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					TEJ2O - Home Network Design
Design a home network for 5 desktop and 3 wireless computers sharing a laser printer, scanner,
and high speed cable or DSL modem to the Internet. There will also be a media server
connected to an HDTV. Reference the web site:
network.htm or other resources of your choice.

Consider what you would need to buy:
          A wired or wireless NIC for each PC
          A cable for each wired NIC plus 1 for the connection between the modem and
            router. Cable lengths based on where switch will be located
          A switch and a router or combo router-switch with enough ports for all your PCs
          Consider whether the printer will be shared through one PC or if you can find a
            printer server (USB port) included with a router.
          Purchase a networkable media server for your HDTV

   1. Use SMART Ideas to draw a simple network block diagram using lines for cables and
      boxes for the PCs, switches, routers, etc. labeling each item (Use any drawing program
      you like – e.g. SMART Ideas) and copy the diagram into this report.

   2. List all the networking hardware you would need and price it up at one of the on-line
      stores. (;;; etc). Total it up!

model numbers    brief product description           Link (URL)             price


   3. Once a network is installed you may have to trouble shoot it. Read the Microsoft article
      below and summarize at least 3 key things to remember under each of the topics listed
      below. Use point form.
          Troubleshooting basics
          Physical network problems
          Configuration problems
          Software-interaction problems

   4. Name your file yourName_HomeNetwork. Submit it to the course IN folder for: Unit2

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