidelines on attendance                                                                                                  Committee report

1. Utilize ASAP Deputy for truancy.     Campus                 Daily as needed     District provided and
                                        administration &                           funded position.
School-wide Title 1 Component #10       Attendance Clerk

Ann Brock Elementary
2. Notify parents of excessive         Classroom teachers,       Periodic, when      Human resources,
absences by phone and by mail when     campus                    student reaches     paper, envelopes, and
a student is having excessive          administration,           point of concern    postage Campus budget
absences and/or in danger of losing    secretary and/or                              $100
credit.                                attendance clerk

School wide Title 1 Component #10

Goal #4: We will develop and maintain strategic community partnerships.
Target 1: Disseminate information to students, staff, and parents in a timely manner to improve student progress and

                                            Person(s)                                                             Formative         Summative
             Approach                      Responsible               Timeline              Resources              Evaluation        Evaluation
A. Communication between staff                                                                                   Surveys       Documents submitted,
members and school to home will                                                                                                Parent conference logs
occur regularly.
1. Disseminate in a timely manner      Principal and Assistant   Throughout 2010-    Campus budget for
checkpoint, TPRI, QRI, TAKS data,      Principal, counselor,     2011 school year.   school newsletter, data
student assessment results and         Support Specialists,                          folders, Parent/Teacher
grades to students, teachers and       classroom teachers,                           conferences, AWARE,
parents in both English and Spanish.   TAG specialist.                               Family Access,

School-wide Title 1 Components #6, 9
2. Curriculum/Meet the Teacher         Classroom teachers        August 2010         State/district curriculum
night. Curriculum, expectations,       and school                September 2010      TEKS
grading, discipline, parent            administration.                               Forethought
involvement, and class/school                                                        Brock Website
procedure will be presented.                                                         Parent Letter (Paper)
                                                                                     Time and Effort

Ann Brock Elementary
School-wide Title 1 Components #3,                                                   Honeywell system
4, 6, 10

3. Survey all Brock parents and          Title I Staff,           February 2011      Paper and Printing
teachers about Title 1 program           administration,                             Costs.
effectiveness, teacher effectiveness,    teachers, and parents.                      Title 1 Budget Money
parent satisfaction, student progress,                                               app. $100.
and perceived campus needs.

School-wide Title 1 Components #1,
2, 6, 8,10
4. Communicate, through Title I          Administration           Spring 2011        Time
parent meetings offered at flexible                                                  Effort
times, the instructional program                                                     Paper
offered at Brock, a Title I Campus.

5. Face to Face Parent/Teacher           Teachers, Parents,       Fall 2010          Time and Effort
Conferences held before, during, and     Administrators
after school to discuss student
progress toward learning goals and
assessment results.

School-wide Title I Component # 6

6. The campus Parental Involvement       Title 1 Staff,           September 2010.    Time and Effort.
Policy and a Parent-School Compact       Administrators
(created by CEIC with parents) will be
sent home during the first month of

Title 1 Component #6, 9

7. Conduct at least 3 evening            Teachers, Parents,       2010-2011 school   Time and Effort
activities (such as Curriculum night,    Administrators, Spirit   year
Math Family night, Literacy Night,       Committee
Grade level Programs) to involve
parents .

School-wide Title I Component # 6
Ann Brock Elementary
8. Encourage communication with          Teachers, Parents   2010-2011 school   District Web site
parents through the use of Brock         Administrators      year               Budget for newsletter
website, Family Access,.Honeywell,,
periodic campus updates, and
monthly calendar.
School-wide Title I Component # 2, 6

9. Latino Literacy Family Project is a   Administration      2010-2011school    Time and Effort
10 week program that will provide        ESL Lead Teacher    year
strategies for LEP parents to            IC
understand how to help their child
learn and achieve.

Title 1 component #6
10. Encourage community                  Teacher,            2010-2011 school   Time and effort
parterships through the Huguley 5        administrators.     year
grade mentor program.                    Huguley Hospital

Title 1 Component #2,9
11. The needs assessment and CIP         Campus principal    October 2010       Time and effort
is posted on the Brock webpage

Target #2: Continue seeking opportunities to involve our stakeholders.
              Approach                       Person(s)           Timeline             Resources         Formative    Summative
                                            Responsible                                                 Evaluation   Evaluation

Ann Brock Elementary
A. Communicate and partner with                                                                          Newsletter         Parent survey results
community/stakeholders.                                                                                  published
                                                                                                         website weekly
1. Keep the Brock website current and    Administrators,        Weekly             Time and effort
filled with information about upcoming   Designated Staff                          District Web Master
events, varied programs, grade level
news and links to helpful parent

School-wide Title I Components # 6
2. Article to parents in PTO             Counselor,             2009-2010 school   Printing costs
newsletter and website about             Administrators         year               Time and effort
character program at school and what
they can do at home to emphasize
and reinforce the program.

School-wide Title 1 Components #4, 6

Target #3: BISD will build and support the Burleson Opportunity Fund in order to create opportunities for post secondary
instruction of BISD students.
             Approach                        Person(s)              Timeline             Resources         Formative            Summative
                                            Responsible                                                    Evaluation           Evaluation
A. We will support and participate                                                                       Minutes, BOD        Funds available for
in the Burleson Opportunity Fund                                                                         meetings, design   2010-2011
1. Brock parents will become aware of    CAO. Director of BOF   2010-2011 school   Time, PTO, printed
the BOF.                                                        year               materials

School-wide Title I Components # 6

Ann Brock Elementary
2. Solicit staff enrollment in payroll   CAO, Director of     2009-2010 school   Time, staff meetings
deduction plan.                          accounting, campus   year
School-wide Title 1 Components #4, 6

Goal # 5: We will recruit, hire and retain a highly qualified staff.

Target #1: Ensure that Brock Elementary has the highest qualified staff possible as measured by the percentage of teachers
holding graduate degrees and ESL.

              Approach:                      Person(s)            Timeline             Resources          Formative           Summative
                                            Responsible                                                   Evaluation          Evaluation
A. The school administration                                                                             Data monitored    Compliance reports to
knows and monitors federal and                                                                          regularly         district
state criteria required for public                                                                                        Reports of ESL
schools and School-wide Title 1                                                                                           certification

Ann Brock Elementary
1. Monitor all staff to ensure they are    Principal, BISD           2010-2011 school   Time and effort
all highly qualified.                      Human Resources           year
                                           Exec. Director
School-wide Title 1 Components
#3,10     NCLB Goal 3
2. Attend job fairs to recruit the         Principal, Assistant      Spring 2011        Time and Effort.
highest qualified applicants.              Principal                                    District promotional
School-wide Title I Component #5                                                        materials.
3. Work with local universities to host    Principal, Assistant      2010-2011 School   Time and Effort.
student teachers.                          Principal, Cooperating    Year.
4. Recruit and hire ESL Certified          Principal, Assistant      Spring 2011         Time and Effort
teachers to meet the needs of              Principal, District ESL                      Reimbursement district
changing student demographics.             Coordinator.                                 funds

School-wide Title I Component
# 3, 5, 10
5. Campus Mentoring Program to             Principal, Campus         2010-2011 School   Time and Effort, District
mentor new teachers.                       Mentor Coordinator,       Year.              Materials
                                           Mentor Teachers
School-wide Title I Component # 4
6. Have at least 50% of certified          Administration            2010-2011 School   Time and Effort, District
teachers be ESL certified insuring 2                                 year               reimbursement funds
on each grade level.
School-wide Title I Component #5
7. Maintain teacher retention through      Administrators, IC,       2010-2011 school   Time and Effort
positive staff relationships, job          teachers                  year
benefits and professional growth
School-wide Title I Component #4
8. Seek qualified staff proportionate to   Principal                 2010-2011          Time and Effort
our student demographics.

School-wide Title I Component #5

Ann Brock Elementary

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