Bridge View School Site Council Meeting Minutes by HC120911181556


									                  Bridge View School Site Council Meeting Minutes
                                 March 10, 2009

Mike Piersak, Toni Vanyo, Laura Albers, Jennifer Seaton, Sonia Nelson, Lindsey Bloom,
Shelley Abrahamson, Deb Gardner, Jessica Walsh, Mike Shepperd, Julene Maruska, Rich
Vanyo, Joan Duncanson

Lower turnout than expected perhaps due to wintery rain/snow mix.

Shelley gave an update on different curriculums the committee is considering for a
consistent curriculum throughout the school. Some options include the Me-Ville to We-
Ville, Star Reporter. Curriculum will also have a focus on literacy in all classrooms. Also
working on adopting a transition assessment, such as the NEXT from the district, and
transition students accessing the community. The curriculum will also include some time
in the near future an ELL teacher to work with staff and students in the classroom where
needed. Group discussion about our cooking/nutrition classes in the cooking room as
being a part of our curriculum.

Toni discussed the developing committee chart- the idea is to tie all of our school
activities to a committee or sub-committee that would be responsible for the activity and
the budget for it. Each committee and sub-committee will have a budget for all activities.

Funfest is coming up fast- Friday, May 15th. Donations are coming in- we thank Julene
from St. Vincent de Paul for their generous donation this week towards Funfest and
appreciate this community connection.

Group discussion question about the operational design of our site council- involvement-
of how to get parents/community members more involved on committees, and whether
we want our meetings to be a whole-group discussion or break up into committee work.
Toni and Laura will write a statement for the 2009-10 SCIP (School Comprehensive
Improvement Plan.)

Mike P. presented a video about the pending Large-Scale System Changes in the St. Paul
school district. The video and information can be accessed on the St. Paul Schools web

Next meeting date is Tuesday, April 28th at 6:00-7:30pm. Focus will be on budgets-
both from the district for our school, classrooms and for each committee/sub-committee,
and on the 2009-10 SCIP.

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