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									Design brief

1. Working title of the book
Reflections: Masterpieces from the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
Edited by Ahdaf Soueif

2. Description of the book
This unique project is the inspiration of the Qatar Museums Authority, whose
Museum of Islamic Art is the first of a series of world class museums planned
for Doha, the capital of Qatar.

The Museum of Islamic Art officially opened to the public in December 2008
and contains an outstanding collection of art from across the Islamic world
and through the ages.

The building that houses the collection is also an outstanding work of art in
itself. Inspired by several traditions and notable buildings of the Islamic world,
it was designed by architect I.M. Pei.

The book will be a collection of writings by over 20 writers and thinkers,
invited from a number of countries. (The list of writers is attached.) All writers
have visited the museum and will write in either Arabic or English. Their texts
will be translated into the second language.

The book will be edited by British Egyptian novelist and critic Ahdaf Soueif,
who will also oversee all aspects of the process, including the commissioning
and execution of the book’s design.

Like the Museum building itself, the book will demonstrate contemporary
design. Although the book should reference traditions of Islamic art and
Islamic book design over the centuries, the final form should be strikingly
contemporary. This will include the cover, text and the treatment of the

3. Structure of the book
Following an introductory essay by editor Ahdaf Soueif, the book will feature
each writer’s selection of the work of art (or, in some cases, a group of works)
that he/she has chosen, with photographs of the work. Each writer will write
up to approximately 2,000 words, although this may vary for example in the
case of poets. The work(s) of art will be illustrated in detail and in full. It is
expected that each essay with its accompanying illustrations will take
approximately 8 pages.

The endmatter of the book will include:
    Specifications of the works plus a small photo of each selected work
    Biographies and photographs of the contributing writers

4. Specifications
The book will be published in two separate languages, Arabic and English,
with three editions of each language:
             Paperback
             Hardback
             A VVIP edition (not for sale)

Provisional format: 246 x 189 mm (portrait)
Extent 256pp
Colour 4x4 colour throughout
Text paper 135gsm
Binding: sewn
Case: hardback book case in slip case, real cloth covered case, silkscreen
printed in 1-colour plus foil blocking in 1-colour

As above EXCEPT:
Text paper: 115 gsm
Cover: 4-colour matt laminated with spot UV varnish

Special deluxe edition
Possibility of printing a very small quantity of a special deluxe edition with
Islamic (flat) tooled leather binding and tongue clasp closure. The aim would
be to create the book as art object in itself for possible inclusion in the
Museum collection. The designer is not expected to propose for the deluxe
edition at this stage.

5. Selection of book designer
This design brief is being sent to several graphic designers.

Designers that wish to propose designs should submit the following:
- Description of the approach
- Sample double page spreads in Arabic and English (at least 2 double page
spreads for each language)
- Rough cover designs, in Arabic and English (at least 2 options)

Delivery dates are given below.

6. Timeframe
Brief sent to proposective designers:                   28 November 2010
Receipt of proposals from designers:                    13 December 2010
Designer selected:                                      23 December 2010
Final draft cover and layouts delivered (Arabic+Eng):   4 April 2011
Final design delivered (Arabic and English editions):   2 May 2011
Publication:                                            November 2011

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