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									Mentoring and Presentations
Elizabeth Bigelow
CS 15-499C
September 27, 2000
Our luck continues..
  One round of mentoring and presentations
  will be dropped from the schedule. But you
  should feel free to schedule addition sessions
  as needed
  Will need to schedule some optional make-up
  If in the early evening, food will be provided
  Discuss time
  Presentations are scheduled for three
  teams on Monday
  Presentations should concentrate on
  technical issues.
  In order to be effective, presentations
  should have handouts for detailed
Presentations, continued
  All teams from last week were asked to
  have a follow up meeting with me—I
  was in office at time I expected to see
  It was my intent to give you final
  suggestions for your presentations at
  that time
Contacting Me
  My home phone number is on the website
  I have many meetings during the afternoon—
  but will be available to you from 5-7 (or later
  with prior request) most days
  If you don’t get an e-mail response as soon
  as you think you should during the day, call
  at home. I often work there during the early
  part of the day
  Mentoring sessions will be 20 minutes in
  length. Time limits will be strictly observed.
  There are several objectives
     To give project specific feedback
     To allow each team member to contribute
     To practice conveying technical information in a
      professional, succinct manner
     To allow the instructor and TA’s to gain insight
      into thought processes and which team members
      are contributing
Mentoring Do’s & Don’t’s
  Do recap project proposal
  Do pick out the interesting or difficult parts of
  your work
  Do bring hard-copy of your presentations
  (preferably in power point format)
  Do prepare and check timings
  Do think through whether a summary level
  diagram is more appropriate than a detail
  diagram (usually you’ll need both)
  Don’t try to cover everything
  Do provide detail level information on handouts
  Do allow all team members to showcase their work
  Do appoint a note-taker, so that all suggestions and
  action items are recorded
  Do put results of your mentoring session on your
  team website
  Don’t panic if you get a number of action items from
  instructional staff—if incorporated into your work and
  presentations, will not adversely affect grade
Mentoring, continued
  Don’t waste time parroting text book
  information—rather, show how you
  applied it.
  Don’t assume that the TA’s or I are as
  close to your project as you are
 Only one team followed guidelines
 When seeking guidance, create a slide
     Outline of Issue
     Pro’s & Con’s for each issue considered
 Mentoring sessions should rely less on
 projector, more on hard copy; all team
 members should participate—more of a
 Presentations should be formal, using
 projector and laptop. Class should ask
Feedback, continued
  Essential to get in Together J
  Expected for Monday’s presentations
Laptop Logistics
  When you turn the laptop over to
  someone else, send me an e-mail
  Not for extended use by one team
  Turn in to Angie Brookins Wean 5116 or
  to me if she’s not in her office (after
  hours, etc.)

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