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Villas Playa Blanca


Wonderful villas in Playa Blanca http://www.whlvillas.com/quick-search/country/canary-islands/lanzarote-holidays/playa-blanca-villas.html

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Your search for the most desired Lanzarote Villas Playa Blanca ends with us. Enjoy a great holiday
rental in one of the many hot properties. Act now!
WHLVillas are one of the leading Holiday Rental sites online, listing thousands of holiday villas, cottages, apartments,
gites, and chalets in dozens of fabulous destinations around Europe to suit every taste and budget.

About WHL Villas
Properties are independently owned and managed, and bookings are made direct with owners or agents who list with us.
All properties feature full colour images, detailed descriptions and benefit from Google Maps and Google Streetview, so
you can locate and view exactly where the accommodation is situated and gain a real feel for the surrounding area.

And on top of all that, WHLVillas is one of the very few sites to invest in an owner verification system, so every property
owner who signs up with us is checked and verified. This offers real peace of mind and reassurance for holidaymakers, at
no extra cost.

If you are looking for a property, then come and browse through a wide range of homes with advanced search tools
featuring country, region and lifestyle holiday types as well as the standard search parameters of price, property size and

If you haven't booked a holiday villas or apartment before, then go to our Top Tips section to learn how to save up to
50% on a typical package deal or click here to discover why you should use WHL Villas to book your next holiday.

Looking to Rent Your Property?

WHLVillas specialise in bringing new customers into the Holiday Rental market.

You can choose lifestyle listings for their properties, at no extra cost, and upload video, as well as choosing when you
want to list “featured” or “hot offer” properties. All this for unbeatable rates on unlimited numbers of properties.

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